2003 BMW 530i

The BMW E39 is a favorite of mine, along with a good number of our readers here at GCFSB. Whether it’s the sedan or Touring model, 525i or beastly M5, the entire lineup is appealing. We featured a 530i last week and here’s another one, but this one has the proper OEM wheels and looks a lot more tasty in black.

2003 BMW 530i on BMWCCA Classifieds

Sport & premium pkgs, DSP audio, xenon lights, fold-down rear seats, new Michelin Pilots, just serviced, original owner, non-smoker, always garaged, old-school maintenance, full records, all books, four keys, window sticker, never damaged, no winters, kids or pets, impeccable.

This is certainly a rare chance to get a nearly new E39 530i, but at almost $17,000, you are approaching M5 money. For some, the M5 might be just a little too much, but $14,000 or $15,000 is about as good as it gets for a clean 530i these days. I’d of course rather have the 5-speed manual, but I certainly wouldn’t pass up a mint condition E39 like this if I was in the market. Even though this car is not that old, I’d wager to say that 20 years on, the styling will still look fresh.


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  1. Cars and parts in the BMWCCA classifieds are generally in great condition and have asking prices way out of touch with the market. It’s not unusual at all to see members asking near full dealer retail for lightly used OEM wheels.

  2. Handsome car, but the slush-box kills it. On the fence about the “old-school maintenance” nomenclature in the description.

  3. URSDRIVER: It’s a reference to Mike Miller of BMWCCA’s “old-school” maintenance schedule. Back before BMW started offering “free” (i.e no) maintenance for 4 years with new cars they recommended a stricter maintenance schedule (e.g. oil and filter change every 5000 – 7500 miles versus 15,000 miles on the new schedule). Mike Miller recommends the “old-school” schedule and the seller is indicating that he has followed this maintenance schedule.

  4. That makes perfect sense then, I stand corrected.

  5. I used to hate the 5 series but it has since grown on me quite a bit, not this one though. Slushbox and I would like at least a 540i.

    This would be a great car for my uncle though. Just not for me.

  6. Personally, I think this was the last of the good-looking 5 series. I can’t see getting a 3 or 5 series w/ an auto, though.

  7. The E39 is the high water mark for modern BMW styling but the E60 has really grown on me over the years. The F10 is beautiful as well.

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