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1987 930 Turbo w/ 2002 993 Body & 2006 engine

An interesting combo here that looks pretty good. The price isn’t cheap, but this machine clearly was built up to a fine standard.

A Protomotive tuned 2006 twin turbo 3.8 is dropped into the 1987 930 chassis and then draped in a 993 look widebody kit.

The seller is claiming 850 horsepower and 0-60 in under 3 seconds with a 210 MPH top speed. I’m sure this thing is fast, but I don’t know about 200 MPH fast.

The transmission has thankfully been uprated to handle the power.

Monster 19″x 14″ rear wheels with  355/20/19 rubber fill out the wheel arches.

$75,000 ask price. Despite all the work that has gone into this car I suspect that this price won’t be reached, you Porsche guys might have a better sense on the value of such a “hybrid.” Questionable vanity license plate not included.



  1. Turbochargers
    Turbochargers November 26, 2010

    Great information,Thank for post….

  2. Jim Post
    Jim Post November 26, 2010

    Car has been for sale a long time. Its not worth anywhere near that starting price. The work is just “okay” and the seller clearly does not know much about the car or Porsches in general

  3. Evan
    Evan December 2, 2010

    Unsurprisingly, no bids at $75,000.

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