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Black Interior 1988 BMW M5

While the European E28 M5s are cool and come in lots of colors and trim, I love the history of the North American M5. To ship them across the pond, BMW just loaded them up with every option, painted them all Schwarz and sent ’em over. Some could see the homogeneity as a negative, but with only 1340 on the continent, rarity is never an issue.

Other than aftermarket modifications, the one unique feature you might find on E28 M5s is black interiors. While almost all came with Natur leather inside, all 71 of Canada’s allotment and 30 of the US cars came with black interiors. I dig my Natur, but there’s no denying that a black interior completes the Vader effect. There’s plenty of debate on the boards as to how much this rarity can influence the value, but the general consensus being that there are other factors that are more important in an M5’s value. Today’s example looks clean but has a few needs that must be taken into account.

1988 BMW M5 for sale on eBay

As you know this vehicle is very rare model of old BMW. Running condition is still very good. However some function are repair required to be condition. I have two fun repair listing now. One is replace odo meter small plastic gear that broken on this August when I push od meter reset. I had drive around 400miles. I have replacement part already and attache when I sale. The other repair is Self Leveling System in rear shock unit. Other functional equipment are working good. I have to move to other country in next year. I hope this vehicle sale to big BMW enthusiast——. Thank you.

Much, much research needs to be done before you buy this M5. The valve cover spans a few main questions:
– Why/when was the cover painted red? Was the engine rebuilt in its 158k miles, or did someone just think red was cool and did it real quick while the valves were being adjusted at their regular interval?
– Do the maintenance records exist to ensure the valves have been taken care of?
– Is it a Canadian or US car?

The rear suspension will be a costly fix and is likely a main reason the seller is deciding to pass it on. The reframe here is that you’ll get to choose the suspension set up you want to take its place. The odo gear is an easy fix for a little money.

This could be an awesome car, made slightly more awesome by the rare interior. But at 158k miles, if it hasn’t been rebuilt yet, it will probably need to be some time in the 50k miles. Mostly, you just want to know as much as you can before you get into an E28 so that it’s not total money pit, or if it is, you’re prepared for it. The lack of information is probably why just 3 people have bid it to $6,750, below reserve and well below the $9k BIN. E28 M5s are inching upwards, but unless there are some great answers to the above questions, somewhere between $8k and $9k seems right.



  1. KevinR
    KevinR November 8, 2012

    Just reading the ad copy and looking at the pictures, I see a LOT of work that needs to be done. Who knows what will show up during an in-person inspection? In my opinion, at $6750 this car is already bid higher than it’s worth.

  2. Nate
    Nate November 8, 2012

    I see what you’re saying, Kevin. Inspection will be crucial.

  3. Dallas
    Dallas November 8, 2012

    As to the US/Canadian question, I would say that this is most likely one of the 30 US cars with black interiors, as the speedo has mph large and kph small, and the Canadian cars I’ve seen have markings in kph only.

  4. Nate
    Nate November 8, 2012

    Good eye, Dallas!

  5. David
    David November 8, 2012

    Is it unusual that the carfax report only goes back to 1994? I would love to have an E28 M5, not just this one. Besides the driver’s front seat needing to be refinished, the body/paint doesn’t look to be in that great condition, there is a rug on top of the dash (no picture of what is underneath). I think the maxim of “buy the best car you can afford” applies here.

  6. Gary
    Gary November 8, 2012

    I own one of these black M5’s and have a permanent place to post your ownership of a black/black E28 M5’s.

    There were 30 made. This has been verified and I have all the VIN numbers.
    This car is on the list and was made 11/7/87 fourth on the list.
    If you look at the manuf plate in the drivers side door jamb it will say USA.
    This car is not on the list I have on myE28. It would be number 10.
    There are many M5’s that have over 200k and couple over 300k still running fine.
    Car needs some TLC but I think a great buy at current price.
    The M5’s are getting harder and harder to find good examples and this one is not bad and it has black interior. Not sure how many are left?

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