1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E RENNtech

Back in the ’80s the 190E was Mercedes’ answer to BMW’s E30 M3. While it wasn’t as successful and, despite James May’s insistence, the chassis wasn’t quite as good as that of the M3, the basic premise upon which these cars were developed remains a winner even to this day. Mercedes took their entry-level W201 sedan, asked Cosworth to go to work on an engine, improved the suspension and braking, et voilà: a performance version of a small luxury sedan that could provide comfort but also a bit of sportiness. However, with only around 170 hp in US-spec these cars weren’t especially quick. Solution: ship the car to RENNtech for a full makeover including a built 3.4 liter inline-6 producing 262 hp. Power is no longer a problem. Which brings us to the car featured here: a Black Pearl 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E RENNtech located in Florida. In addition to swapping in the 3.4 L engine, RENNtech also upgraded the suspension, brakes, and clutch to produce a complete package. The current owner has changed out the exhaust and added some cosmetic changes, though from all appearances those changes were done quite tastefully. There’s certainly little that detracts from the overall look of the car.


Year: 1987
Model: 190E RENNtech
Engine: 3.4 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 70,750 mi
Price: Buy It Now $24,950

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E RENNtech on EBay

Selling my 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E RENNTECH. This is a 1 of 1 car built back in the early 90s. It started out as an already rare 1987 190E 2.3 16V. It was shipped off to Renntech for a full conversion including complete engine swap, brake upgrade, clutch upgrade, wheels/tires, suspension, and a few interior goodies. I do have some paper work that verifies this. If you know anything about Renntech, you know Hartmut Feyhl was the head technical director at AMG before AMG was bought by Mercedes. He was the lead man on the world famous “HAMMER” super car. I did the research and looked into his early work. His fingerprint or style on these cars is basically take an engine out of the larger Mercedes, bore/stroke them out and stuff them into a smaller chassis. Then upgrade all the essentials to cope with the new power. Thats exactly what the Hammer was, and that’s exactly what this little 190E is. Its a very cool proper motorcar.

The color is Black Pearl, it has a 5 speed getrag transmission with the dogleg pattern, all hooked up to a limited slip differential. The motor was pulled from a 300CE and was a 3.0 24V. Renntech bored/stroked it to 3.4 and it’s good for 262HP 240lbs torque. I know the Cosworth faithful will say why? Simple answer,MORE POWER! The Cosworth head was finicky to get working right and when you did, they were still underpowered cars at about 160HP. The brakes are from the famous Mercedes/Porsche joint effort 500E and are 4 piston Brembo calipers in the front,2 pistons in the rear. The suspension is AMG shocks/springs. They did leave the SLS (self leveling system) in the rear to counter adjust ride height when the rear end is loaded with people. The clutch is from the 300SL (129 chassis). They also did 17″ Mercedes Evo II wheels. The original wheels would be 15″ wheels/tires. I however upgraded even further to the 18″ monoblock II wheels. Im running Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires sizes 205/40/18. I weighed the evos and the AMG wheels and they are identical at 45lbs with wheel and tire. So I gained no unsprung weight by moving up to the 18s! I do not have the original wheels or the Evo wheels.

Exterior/Interior Condition

The car has 70K on the chassis and less on the engine. Not exactly sure when the motor went in but I’m sure Renntech could help with that. I have been watching 190E 16V cars that come through ebay and other venues and I haven’t seen a single car yet with as low mileage as my car. Most have well over 100K miles. The paint has a few rock chips on the front and hood but nothing major. I would rate it as a 9 out of 10 and I think the pictures give a great representation of the car but it even looks better in real life. The interior shows no ware and the leather is about as mint as it can be for 26 years old. It has no rips tears or ware marks. Its very thick leather and the car smells delicious! The dash is perfect no cracks or stains or damage ( I keep a towel in the car for covering the dash when parking in the sun).The floor mattes are brand new from MB, so they are mint! I keep them covered with rubber mattes also. The leather shift knob is brand new from MB.The headliner is flawIess.I would rate the interior at a strong 9 out of 10.

The Drive

Starts right up, 1st gear is very short, remember it’s a dogleg configuration, so 1st is down to the left and then the rest of the shift pattern is a simple H pattern. I replaced the shifter (inside the car) and shift linkage (under the car) bushings with new Delrin bushing kit and it has absolutely transformed the shifting on the car. It’s better then new. Anyway 2nd gear is also very quick and you’re now into the power in 3rd 4th and 5th gears. This car is a bit harsh around the city with the low profile 40 series tires but on the interstate is where it shines.Shes a true luxury cruiser with a “sleeper” side to it.I have allot of fun in 3rd gear.4th is very powerful and 5th is a nice cruiser gear. I drove the car from Pa. to Fl. and was amazed at how comfortable it is. IM 6 Ft 1″ tall and I can get full laid out in the seat to where im almost lying down flat. The car was known as the baby Benz but when you’re inside the car it does not feel like a small compact car. From the drivers view point the Mercedes emblem on the front of the car appears to be 5-6 feet away from the driver, then me comfortably stretched out in the heated front seat, I have another row of seating behind me and a large trunk behind that. It almost feels like a larger S class but somehow it’s only the entry level baby Mercedes. It’s very strange but that’s how it feels. Anyway the power is there, the steering is crisp and responsive and the brakes are perfect. All the buttons inside work just as they are supposed to. The A/C blows ice cold, the radio works; it has a CD changer in the trunk. The sun roof slides open or tilts up. All 4 seats are from Recarro. They are beautiful! The 2 front seats are full power including the head rests. Both seats are heated. The driver’s side has memory for 2 drivers. Like I said all items work. Also the LCD lap timer in the center console was replaced/rebuilt and does not have the “bleeding” LCD screen you see on allot of these cars. The gauges have all been switched out to white color and the center gauge has the “Renntech” logo on it.The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and feels great, very good feel to it and it translates what the car is doing very well. I have owned several Porsche 911s’ in the past couple years including a lightweight track car and I have to tell you the grip on this Mercedes is very respectable. It just sticks. It feels planted and firm, for what it is, the car will surprise allot of folks! I invite any potential owners to come and drive the car.

What I have done since I purchased the car

Started with new wheels and tires. 18″ factory MB AMG Monoblock II wheels (from E55 AMG) and Michelin Super Sport tires size 205/40/18.I replaced all 4 rotors and brake pads with factory MB parts. I also flushed the brake fluid and replaced with new MB brake fluid. I had a custom straight through exhaust system fitted with Borla muffler and Renntech tip, no cats. Sounds great! Added a few more ponies also with the new exhaust system. I replaced the headlight bulbs and wiper blade. I added factory MB euro amber corner lenses in the front (original ambers included also). The car already had the factory euro headlight conversion (no cheesy headlight wipers).I do have the original lights if you want to return it to stock along with the small wipers.I also changed all fluids with Mobil 1 including the synthetic oil, Mobil 1 tranny fluid and Mobil 1 differential fluid. On the inside, I added brand new factory MB 190E black floor mattes. I added a new factory MB leather shift knob/boot. I changed all internal shifter and external shift linkage bushings. I also did the German Huper Optic ceramic tint including windshield (ouch $600). I had the grille up front painted to match the car and added a new hood “star” ornament. We also removed the “3.4 24V” badging off the rear trunk and added the new “Renntech” logo badge. I have all the receipts for the parts and labor where applicable.


The rear differential does make some noise when under power. It probably could use a rebuild however, its not a big deal. I never planned on tracking the car, so when else do you need the LSD?It doesn’t bother me or trust me I would fix it.The right rear shock needs replacing as do the accumulators for the SLS system. I have bought the parts but have not had time to install them yet. I may have that done by the time the car sells, I may not. Either way the parts will go to the new owner. The shocks were purchased used, the accumulators are brand new. Thats it, no other issues.

So that’s it.This is my dream car from when I was a teenager in the late 80s. Its been a thrill to own. I treated her very nice and she hasn’t disappointed me one time. The 190E 16V is truly a rare car and with the Renntech conversion, this car is very unique and special. She starts right up, drives very nice, and will scare you when you decide to put your right foot down. She stops very fast when the brakes are applied. The old girl demands EVERYBODYS attention when she pulls in to the local cars and coffee!

I would love to sell her to the 6th owner and prefer not to sell to anybody who just wants to flip the car. This car is incredible and I invite any interested parties to contact me. PPI is encouraged and welcomed. I have nothing to hide, nor does my car. A test ride is welcomed! Clean car fax/no accidents.

The car must be paid in full within 5 days. Call me to discuss shipping/payment info. The title is in my hand. I recently sold my 930 Turbo Slant nose via ebay and will make it as easy as possible for any potential buyers! Silly offers will not be responded to, no trades either. I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Thanks for looking!


The seller has provided quite a bit of detail and that is a definite positive for a car like this. The key will be in verifying the RENNtech work and having the car fully checked out. If everything passes muster in those regards then this car presents an interesting opportunity. It looks very good in Black, and frankly seems like the sort of car that should be painted Black. The interior also presents quite well. At 18″ the wheels seem too large, but the Monoblock design does fit the personality of the car fairly well. Determining a good price on a car such as this one always is a bit difficult, though we do see similar variants of the 190E come along from time to time. I feel $24,950 is a bit on the high side, but if everything checks out and the price can come down just a little, this would be a good value overall and should provide for a pretty entertaining car to drive.


Living Large: Mercedes-Benz CL65 with Renntech

Today’s CL65 doesn’t require quite as large a bank account as the Black Series featured earlier this week, but it’s an even larger 2-door coupe housing the beastly twin-turbo V12. Putting out a *mere* 621hp before the Renntech ECU upgrade, the biggest of Mercedes coupes exemplifies a velvet-covered hammer. Pushing any 2-metric-ton car to 60 in 4 seconds flat sounds terrifying, though I have to imagine it’s deceptively comfortable in heated-cooled-infinitely-adjustable seats while looking through nightvision. The CL definitely targets a different audience than the Black Series, but isn’t actually that far off for less than 50% of the price. You could get a Mustang or GTR with this much horsepower for something similar to the $108k asking price, but would your butt be vibrating in plush, quilted leather with every conceivable option ever offered on a car? I don’t think so.

2008 Mercedes-Benz CL65 with Renntech upgrades on eBay

No real description from the dealer other than the astonishing litany of options, but the pictures say it all. Big, fast, and luxurious. I’d pass on the extra Renntech badging as it’s beginning to look like sponsors on a lowered Acura, except these sponsors spell 650+ horsepower. I can think of different ways to spend $100k on cars, but if I was looking to have a big max coupe, I’d take this beast all day over a Bentley.


Go big or go home: Renntech SL65 AMG Black Series for sale

We’ve had some reader requests recently for some Mercedes featuring their beastly twin-turbo V12 present in “65” models. I’m obviously a fan of all things AMG, but the 65 has always seemed like a unique animal. Viciously expensive, powerful, and fast, they exemplify the “bit more of everything” luxury sports cars seem to be striving for today. Sweet AMG engines of the past wilt at the thrust of the 6.0L V12. Amazingly, the normal observer would have no idea of the engine intimidation factor present, as most 65s look exactly the same as 63s, 550s, and 430s save for some badges and anthracite wheels. Operative word today being “most,” as this 65 is the king of all kings. The third Black Series model ever produced, Mercedes went whole hog with more power, carbon fiber wide body kit, and go-fast bits all over. While the CLK and new C Black Series carry that amazing DTM-on-the-street look, the SL65 AMG Black Series looks straight-up Batmobile in dark colors. With only 175 in the US and 350 in the world, you’re probably more likely to see a Batmobile replica.

As if 660hp weren’t enough, the PO of today’s SL decided he might as well throw $27k worth of Renntech bits on so that it produces that much power AT THE WHEELS. You know, for fun. Some normal ecu-etc. upgrades went on, and I’d be interested to see how the locking differential changes the car. This AMG engine is well known for producing toomuch torque and overwhelming its traction control. Maybe the locking differential makes smokey burnouts more possible? Hopefully that ECU upgrade tamed the traction control. That’s a moot point though, as the concept of building an engine with too much torque for the car to handle is the thesis of this car. Too much, 100% of the time, everytime.

Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series for sale on eBay

How much does craziness cost? This kind of craziness seems to be right in line with the market (surprisingly, there are 4 SL65 Black Series on eBay currently) at $240k with about 3000 miles. You could get some nice supercars for that kind of change, but you can be sure they won’t have the audacious power and fender flares present on a Black Series. No, it’s not the precision screamer of a Ferrari or the magic of the fastest of Porsches, but if Mercedes is your style, I’d take this over an SLR McLaren any day.


2001 Mercedes Renntech C38 Scarce car and color

This interesting car falls into a strange place in the Mercedes line up.

It started life as a run of the mill 225 horsepower C320, albeit one with a not that common cobalt blue metallic paint. The cobalt blue color is a really nice subdued blue that looks elegant, but not as boring as black.The car was sent to Renntech where the 3.2 was boredout to 3.8 and some additional enhancements, such as exhaust, intake, and rims were added. All completed the car is running a significant bump in horsepower all lag free and normally aspirated. Specs aren’t given, but I beleive the 3.8 is rated at 291 bhp and 305 lb-ft of torque and the cost of that increase from Renntech was $19,000. That is a lot of cash for the same amount of horsepower to be had from a 50 shot of NOS. Total upgrades on the car according to the seller total $25,000.

What makes this a bit of an odd duck, is unlike other monster horsepower Renntech vehicles the horsepower isn’t huge, and the gains put it right into competition with the AMG C32 that also came out in 2001. The C32 pumps out 50 more horsepower from its supercharger making this Renntech model a bit superfluous.

The car is listed on eBay at $13,900. With 92,000 miles on it you can find a C32 with that kind of mileage for the same price. I noted that the same car is listed elsewhere on the net for $11,900. Not particularly flashy or powerful, but a unique ride that cost way too much to convert when  new.

2001 Mercedes Renntech C38 on ebay






1994 Mercedes 500E / E500 with RENNtech mods

One of our favorite Q-ships, the 500E picked up the torch for Mercedes in 1990 to continue their tradition of the high output V8 in an otherwise stately yet sedate four door.

1994 E500 with RENNtech mods on eBay

This particular car is the last year of the Porsche built special. As a 1994 its official company designation swapped with the rest of the lineup to E500 from 500E. This car comes debadged for added stealth, though the bulging wheel arches are an easy distinguishing factor from a more average W124 model.

Mercedes and Porsche really did the 500E right, it wasn’t just a big engine stuffed into a chassis that wasn’t prepared. The engineers and designers took time to carefully consider what they wanted as the outcome for the 500E and as such made proper modifications to other systems.  One can not say this enough: The 500E is not a 300E with a 5.0 liter engine.  Giving the car special handbuilt construction gave Mercedes an extra marketing point, it gives the 500E itself a hint of the uniqueness  that harkens to earlier days of coachbuilt classics.

Owners paid significantly for the pleasure of driving the 500E new. Prices topped out at just about $90,000. To put that in perspective, at the time, a BMW M5 would set you back only in the mid $60k range and you could just about buy two Audi S4 models for the price of one 500E.

A total of apx. 10,300 500Es slowly rolled out of the factory, those aren’t big numbers, but they aren’t as rare as other Merc sleepers like the 300SEL 6.3 or the 450SEL 6.9.  It is important to note that the 500E is not an AMG model, this is sometimes confused. The 500E came at a time when AMG was still not fully under control of Mercedes and these were 100% factory cars. AMG did produce the awesome E60, which was a 500E with a 6.0 liter powerplant.

When you inspect a 500E up close it is rare to find problems in build quality, more often any problems are do solely to owner neglect.

The car featured here comes into us through a reader at RENNtech (we get giddy if we pop the hood of a Benz and see those trademark carbon fiber intakes.)

This 500E has covered 80,000 miles and looks great in fitting Mercedes brilliant silver. Though, there is at least one black 500E out there that has been “murdered out” that caught my eye in the past. (I split the difference with my 70 250C, black roof, silver body) Other than paint the exterior of this 500E is complimented by proper 18″ AMG monoblocks. More importantly its looks aren’t hampered by the ugly sunken U.S. sealed beam units previous model year U.S. market cars had. E-code headlights on earlier domestic 500Es is almost a must in my book.

Other mods on this 500E are ones you like to see, appropriate and tasteful. Those include over $7,000 worth from RENNtech. Thee first gear start valve body is a popular addition for Benz from this era and allows for longer, spirited, pulls in first, without losing streetabilty under regular driving. Combining that with the traction control defeat switch will allow for some tail happy adventures. Keep the car out of the hands of teenage drivers to avoid unneeded transmission/driveline wear and tear.

A few extra ponies are added to the stock 320 with the addition of the RENNtech carbon airbox, chip, and stainless exhaust.

The seller states the car has been serviced for the past decade at Mercedes Benz of Memphis. There isn’t a lot of description in the ad, but perhaps it isn’t needed. Those in the 500E market know what they are looking at and the ad appears to be a simple, honest presentation of a solid specimen. We unfortunately have become quite cynical with our experience in the world of vintage cars so we get a little nervous with brief car ads and always make sure to ask lots of questions about what works, what doesn’t, what’s missing, service records etc.. With a vehicle that could be purchased for potential collector value we’d encourage a PPI, particularly at this $25,000 ask.

You can get a 500E for less than this one, but top quality low mile collector candidates can bring $40,000. Without knowing more about this particular car I don’t find the ask unreasonable and can see it being considered well priced a few years from now, but it may take several listings on eBay before someone takes the plunge. In the world of eBay bargain hunters it may be better to start with a lower ask to try and get a couple seller’s in the competing mood. When you look at what $25k will get you in terms of classic German iron I feel that if the seller knocked a couple thousand off the price a few more potential buyers will show up.

Great car.


2002 Mercedes C230 Widebody

The Sportcoupe models of Mercedes’ C class fall into that same odd place as the BMW 318ti. Not the most fantastic looks, economy based powerplants and trim. This particular model has had some work done so much so tat it got itself a place in the February 2009 European Car magazine.

The car’s supercharged 2.3 four is pumping out 280 horse power thanks to a Kleeman pulley, Supersprint headers, and Renntech intercooler and sending power through a manual transmission. Elsewhere custom flares are in place to fit massive rims, and big brakes.

Nice interior features include plenty of custom audio work.

The car has 36,282 miles and the seller has a buy it now price of $23,900, bidding sits at a reserve not met $5,000 for now.

Overall the mods make this hatch look good, be advised he seller has zero eBay feedback.


1990 Mercedes 300CE CE36 Renntech

This bright red W124 Benz has received the full Renntech treatment with lots of nice mods. Many of the stock 300E parts have been uprated with parts from the more performance oriented 500E, such as the flared fenders, spoilers, hood, and headlights. The stock brakes have been replaced with Brembo units from the SL600. Under the hood is a Renntech massaged 3.6 liter inline six featuring forged pistons, titanium rods, Schrick cams featuring 300HP. The rear diff has been replaced with a higher ration 3.73 unit.
Inside there is all sorts of custom bits, neon accents, subwoofers, tv, vcr, Playstation 2.
A previous owner of this car stated it had $50,000 in work into, $20k in the engine alone at that point the seller wanted $28,000 for it. The current owner picked up the car for $15,500 in 2010 so the current no reserve price of $7,500 seems like a deal, but would make me want to really make sure the engine is still running well. 114,000 miles are on the body.


Sleeper Renntech SL74 for sale

After 3 of these monster R129 Mercedes showed up this past summer, we got a tip for another one on eBay from Portland, Oregon. It’s a short list of cars that have over 7 liters of displacement, and pretty extreme for Renntech to punch out the normal 6.0 liter V12 in the SL an extra 1.4 liters. A couple things always seem come up with these cars: time/space-bending power in a dated chassis, and massive depreciation. I’ve always fantasized about having a Benz that could light up the rears on the highway, so maybe this is the most financially feasible way to achieve that goal.

The seller’s 2 cents:

This is an extremely rare Mercedes SL600. It was converted to a RENNtech in 1999, and has a 7.4 liter 575 HP engine with camshafts and ported and polished heads. It also carries a RENNtech resonator by pass, RENNtech rear muffler, oil cooler, CF air intake, transmission upgrade, ASR delete switch, larger front and rear sway bar, Alcon 14″ front brakes and AMG 18 inch Aero wheels all verified through RENNtech. The Customer spent $73,681.00 to do this RENNtech conversion. The car is in spectacular shape, with books and all four Keys.

In the same sleeper green as the one Evan found this summer, this one is extra sleepy with standard AMG monoblocks and completely shaved identifying badges. Nice to see another one that’s been driven, having covered 89k miles, but the flipside is that you’ve got a 90k-mile tuner V12. Right. Anyways, while it’s certainly not the best looking R129, that’s kind of the appeal here: scary power in as plain-jane an exterior as Mercedes can do. No bites at $20k yet, we’ll see if even that is too high for a car whose monster in the engine bay is only matched by its monster depreciation.


Another Mercedes Renntech SL74, really?

We have seen three of these Renntech SL74 beasts show up for sale this summer, which is pretty unbelievable. Our previous finds:


Sometimes an owner will see another seller claiming to have a really rare car and take the opportunity to show of his own to show the other guy he isn’t the only one. Sometimes following up one rare listing with another lets a seller piggy back on some of the excitement or the initial sale or lets them judge interest or gauge market value. Perhaps that’s the case with this third SL74.
This one is a 1996 in white found by reader Nik. It is a bit more showy than the other two we saw this year. Chromed intakes, vented hood, embroidered logo headrests, big sound system in the trunk, etc. The specs are right inline with the other two we’ve seen. The seller quotes an investment of over $200,000 and lists the upgrades as follows:


V12 engine producing 595 BHP, 605 lbs-ft @4000 RPM. 0-60 is second 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 200 MPH 1/4 times of 11.9


Renntech 7.4 liter engine conversion (stage 4) $49,500:

high performance engine rebuilt, performance intake and exhaust camshafts, ported/polished cylinder heads, larger f1 valves, stainless steal resonator bypass, stainless renntech sports rear muffler.

Renntech top speed removal $1,500

First gear start transmission valve body $1,350

Renntech transmission upgrade with limited slip $7,790

Downpipes all metal catalyzers $7,000

Renntech 14″ brakes $5,760

Renntech oil cooler kit $1,250

New convertible top and brand new wheels and brand new tires.

front 245/35/19

rear 275/30/19

Pioneer DVR

Full AMG BODY Kit includes: side skirts, front bumper, rear bumper and rear spoiler. Also comes with rear seats.

includes: hard top cover

Please check out this link. http://www.renntechmercedes.com/article_files/cnd0898.pdf

With a day left this one is up to just under $17,000 reserve not met. The Buy-It-Now price is $28,900. As with the others I’ll say this again, that is a heck of a lot of depreciation. Unlike the others though this one has actually seen substantial use at 91,000 miles. That’s nice to see.


1994 Mercedes Benz SL74 Renntech

Today hearing of a Mercedes pushing 500 horsepower, while not really yawn factor, is certainly not surprising. AMG has done an amazing job generating massive power and torque numbers for Mercedes that you can now buy of the regular dealer showroom floor. While big engine big power Benzs have been a hallmark of the company for years they were scarcer in years past.

This big fellow could scare off just about everything else on the road when it was new back in 1994. The SL74 was a Renntech package that took the already potent Mercedes 6 liter V-12 and pushed it out to 7.4 liters. With about 600 horsepower and 600 lb. ft. of torque after the conversion all coming out of a lagless normally aspirated engine one could easily spin the z rated tires down to the rims.

It isn’t clear if this car was converted by Renntech just after the purchase or if the conversion took place later in the car’s life. With only 15,000 miles it doesn’t really matter.

This car has similar specs to the Renntech SL74 I posted early this summer:


Giant brakes (seriously look inside the wheels at those things), exhaust, limited slip diff, upgraded transmission all are necessary additions. The sort of things you would associate with a handbuilt rocketship. What sets this one apart, ironically, is at first glance it is so subdued. You could easily mistake this for just another R129 series Benz. The wheels are nothing too exciting, though closer inspection reveals them to be light magnesium wheels. Nothing seems too fancy about the bodykit, some flares and vents, not even a badge on the back, then you realize it is all carbon fiber, hood, fenders, rockers. This saves, according to the seller 600 lbs in weight.

A peak inside and you can see that this SL is not for prowling a Florida retirement community, though grandpa would probably like the feel of those Recaro ortho sport seats, grandma likely would not want to fumble with the four point race harness.

I believe you can still get this conversion done by Renntech if you have the cash. The original cost was $325,000, that included $110,000 for the stock SL600.  Take the depreciation and buy this two owner sneak attack machine for $65,000. Geniuses drive green cars after all right? Hard top and stand included. Just be careful the seller has no feedback.

It is worth noting that the Renntech 7.4 should not be confused with the similar era Mercedes AMG SL73, which was a factory produced vehicle available in very limited numbers. The 7.3 liter AMG engine is the engine that went on to more recent fame as the power plant for the Pagani Zonda producing similar power figures as this Renntech.