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2020 BMW M2 Competition

Halfway inbetween the base M2 and the semi-crazed M2 CS lies the M2 Competition. This took the basic recipe of the M2 (big motor is small chassis) and turned it up a few notches. You got an even bigger motor, the big brother M3/4 S55 twin-turbo inline-six, and though it was turned down a bit you were still looking at over 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Yes, please! Better still, it could be had with a manual transmission, and BMW popped on some revised and pretty cool wheels as well. The extra motor would set you back a little over $4k out the door, but surely these will remain on the radar as a future classic given their relatively raw, analog experience. What will a recent one set you back today?

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Year: 2020
Model: M2 Competition
VIN: WBS2U7C04L7F07119
Engine: 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 8,100 mi
Location: Syracuse, New York
Price: $64,999 Buy It Now

2020 M2 Competition
6 speed manual
Executive Package with wireless charging, wireless Apple Car Play, adaptive headlights, etc.
Sunroof delete
Flat bottom OEM wheel option
Sunset orange metallic with complimenting orange stitch interior, backlit M2 seats, etc.
Optioned for the driving-focused enthusiast.

Remainder of factory warranty still in effect.
Fully registered, inspected, insured and titled to me. Kept in climate controlled storage year round. Only driven in summer months.
Currently at about 8100 miles

Special ordered by me directly after patiently waiting for dealership allocation. I trailered it home from the dealer with full plastic inside and out, no dealer prep, no front license plate holes drilled, no one else test driving it on the lot.

Still has plastic on door sills. Smells like new. Runs like new. Dealer did the “break-in” service — oil change, differential fluid, etc. Never exceeded 5000rpm prior to first service. I liked it so much I bought out the lease last year. Titled to me personally with no liens or issues, title in hand. Have window sticker, all manuals and sales materials, all accessories as new. Pictures are very honest — no special prep or just-out-of-the-car-wash beauty shots. Sorry for the bugs and dirt — it likes to be driven. It has been washed and vacuumed since picture day.

I will include the BM3 license with all tunes included but HAVE NOT installed it, HAVE NOT removed the ECU, HAVE NOT bench unlocked the ECU, and HAVE NOT modified or tuned the car! This is a bone stock car but comes with a full BM3 tuning license registered with Pro Tuning Freaks to the VIN if the new owner wants to tune it. For clarification: in mid-2021 Bosch issued encrypted DME (ECU) so those cars CANNOT be bench unlocked or after-market tuned. This 2020 is NOT subject to that restriction and can be unlocked for tuning if the new owner wishes, but this technically can void the warranty so I have not done it.

3I5 – 4l3 – 9O9O with any questions or inspections.

Out the door in 2019, an Executive Package-equipped M2 Competition would cost you about $64,000 with a few extras. Today’s example is priced a bit over that, despite it being used and having 8,100 miles. Crazy? Seems to be the world we’re living in right now. Pop on over to BMW’s website, and you’ll see you can no longer configure these cars. If you want one, looks like you’ll be paying…



  1. Greg
    Greg October 10, 2021

    Since the new M3/M4 grille is so ugly I am guessing many people looking for a smaller M car will be looking at he M2. Aside from the harsh ride this is a pretty sweet little coupe. The price is high but as mentioned this is 2021 and is likely where the market is.

  2. Jim Fuerstenberg
    Jim Fuerstenberg October 11, 2021

    if you want a fast BMW…crazy as the price is, it may be worth it to avoid then new grill

  3. Andrew
    Andrew January 2, 2022

    This is probably the Only car left for Enthusiasts that BMW builds, but according to the Website they don’t even offer them anymore. It’s so sad what BMW as a company has turned into, CUVs for women and horrid vehicles in general. i3,i8,iX,GranCoupe things,All the X models are a joke, bloated , overly complicated M cars with Automatics and All wheel drive so it is just a shame. Thanks Obama

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