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Cheapest BMW 7 series out there 1982 733i or BBS RS 005 rims with a free car

Yes we strive to find the finest and the most unique cars out there for you, but sometimes I like to sneak beasties like this into the mix. Its fun for me to have the extremes, I’m following this post up with an amazing Dinan 333i.

No reserve, 177,000, ran when parked 4 years ago, doesn’t start now. It is a New York car and it looks like rust has set in but….

Those gold rims appear to be genuine vintage three piece forged alloy BBS RS 005s or RS 006s and if so they alone are well worth the current high bid of $431. Basically buy yourself a matched set of BBS RS005s or RS006s (hard to tell the size from the photos) and get a free car.

As for the car spend your black Friday shopping money here and have big safe car to give as a present to that mechanically minded highschooler in your family. The later e23 7s have some expensive technological bits, but unlike newer 7s this one can probably be brought back to an acceptable level of service and daily drivability without a trunk load of cash. Get it started, check the brakes, drive it until something major falls off, and then sell it for what you bought for. At this price you can afford a roll of tape and a can of black spray paint to patch the rust spots.

Someone save this one.



  1. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter November 25, 2010

    That would surely take out a Smart car in a head on. I like it. Getting started and running for a week would be worth the $433.

  2. Evan
    Evan December 2, 2010

    Ended at $510, even if the car never sees the road again that was a good price, especially with those rims.

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