2003 BMW M5

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While I may have given the E38 some style points over the E39 this morning thanks to a slightly sharper design theme, there’s no questioning that the E39 M5 is among the most – if not the most – desirable sports sedans ever made. Great handling, monster power, and business-class aggression all come together for a Liam Neeson-type action star: “Is the plot different? Who cares. I’ll watch this brand of grown-up ass-kicking all day.” Today’s well cared for model comes up for sale with just under 50k miles on the clock – a number I’m sure the seller was well aware of. That’s near the top of the market and almost twice what some examples will cost, but low mileage makes champions in this arena. Dark grey on black is a dapper combo for this vengeful father – all the better to hide the blood.

Click for details: 2003 BMW M5 on eBay


Year: 2003
Model: M5
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 49,405 mi
Price: $29,990 OBO




You’re going to have a hard time finding an E39 M5 that has been used as sparingly as this, hence the nearly-$30k price tag. Sure, you could probably get a decent E60 M5 for that, but despite a recent trend of “understanding” them more than when they came out, the E39 is still the one to have. Someone like me might look for a middle ground with some more miles and a few less dollars, but if you’re ready to snag the nicest E39 possible before they really take off, you’re probably ready to write this seller a check for the full amount.


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  1. Call it nit picking if you’d like, but for a nearly $30,000 asking price, there should not be any pixels out in the display.

    Otherwise, it appears to be a very nice car.

  2. this is the new price of admission especially for a MY03 sub 60k mile car…
    besides pixel fix is $250 last I checked…
    sharp car but then again I’m partial 🙂

  3. When you ask for 30 large it’s good idea to spend 1% ($300) of asking price and fix display pixels and buy BMW trunk mat to cover unsightly stains.

  4. That shop is only a few miles from me. They always have a large number of sports oriented cars. I have heard a lot of stories about them. Nuff said. Nice looking car, if anyone is interested let me know I can put some real eyes on it for you.

  5. Howard, you seem very sharp and knowledgeable on who’s reputable or not. Going on Google reviews about said Motor Car Dealer, there are 3 x 5 star. All recent within a week and all by first time posters. The “rave reviews” read fake to me, unlike the other 6 which are written with more “real” emotion. Others can decide for themselves. I don’t like to rely on internet reviews but with a bit of sleuthing – one can learn a lot!

  6. Thanks Cole, I am on the wholesale side of the business. In this case it just so happens that their shop is a few miles away. It’s not a bad place by any means. They mostly have high line stuff. I have sold them a few pieces over the years. I think they bought a 2003 RS6 from me about a year ago too.

    On line reviews are a good thing but just as you discovered, it’s fairly easy to pick out the BS. There are a number of webhosting, website design, social media design companies who will create an on line presence for your business and then go ahead and create reviews for you too. With a little bit of detective work they’re not all that difficult to spot. The classic case is Victory Motors in Houston. That place is about the shadiest shop I know. There is not a trick in the book they don’t use including lots of phony google reviews and other on line reviews. We looked at all their wonderful reviews not too long ago. A little digging showed the same “people” also reviewed a pet care center in KS, and some other non-related businesses around the country. Amazing how all the recent glowing reviews were from “people” who must all travel the country together and visit all kids of different businesses together and all decided to review those businesses on google.

    Anyway, I am by no means saying I wouldn’t do business with Selden, they’re good guys and if someone wants me to put a set of eyes on this car or any of theirs just let me know.

  7. I live ten minutes away, down Ridge Pike, and would recommend avoiding this seller. The inventory as seen in-person consistently fails to match the on-line presentation. As always, cars appear much better in digital photos, and there’s no excuse for not getting a pair of eyes on a car when spending this much- yours or a fellow enthusiasts’s.

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