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2008 BMW 135i

Like many BMW fans, I was hotly anticipating the release of the 1-series stateside a few years back. It was a return to BMW’s roots of making a two door sport coupe in the vein of the 2002, E21 and E30 or at least so we thought. As it turned out the 1-series wasn’t as big of a hit with enthusiasts, so much as it was with folks looking for the cheapest way to get into a car bearing the blue and white roundel. That being said I do have a soft sport for the car, even with its big funky headlights and not so attractive posterior, I think there are enough redeeming qualities to make it worth considering as a daily driver.

A six speed manual coupled with BMW’s N54 inline-6 is one of the best setups a driver can ask for. With the help of twin turbochargers, the motor delivers 300hp to the rear wheels of a 3,420lb car, which is a recipe for fun. The seller of this particular car claims 380hp to the wheels but makes no mention of what gets it there other than an Dinan exhaust. I’m curious as to what other goodies are under the hood or what lines of code have been changed in order to make those numbers. Certainly would have to do the homework on where these parts were installed and of what quality they are, but 380hp in this vehicle sounds delightful. The vehicle has also been dropped an inch though no specific mention of what brand of suspension has been installed and there are the black wheels which I would be quick to get rid of. I’ve seen a 1-series rolling on 17″ wheels with nice meaty tires and let me tell ya, that is a very good loo for this car.

Click for details: 2008 BMW 135i on

Year: 2008
Model: 135i
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 83,000 mi
Price: $16,999

Clean title Rare 6 speed with Dinan exhaust 380 horse to the wheel Custom 18 black wheels 1 inch drop with short shocks M spoilers Cold A/C power everything smog and safety inspection have been done car ready to be driven anywhere. We buy in volume so we can sell at a low price. ***Internet special***. Financing available for all types of credit. Extended warranties are available. We are located

The 135i made a compelling argument when it was new, costing nearly $6,000 less than a 335i coupe and now it still seems a good value. There is surely much further for the price to go before it bottoms out but I think $14-17k for one of these is reasonable if the right boxes are ticked or in the case of this vehicle, unticked. No navigation means no early i-Drive headaches or that stupid lump in the dashboard. No over-adjustable power seats means a few less LB’s for the car to lug around and most importantly, no 6 speed STEPTRONIC with complimentary 3rd pedal delete. It does have a sunroof which is fine, though if it was me I’d rather it be a slick-top because sunroofs are just played out on sports cars. Moonroof in a wagon/SUV , great, but in a canyon carver, pass.

Overall what you have here is a seller who could have put some more effort into photographing the car properly and adding in details on the aftermarket modifications. This is really a car you would need to see and get a detailed history on before even considering buying it but that shouldn’t scare people away. These vehicles have quite a bit to offer those of us who enjoy spirited driving on a regular basis but don’t want to be running errands in a track monster. Of course there is the option to go wild with these vehicles and turn them into a weekend race car, they’re quite capable of putting much more expensive cars to shame, including some of its own family members. After all, these came standard with six piston calipers, something not found on the M cars of the same generation. Armed with more information and steely resolve, I think this modded 135i could be had for a fair price and enjoyed for some years to come.

What you really must ask yourself is whether it’s better to own one of these or lease an M235i. Tough decisions we must face in these modern times, tough decisions indeed.




  1. Carter
    Carter March 5, 2015

    This car would be infinitely better with silver wheels, silver kidneys, and a red or cinnamon interior says I…..

    But, you’re right: more performance potential than the E46 M3 at a lower cost and newer. Win/Win? Too bad they’re not nearly as good looking, because that would have really been a winning formula.

  2. TM
    TM March 5, 2015

    I don’t know if you have a glitch in your site today, but the new format is horrible! Please go back to the old format!

  3. Chris E.
    Chris E. March 5, 2015

    Fred Simeone daily drives a 1-series.

    I’m not a BMW guy, but I guess that says something considering he could have any car he wished.

    Sunroofs “played out” in sports cars? Huh? I’ll agree I don’t want the added complication and weight to negatiively affect the center of gravity, but they certainly dont detract from a G-series 911 to my eyes.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew March 5, 2015

    I knew that statement on sunroofs would draw some ire.

    Much of my dislike from them comes from the cheapness with which many are constructed, which in turn creates expensive issues down the road.

    Nothing more annoying than having a mint car with a busted sunroof leaking water or rusting or rattling.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew March 5, 2015

    Agreed, there are a number of wheels that look great on these cars, black ones aren’t among them.

    I don’t mind the kidneys being black but then again I’m under 30 so apparently that’s ok.

    It’s a nice alternative to the E46 market which has been a little screwy of late.

  6. Vic
    Vic March 6, 2015

    Why did Chris Bangle decide to give the 1 series a pot belly? Car looks as if its sagging waistline is dragging across the pavement. Haven’t seen a car designed with a beer gut since.

  7. Dallas
    Dallas March 6, 2015

    “Carz4Toyz”, really????

  8. Carter
    Carter March 6, 2015

    Hey TM, we’re launching a new mobile format which is a bit easier to navigate on phones. However, if you don’t like it, at the bottom of the screen you should be able to swap to “desktop” which will return you to the previous format.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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