1988 BMW M3 with 27,000 miles

Clean E30 M3s seem to be cropping up more frequently these days, perhaps because values have taken off. The details of this road racer, it’s racing pedigree and numerous successes on the track have been poured over by all the writers on this site, so let’s move on to the car itself.

This is an extremely clean and low mileage example of the E30 M3. We took it in on trade recently, and would love to keep for myself, but really can’t keep them all! It runs and drives perfectly and is a fine example of this model. I believe it is all original, except for the wheels being replaced with Momo’s. The Carfax report shows a discrepancy in the mileage, but we believe it is an error, as the car is in such fantastic condition. The radio is stock, and turns on, but has a tape stuck in it. Other than that, everything else seems to work fine. There are some small cosmetic blemishes which I have done my best to show in the photos. The car is as clean and nice underneath as it is the topside, there is no corrosion, and all components including the exhaust appear to be original. There is no corrosion or rust of any kind anywhere on the car.

This is certainly one of the best E30 M3s on the market at the moment and the period-correct rims set off the lines of this car nicely. While I preferred the color combination of the M3 that Aaron posted a few weeks ago, the red/tan combo still suits this machine fine. While it has a reserve, it would be hard to see this going for less than $25,000 USD in today’s market.


Clean and lower-mile E30 M3 for sale

Usually I can distance myself from the pangs of covetousness I feel when I see E30 M3s such as this with immaculate paint jobs, engine compartments worth eating off of, and the steep price tag that goes with it.  They’re so far out of the price range, so nice, and too far to access that I don’t have to worry about losing control and stealing it.  Distance isn’t an option here, though, as this car is for sale exactly halfway between home and work and right on my route.  So… close…

97k mile E30 M3 for sale on Burlingame Craigslist

Recent maintenance from the seller:

Complete proffesional respray using Glasurit paint. All windows and seals where removed and the trunk, spoiler, hood, rockers and bumpers where painted individually. I have previous photos to prove that there where no previous damages and no fillers (bondo) applied. Cost is 9k)
Installed new original BMW radiator
Installed new original fuel injectors
Replaced oil preasure switch
Replaced springs with H&R lowering springs (original are included)
Car runs strong
Engine bay is very clean with no sign of leaks
Tires have less than 5k miles

Newly serviced

Total synthetic motor oil
New oil filter
New OEM Bosch spark plugs
New OEM BMW ignition wires
New OEM cap and rotors
New OEM air and fuel filter
BMW coolant

This is a beautiful M3.  Diamondschwartz isn’t my favorite, but for a car in this condition, it will do, especially being such a beautiful new paint job.  Finding an M3 under 100k miles these days is the holy grail, and this is a nice medium between never-driven time capsule and well-maintained and well-used 80s delight.  He’s obviously put some serious time and money into making this car as good as it can be.  $23k is on the high end of M3s that have actually been driven, but the more I look at it and the thoroughness of the maintenance, the more it seems like a fair price.  I wish it were less, and I wish it were further away so that I didn’t have to ponder the consequences of felony grand theft auto.


2006 BMW M6 Hamann Custom

This completely custom M6 has thousands of dollars in high end parts. Hamann body kit, Hamann exhaust, 22″ rims, subwoofers. The previous owner was a professional basketball player.
The black and white color scheme is unique, but doesn’t really appeal to my senses, but I’m not a huge fan of the 6 series looks stock. The V10 engine with SMG is hard not to love though.
With $40k in upgrades on top of the price of the car it will be interesting to see where this ends up. It is up for sale with no reserve.


Modified 1973 BMW 2002

This former racing 2002 has been put back together for street use. The seller provides a lot of great description and clearly knows his 2002s. The car has been pieced together from a variety of parts from different model year 2002s. The nice thing about a car like this is you don’t have to worry about it as much when you take it out to enjoy it. It isn’t going to be a concourse or numbers matching investment grade vehicle, just pure vintage driving fun.
Around 160k on the body and 3k since the restoration. Currently at $2500, reserve not met.
From the seller:


I installed the drivetrain from a restored 73 ‘02 totalled rollover car which I had previously acquired. The motor from this car was a 1975 (e12 head) which was completely rebuilt, bored and balanced,new cam and the previous owner invested over $4000 in the motor alone. The transmission (rebuilt) was solid with no synchro issues, the driveshaft was rebuilt and the ANSA exhaust system was brand new. Also a 2002Tii exhaust manifold was installed. The clutch was new also. The carb is a Weber 32/36 DGV with manual choke and K&N air filter. This motor runs extremely strong, idles smoothly at 500 RPM and can take much more carburetion than in currently on the car. I installed new brakes front and rear with cross drilled rotors and new brake hoses. Two weeks ago I installed factory rebuilt front brake calipers. The only part of the drivetrain that is original is rear differential. It is still working fine however an additional differential is included in the sale. The car comes with two sets of wheels and tires One set are performance Sumitomo 195/60-13 with BBS style OE equipment 320is wheels 13×6. The tread is very sound with some cracking on the tires. The other set of street tires and wheels are 175/70-13 tires with 320i fanjet alloys 5 1/2×13. These tires are virtually new. Both sets are pictured on the car.


The paint is very good with some minor dings. The front grilles are later ’02 model plastic grilles painted silver with the matching kidney grille. Headlights are Hella H-4 element style. The rear bumper is a ’71 ’02 short sided bumper painted silver along with rear trim and tailight rims. I Installed a new front windshield and replaced all the other glass. I also installed pressure sensitive adhesive backed black moulding to replace the waist moulding. All side marker lights and reflectors were removed and holes were filled to simulate the look of the older 2002.


I Installed new black carpeting and all the original black interior panels which are in excellent condition. I also installed original equipment BMW Recaro seats from an 83 320is. They are also in excellent condition and mounted on the 2002 seat tracks. The rear seat (both parts) is in very good condition with the original horsehair padding still instact. Headliner is solid with no rips along with sunvisors. The dash pad is a one piece unit from a 74 ‘02. It has a few cracks but is very serviceable. The original ‘bus’ steering is in excellent condition with a leather cover. All gauges operate. The speedo and odometer are working. The mileage is not correct as this is a replaced gauge. The console is in good condition with an older Pioneer cassette stereo in operation.


Clean, bargain E30 M3 for sale

I’ll acknowledge right off the bat this is toeing the line of “Budget Week.”  This is a gorgeous E30 M3, restored almost entirely save the engine, which has covered an impressive (read: scary) 194k miles.  It’s starting on eBay at $10k with a Buy-It-Now of $12k, so I’m fudging the math and saying it’s within our “budget” guidelines.  I believe my E30 M3 obsession has been made clear by now, so I’ll just get to the juicy bits on this beautifully redone Alpineweiss example.

From the seller:

This car was originally Purchased in Texas and spent most of its life there. In 2005 the car went through a fairly complete restoration. New Paint (Original Alpine White with the addition of a Pearl Additive), New Carpet, Seats recovered (Not-Leather), Dash Cover, all new suspension items. The Engine was not rebuilt. They did replace the basic tune-up items and I replaced all the coolant lines and thermostat last year. There was over $17,000.00 spent on the restoration. (The Reserve is below this number) I have all the receipts from the owner at that time.
The car is not perfect but is in really nice condition. It does have an oil leak and power steering leak that I have not investigated the origin. Please feel free to send someone to inspect the car before you bid.

Sounds like a respectably honest description. The car is truly gorgeous inside and out. I love vintage German cars in white, significant as it was the national racing color. The redone black interior is especially inviting. The high-mileage engine will certainly need some sort of remedy, be it rebuild or replacement. Either way, in the E30 M3 market, a car with as many beautiful features as this is a steal at $12k or less. Any M3 with 1xx,000 miles is going to require engine work soon enough, and few look this good or are this cheap. It’s more than worth it, and even more than usual with E30s, I wish I had that cash saved up!

Clean 1976 BMW 2002

Found this beautiful little 2002 on eBay today.  It’s extremely clean original with just 116k miles.  The ad seems to suggest that it’s all-original, from engine/tranny to interior and exterior.  If true, the exterior is amazing for its age.  The paint made me think it was a respray at first glance, but the more I look, I think it might just be really well taken care of.  There are some little issues such as a bare trunk and some upholstery work needed, but those details seem minor in how clean the rest of the car is.  With a Buy-It-Now of $7500, It’s on the higher end of 2002 prices, but well under our $10k budget week limit.  In my opinion, worth it for the originality and condition.  Now just find some Euro bumpers…

Impeccable, Individual E36 M3 Sedan for sale

A brief switch away from our Budget Theme Week to highlight an exceptional car recommended by reader/commenter Bob…

I believe I’ve recounted it before, but the E36 M3 Sedan was the first fast car I ever got to drive after receiving my license.  My best friend’s dad was a high-powered lawyer who lived modestly but loved his toys, hiding an Estoril Blue M3 4-door and 6 Ducatis behind his unassuming 2-car garage doors.  With carefully timed and worded requests, we were allowed to take it out on occasion and entered active car enthusiasm for the first time after years of reading and dreaming.  The car purred, growled, and clawed its way around the island we grew up on, and thus firmly planted itself in my automotive genetics.  It is essentially why I write for this blog.

Bob alerted us to this exceptional M for sale on eBay.  It’s covered a relatively low 73k miles and is claimed to be “shockingly nice.”  From the photos and description it looks it, an excerpt of which follows.

At EuroWerkz we have bought, sold, owned, maintained, built, modified, showed, and won with some of the nicest BMW M3’s in the country. We are 25+ year members of the BMW CCA. I am a long time member of the E30 SIG as well as an active member of several BMW forums and groups. We love BMW’s we know BMW’s and M3’s and this is one hell of a nice M3.

It took me over 2 years to buy this car from the prior owner and I have enjoyed it for a while so it’s time for the next more permanent owner to enjoy. We would really like to see this car go to a BMW enthusiast who can appreciate it and continue it’s over the top care and maintenance as I see this car as one that will represent the breed 10-20-30 years from now. If your looking for a track car candidate, please not this one. You don’t have a garage space? Please find another car. Live in a big city with sketchy parking? Well, you get the point. There are plenty of excellent condition M3’s out there. This car is just soooo… much nicer than that.

This car looks, runs, and drives like a 30k mile 3 year old M3. It is in fantastic condition for any age and mileage but it is a 12 year old car with just 73k miles. Quite honestly it is the nicest car I have for sale right now and that is saying quite a bit considering our spring inventory of European beauties. You can read below about it’s history, options, and maintenance. Call or e-mail me and we’ll talk about it all day if you want.

Sounds like they mean it!  The custom Calypso Red from BMW Individual is gorgeous and unique, though I’m still partial to Estoril.  I understand that it has been very well taken care of and they hold this car in extremely high regard, though I’m not quite sure why they are SO enthusiastic and think it deserves well over Blue Book.  At writing there’s 2 days left with bidding at $11,400 and reserve not met.  If it’s truly as nice as they claim, I’d say it deserves $15-17k.  Regardless of what forms their opinion, I’m certainly on board in hoping it goes to a true fan and enthusiast with the time and resources to keep it nice.


2007 Alpina B7 BMW for sale

If ever the Bangle-butted BMW 7-series looked good, it’s in the guise of the Alpina B7.  Though Alpina makes awesome versions of almost every BMW across the pond, in recent years we New Worlders have only been granted the regrettable Alpina Roadster (seriously, what tuner makes a car WORSE?), and the monster B7.  Based on the 745i, Alpina took the 7 to a whole new level by adding a supercharger, new suspension and electronics mapping, a body kit emphasizing Alpina’s long, low and mean style, and the absolutely fantastic 20-spoke, 21-inch wheels.  All reviews declare it a complete brute in the best of ways; a large luxury sedan capable of devouring highway miles, carving corners, and scaring children.

I saw a nice one on the local Craigslist so I thought I’d shop what eBay had to offer.  Surprisingly, there’s a ton of these rare beasts out there, but this clean B7 with 52k miles caught my eye with a shockingly-cheap Buy-it-Now of $46k.

I’ve always dug the B7.  Helping a friend’s mom shop for her new car, it came down to this or the Maserati Quattroporte.  She went Italian, but I like the brutality of the B7.  It’s even better in the blue, but that audacious body kit is a rare look in the US, and the 500hp, 516 lb-ft supercharged 4.6l V8 is the stuff of legends.  If you’re in the market for a big, fast luxury sedan, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than this at 1/3 of it’s original price.  Hell, you could hock the wheels for at least $10k, but you wouldn’t want to do that… they’re nearly the best part.

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking [this] one up.


Reprehensible 2001 BMW 740i for Sale

I’ve tried to show off some great classic BMW M cars recently.  The early factory M cars have so much going for them: great power, subtle but aggressive looks, rarity and cache.  Like Ben, I am a big fan of the E38 7-series, but this example has none of the qualities that made those M cars great, and no matter how hard this seller will try to convince you, there has never been an M 7-series.  His taste is about as good as his spelling, but I thought it was still worth sharing.  If anything, just to point and laugh, but who knows, maybe someone wants the “CUSTOM SWEAD INTERIORS” and can appreciate that “LOT OF MONY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS CAR.”

“EVERYTHING IS A CUSTOMIZE” 2001 740i for sale on Craigslist

There are good facets of this car, but it’s just too much.  The red is actually a very nice shade, but doesn’t really suit the 7-series.  The wheels would look good without the painted rim, the steering wheel is similarly tainted.  The “red” (pink) roundels can go, along with the front winglets, the M badges on the door sills, front grill, engine, and the Pimp-My-Ride amplifier and speakers.

Once those basics have been taken care of, it’d be an attractive 7 series under $15k that somehow has “MORE HORSE POWER THAN REGULAR 740.”  Until then, however, it’s just a good exhibit (Xzibit?) of what not to do to your BMW.


Low-mileage 1987 BMW M6

I’m just going to keep rolling with the exceptional examples of older BMW M-cars I’ve been finding.  Though my personal tastes tend towards the hotted-up sedans and wagons (fast coupes are just so predictable), few grand tourers, 80s or not, match the sexiness of the E24 M6, aka M635CSi, aka landshark.  286 bhp from a race-bred inline-6 sounds pretty damn good today, let alone a quarter-century ago.  A private collection has decided to sell this immaculate, 27k-mile example on MunichEvo, ready to turn some lucky buyer into the coolest German gangster around.

27k mile 1987 BMW M6 for sale on MunichEvo

There’s a few nitpicky styling things I’d examine, i.e. immediate removal of the windshield banner if it’s still there, but overall this car is amazing.  White, notably the national racing color of Germany, makes 80s Bimmers seem even more proud.  27k miles is just mind-blowing, and I love that it has a carphone still.  It is the epitome of what the M6 can be, and shames the modern E63/4 version.  The main drawback is the price: $38,995 is a ton of money.  Yes, these cars are rare, and this is perhaps the best example out there, but it’d be much more attractive and reasonable closer to $30k, not 40.  And thus, it’s mostly just a fun reminder of how awesome BMW styling, especially on the M cars, used to be.