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Month: January 2015

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1995 Audi S6

I’ve made only one New Year’s Resolution this year – I resolved to listen to my gut instinct more. Typically, I scoff at such tomfoolery; if you can’t get it done the other 364 days, a little champagne and a dropping ball isn’t going to change your life suddenly. But a few weeks back I made a poor decision that I immediately regretted. On my normal perusing of the local Craigslist advertisements, I came across a 1993 Audi S4. It was Pearlesant white with black leather – not my favorite combination admittedly, but a classic ’90s Audi hue. It was a bit lowered but not overly so, riding on 18″ BBS VZ wheels. The miles were in check and overall condition appeared to be very good, with a short list of needs. But the kicker was that it was only 2 miles from my house; even better yet, the asking price was below $3,000. I stared at the ad for some time, and multiple times later in the day I went back to look at it. “I shouldn’t do it” I said, “I don’t need another car.” It’s true, I don’t – but there was just something about this that made me think I was going to regret not at least driving by to see it.

I was right. On Monday, driving my son to school, I spotted the immediately recognizably silhouette of a C4 Audi up ahead. Now, C4s around me – especially sedans – are becoming rare sights, since most are at least 20 years old. Even with legendary longevity, the crumbling residual values have meant that many have disappeared into junk and scrap yards. But here was a pristine looking Pearlesant White example ahead of me. Despite the several hundred yards in between us, I also noted instantly that it was lowered and had large wheels. Getting closer, my eyes darted to the discrete S4 badge adorning the trunk, with an even more discrete “quattro” badge to the right. Like Ahab navigating a sea of mediocrity, the subtle S4 stuck out like a brilliant white star on the horizon. I let that car slip through my hands, and I immediately regretted it:

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1972 Porsche 911T Coupe

There is something strangely alluring about a brown 911. Maybe it’s the way the color looks on the early cars or maybe it’s the relative rarity of the color on modern cars. Either way I always find myself drawn into these ads spending far too much time going through detailed pictures of the car and wondering why they went out of style. Brown definitely is a period color most popular in the ’70s and early ’80s and while Porsche offers a few shades on their modern cars they are exceedingly rare and I cannot recall ever coming across one on the road. Today’s example comes from the 911’s original long-hood design, which tends to showcase their brown color exceptionally well: a restored Sepia Brown 1972 Porsche 911T, located in Denver, with Beige interior and 61,480 miles. The 1972 911 has the distinction of being the only year the 911 came fitted with an external oil filler and while I haven’t really seen much to suggest the market cares about that detail it is nonetheless an interesting piece of trivia and an additional talking point on these early examples.

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1972 BMW Bavaria

I have a soft spot for the Bavaria. It’s not because it’s the best looking BMW from the 1970s, or the fastest. It’s not the most collectable, either – but as a result, the Bavaria might just be the rarest of the 1970s BMWs. To me, I can appreciate this coming from a background of loving Audis – most of which are quite rare today. The look of the Bavaria is even very similar to the Audi 100, and like the 100 very few examples are left kicking around. But the Bavaria was nonetheless an important move for BMW, taking on the larger executive market with an upscale big-body 4-door:

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2004 BMW X5 4.8is

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Lest I trick some of our readers into thinking its some kind of SUV week around here at GCFSB, we’ll follow on to the X5 4.6is we featured on Monday with that truck’s successor, the X5 4.8is. 2004 would bring a facelift for the first generation X5, which would be exiting stage right in 2006. But BMW decided to have one more go at the über SUV formula by jamming almost 5.0 liters of V8 under the hood, good for 355 bhp. While the black 4.6is we saw on Monday was a bit stealth, you won’t miss this Imola Red 4.8is if it was coming at you.

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