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2014 BMW i3

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Certain cars, like the BMW 3 series, have been evolutionary over the years. While they’ve gotten a bit larger over the years and the model has split between the 3er and 4er (sedan and coupe), they are still recognizable as the compact executive machines that endeared them to the upwardly mobile in the 1980s. Then you have cars that are more revolutionary, such as the BMW i3 that you see here, brought to our attention by our reader Tony. I recently came across this glimpse of the future at a BMW dealer outside of Philadelphia. After seeing one in person, I can safely say that pictures don’t do it justice.

There’s a lot of things going on with this vehicle. Let’s break it down. First, the design is what grabs your attention first. It could almost be described as a blend of Picasso and Mondrian elements. The look is funky, but it works. Then you get down to the powertrain, which is an electric motor with the option of a small, two cylinder engine dubbed REx, or range extender. Sure, that’s nothing new but you have to take note when it’s being marketed by the company with the old tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Then, less visible, is the way the i3 is constructed. As automotive manufacturers scramble to meet CAFE requirements in the coming years, BMW is exploring use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic construction in the i3, helping to keep the weight down. Folks, the future is here.

Click for details: 2014 BMW i3 on eBay

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Year: 2014
Model: i3
Engine: 647cc two cylinder & 130kw (170 hp) electric motor
Transmission: Single speed with fixed ratio
Mileage: 5,072 mi
Price: No reserve auction

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Rare opportunity to own a perfect 2014 BMW i3 Rex Electronaut Edition with only 5k miles. One owner car.

Purchased new on May 30, 2014 from BMW Mountain View in California.

This car was only available to an exclusive group of BMW Active E electric car owners. This limited edition was a pre ordered and sold out before it even hit show rooms. There are only 700 active E customers world wide so this is a rare car.

The Electronaut Edition has many special features like special exterior/interior name badging along with an Electronaut Edition plaque on console. Special floor mats and more.

This loaded i3 is equipped with the desirable option of range extender (gas motor) that is a $3850 option.

When the electric range reaches a certain point, the 2 cylinder gas engine turns on, but doesn’t turn the drive wheels; instead it maintains the battery’s charge and nearly doubles the car’s original range to about 150 miles. Every option was ordered on this car with the exception of 20″ wheels.

Car is equipped with the following:

2014 BMW i3 Electronaut Edition
Andesite Silver
Giga Leather and cloth interior
-Parking assist pkg (self parking)
-Led headlights
-Variable light decoding
-Tech & Driving asst pkg
-Anti theft alarm system
-Stronger electricity supply
-Harmon Kardon sound
-Daytime driving lights
-All season tires

MSRP $54,425

Clean title in hand.

Also, car comes with California Green Clean Air vehicle stickers and registration.

Email for more info. Car is located in SF California.

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Whenever a new and interesting vehicle debuts, you’ll usually run into price gouging and speculating, as everyone wants to be the first one on the block with one. At no reserve, I’ll be curious where this low mileage i3 winds up. I didn’t like the i3 at first, but it’s growing on me. If I had to drive an eco-minded vehicle, damn the Prius. This i3 would certainly get my vote.



  1. Ry
    Ry December 11, 2014

    It’s nice to see some new stuff like this in the posts, not necessarily up for auction. . .coincidentally, Cnet’s Wayne Cunningham (and Z3 2.8 Coupe owner) did a nice review on his seat time in an i8 today on their site. I’m not sure that much of the tech is totally analogous, but nevertheless it’s of the same spirit, kind of. 🙂

  2. rus
    rus December 11, 2014

    I live in an area where there are several i3’s and I have to say that they are pretty neat looking in person. I wish some of the i3’s funky interior cloth choices were available on the 3 series.

  3. sam
    sam December 11, 2014

    love this thing. Go BMW! On my wish list. the future is here.

  4. Scott
    Scott December 11, 2014

    I probably bought the first used i3 in the country early this summer. It had only 130 miles on it. A guy bought it for his wife and she didn’t want it. I paid $37,500. That reflected the $7,500 in fed and $2,000 in state money. It listed for 50k. I don’t have the range extender model.

  5. Ry
    Ry December 12, 2014

    @Scott – cool! Would love to hear a more in depth review if you feel like sharing any more thoughts. I’ve only seen two “in the wild” since they’ve been out.

  6. Scott
    Scott December 12, 2014

    The i3 has been a great real world suburban/urban car for me. The instant torque makes it very quick in the under 50 mph environment. The regen braking is very intuitive nearly allowing one peddle driving. It really has been more fun around town than my Exige was (now on the track…). The i3 has an incredibly tight turning circle. The electronic nannies can get in the way accelerating out of a tight corner. I really got to test this when I took it autocrossing. I’ve been keeping an eye out on Tire Rack for some wider rims and some slicks 😁

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