1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG “Mallet” Wagon – REVISIT

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG Mallet Wagon – REVISIT

Another revisit for us. This happens with really conspicuous cars, particularly ones that just don’t seem to find owners who want to hold on to a car for the long haul. We first posted about this car back in 2008 and it is now up on eBay again for sale by We Be Autos.

The car didn’t sell at $48k and then again at $38k, garnering bids only up to $20k back then. It is now up with a buy-it-now price of $29,995.

The car has 77,800 miles on it and has taken on the Mallet moniker in homage to the AMG Hammer name. The seller says there is $40,000 in receipts, which are worth checking out to see how recent the “mechanical restoration” work was done.

Very cool car, that would have been one of the most awesome things on the road when new. I appreciate all the photos of the car, but wish they weren’t all taken in a dimly lit Mad Max style warehouse.

1988 Mercedes Benz 300TE AMG Mallet Wagon – REVISIT

The seller has posted a video of the car:

The below post originally appeared on our site July 29, 2008:

Bring a Trailer has been on fire recently with their finds, but this one really rang my bell. A W124 wagon project car done up like an AMG Hammer of the period.

1988 W124 AMG Wagon For Sale1988 W124 AMG Wagon For Sale

I love everything about this car. A monster 6L motor, all black on black color scheme, classic late 80’s styling with AMG monoblocks, light colored wood interior, etc, etc… It’s a cherry ride. But honestly, unless this car is a documented AMG one-off, I’d be very curious to see who’d justify the $48k buy-it-now. It’s an incredible car, but c’mon… I hope the seller and community rise to the occasion to prove it authenticity because it’s a fantastic car.


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Restored ’69 BMW 2002 with an M20 6 Cylinder!

This car really strikes a chord with me. It has a striking period pose with subtle but tasteful upgrades that make me like to think this is exactly what I’d love to have in a BMW 2002.

1969 BMW 2002 for sale with M20 6 cylinder conversion

Many opponents of the M20 conversion state that it upsets the balance of the car, but everyone who has one says it just takes a bit more on the loud pedal to balance the car with oversteer. And with this setup from a 1989 donor car, it should behave amazingly well even as a daily driver.

And I really dig the upgraded interior and audio treatment. The kind of setup I used to read about in car audio mags in high school!

from the seller:

1969 BMW 2002 with a M20 6 cylinder engine out of a 1989 BMW 325i (E30). One of the cleanest, straightest, best performing BMW 2002’s around. Gets thumbs up everywhere the car is driven. Motor is strong, the sound of the engine/exhaust is AMAZING and the car rolls solid and straight.

The ground up restoration was completed in 2008 by a true BMW enthusiast with no corners cut. Since the rebuild, the car has been driven 15,700 miles without a problem. Speaks to the quality/reliability of the build.

Really this car totally does it for me. About the only thing I’d take issue with is the wheels, which look great but seem to modern for what is otherwise a smooth period-correct operator. A set of Minilites, BBS, or even Ti rims would fit a bit better if I was a buyer.

Bidding is currently at $17k+ with reserve not met. With a few days to go, how high will it go?


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1981 BMW Alpina B7 turbo sedan, Rare Vintage Euro car! $28,500

Now here is a rare bird, a true E12 Alpina B7 Turbo. The E12 5-series pre-dated the more common E28 5-series and has always been under his younger brother’s shadow. Maybe it was the fact that when the E12 530i was first offered in the US it featured thermal reactors and the most dismal fuel economy outside a big-block powered 1-ton pickup. They started off slow here on our shores, but if you have never seen an E12 M535i… Google that if you want to see an amazing car that started M sedan history. Even cooler than an M535i is what Alpina was doing to the cars with the rare B7. They made 300hp and had the suspension and brake mods to go with them. If you can remember in 1981 a Porsche 911SC made 180hp and the Chevrolet Corvette made just 190hp, so imagine a 4-door sedan with a turbocharged 300hp inline 6!

1981 BMW Alpina B7 on Portland Craigslist for $28,500

1981 Alpina B7 turbo sedan. Authentic Alpina car from Germany, rare and original numbers matching car. One of 209 E12 Chassis Based 5 series Sedans B7 and B7S’s built between 1978-1982 with 300 hp turbocharged engine. Car is Sapphire blue metallic. Interior is black with Scheel seats upholstered in Alpina cloth. No sunroof. Close ratio dog leg 5 speed transmission, limited slip differential (2.93 gears) with oil cooler. Auxiliary gas tank in trunk, Alpina Auxiliary turbo gauges, along with Alpina standard instrument cluster gauges and adjustable boost knob between front seats. Alpina steering wheel and shift knob. Car is fitted with Alpina staggered 16″ wheels and full Alpina suspension. Car in very good condition cosmetically and mechanically. Local Sale preferred as car may not meet smog laws in many states. Car was registered previously in California and still has CARB sticker in door jamb but I cannot assist a buyer in California to make this car legal there again.

It is really difficult to put a price tag on a car like this, Alpina built just 209 B7 and B7S cars and very few of them reached our shores. How many are still left? The owner is knowledgeable and is aware of what he has. The market for 4-door collectibles has always been much softer than 2-doors but if you want to own a very rare and unusual piece of BMW history, what is the price? I hope a fellow enthusiast decides this is a keeper and if we’re lucky they will take it to the Legends of the Autobahn event in Carmel, it would be perfect there!

– Nathan from Columbia Valley Luxury Cars

Gray Market 1985 BMW 745i

I have long been a fan of the 1980’s era BMW’s. Having owned many E21, E24, E30, E28 and the like I have always admired the traditional styling, smooth inline 6-cylinder motors and the Germanic precision. One car I have never owned is an E23 7-series. Historically I have viewed the E23 as slightly ungainly compared to the more elegant E28 sedan and gorgeous E24 coupe, however time has changed my perception and I find myself drawn to the big 7. Maybe the problem was that my sole exposure was US model cars with their battering ram bumpers and US spec lighting. This grey market 745i features the smooth, countour hugging European bumpers and escaped the wrath of US Spec lighting. I also have a soft spot for 1980’s German cloth interior, very period and seems much more durable than the Buffalo hides common in most 745i. Now of course we haven’t even touched on the turbocharged motor, awakening the big bore six and providing it thrust equal to its standing at the top of the mid 80’s BMW sedan food chain.

Gray Market 1985 BMW 745i

$5000.00 or BEST OFFER!!! I want to get this charmer out of my garage. 1985 BMW 745i is in great condition with original paint! This car has only 94,500 original miles. I am the third owner of this BMW 745i. Just inherited this car and I have hardly driven it! Racing suspension and steering. Original cloth interior in great shape (previously covered with sheepskin seat covers).

This car has been listed off and on for the past 2 years, so I would expect it needs some TLC. Based on the description the owner is not very familiar with what he has. I love the cloth interior and marvel at the fact that BMW would offer their top of the line car in 1985 to even be made available with crank windows, I love it! The chrome fender trim made so popular on the W126 series S-Class Mercedes-Benz of the era has to go and I am a little nervous about the “racing suspension and obviously lowered ride height… You never know one might find period Alpina bits hiding underneath, but more likely I would wager cut US market 735i springs. It is hard to establish a pricing trend on these cars, but based upon the length of time the seller has been trying to sell this car I would think a person could pick up a great piece of 80’s BMW history for well under $5k!


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It’s not just the cars, it’s the factories

German cars, well pretty much all German engineering actually, has a world class reputation. At germancarsforsaleblog.com we are testament to the high class manufacturing of the Germans – they are just built exceptionally well and last a long time and have a good resale value. But why is this?

All owners of German cars will tell you the same thing – although their cars may look and drive better than many other vehicles, that is not what attracts them. Reliability is the name of the game. Whether you’re driving a Volkswagen in Virginia or a BMW in Birmingham, England you’re going to appreciate the fact that you have to call out the AAA or RAC far fewer times than your friends in non-German cars.

According to a new article, the secret to this success lies in the German approach to labor relations. In A Tale of Two Systems by Kevin C Brown at Remapping Debate, the German approach goes against conventional wisdom that suggests lower wages makes for a more competitive auto industry, instead his research suggests that higher wages and greater cooperation between unions and employers is the key to success.

Amazingly, or perhaps not, the average German motor worker gets paid twice as much as their American equivalent. Despite this, German car companies produce twice as many cars as US companies and they all operate at a profit – no needs for government bailouts over there.

There are two institutions that account for this state of affairs. Firstly, the German car workers unions, IG Metall, uses an elaborate system of conflict resolution that means they hardly ever strike. This is despite the fact they have the right to strike and most all workers are members of the union. Secondly, the German constitution allows for ‘works councils’ in every factory which hashes out problematic issues.

It all sounds rather good doesn’t it? When Forbes refers to the situation as a “happy relationship”, you have to wonder. After all, Forbes is hardly an organ of the Communist Party.

2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon

Zac emailed me to let me know about this special piece of inventory: a 2007 E63 Wagon. Not only does this monster possess 507hp, it knows how to use them. Check out this Car & Driver drag race between a Mercedes E63 wagon and an Audi R8 V8:

On to the car in question, let’s let the pictures do the talking:

2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon

quote from seller’s listing:

Only 67 E63 AMG Wagons were sold in the US in 2007 and this is quite possibly the only one ever in Barolo Red Metallic. They are almost always black or silver, I have seen only a couple of sedans in this color and never another wagon. POSSIBLY 1 OF 1 IN THIS RARE COLOR. AMAZINGLY FAST WAGON, Loaded with every option, Navigation, Suede Headliner, Steering Wheel Paddle Shifters, 3rd Row Seating (seats 7), Harmon Kardon Sound, Satellite Radio, Heated and Air Conditioned front seats, variable suspension, the list goes on!! 6.2 liter V8, 507 hp @ 6800 RPM, 465 lb-ft @ 5200 RPM. Only one senior owner from brand new, this car was a special order direct from Germany. Fully serviced only at Factory MB Dealer, last service just two months ago. The Car is stunning and needs nothing except a new owner. Both keys, manuals, mats etc. Rare opportunity. These cars are highly coveted among the AMG enthusiast crowd. They don’t hit the market often and when they do, they always bring a big following. Pics are not the best and dont do the car the justice it deserves, i will take better ones this week the first dry day we get. No paintwork or accidents, clean Title / carfax. Must be seen and driven in person to be appreciated. These things are very rare, even rarer to find one with this color combo, options and low mileage. They almost have a cult following in the car world, not a lot of car companies make a sporty wagon these days, definitely not many making a 507 Horsepower V8 Monster that seats 7 people!!! This thing will embarrass most Italian Supercars, a real sleeper, keep them guessing!!!

I must admit that I typically prefer the modern classic Merc’s, but this is one bad ass ride and a spectacular color combo. Good luck to the seller and I hope it finds a special home.