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Month: April 2022

2008 Audi A8L 4.2 quattro Sport

Back in September 2021, I took a look at a very pricey and pretty rare Audi A8 – the W12 long-wheelbase model:

2009 Audi A8L W12 quattro

Well, if you wanted a more affordable version of this car, which stickered at an eye-watering (at least for Audi) $120,000 base price, you could get the still pretty punchy 4.2 model. These rang in some $50,000 less than the W12, but still offered 350 horsepower on tap, the same looks, and most of the same luxuries. You could opt in for some nice equipment, as well – including the Sport Package. It cost $4,000, but it gave you a lot of equipment…20″ Seven double-spoke alloy wheels with 275/35 R20 summer performance tires, adaptive air suspension, and a three spoke multifuction leather sport steering wheel with shift paddles. The $3,300 Premium Package added in parking assistance, window shades, and a power trunk functions, and this one was also ordered with four-zone climate control – on top of the plethora of standard features. For a bit under $80,000, then, you had a really impressive looking sedan with a boatload of space and luxury. What do these set you back today?

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1979 Porsche 930 Turbo

I’m all for discovered “barn finds” or whatever hot term you want to use as it brings new life into a car that was probably written off and forgotten. Although everyone loves a good story, most of the time there is a good reason why these cars were stashed away and not heard from. Most of the time it is mechanical issues that become untenable due to time and/or money constraints, along with busy life getting in the way. Today’s car, a very special European-specification 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo, doesn’t have much of a backstory from what I can find, but oh boy does it have potential. Or so I thought.

As you might have noticed, this isn’t a stock 930. The front bumper was the first giveaway, then you look out back and see a giant intercooler with the lovely letters of “ANDIAL” tacked on it to. The selling dealer says this is now a 3.4-liter car with a RUF five-speed transaxle, and the crude drawing on the shift knob seems to confirm that. Even cooler than the Pasha sees is the custom mount housing an adjustable boost gauge, which I’m sure was absolutely terrifying to play with. So at this point I’m thinking “Cool. Just pull the engine, give it a full service, and drive it as-is.” Not so fast. This one might be a very hard pass for even the most extreme owners.

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