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Feature Listing: 2008 Audi A8 4.2 quattro

With each successive generation, Audi’s large sedan has come leaps and bounds forward in innovation and appeal. The C3 chassis brought Audi to a larger market with its modern aerodynamics and the introduction of all-wheel drive. That was capped with the evolutionary D11 model – the V8 quattro. Based on a Type 44 chassis, the V8 brought the dreaded automatic transmission to its large executive sedan – but while enthusiasts will decry that change, the reality is that for the people who bought the car original that proved to be a popular option and opened the all-wheel drive market to an entirely new clientele. Audi didn’t rest on its laurels, though, for even as the V8 quattro was still in production its replacement hinted at an entirely new design language for the company in the ASF concept. Not only were the looks decidedly more rounded and futuristic, but the aluminum space frame was in many ways ahead of its time. The result was a great looking, innovative all-wheel drive option for executives in the D2 chassis, which proved to be wildly popular, and it’s still a great looking sedan today, some 23 years after the original concept was penned. Although the height of D2 production was around 2000, by then the design was already showing its age and Audi was once again back at the drawing board. The result was that in 2002 the D3 chassis was launched to replace the D2 chassis.

Much of what had been pioneered in the D2 was carried over into the D3. The design was evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Under the skin, an updated choice of V8 and W12 motors (along with some TDis for European customers) mimicked the D2. But a new adaptive air suspension brought the A8 in line with premium products from its competition. Inside, Audi also reacted to the market with a new and advanced multi-media interface and thoroughly revised cockpit design that would once again lead the company in a new design direction. While the layout was more isolating for the driver, it’s hard to argue that the fit and finish of Audi’s interior was taken a few notches up with the D3 versus earlier models. As with the D2, the D3 was a very popular option – especially visually, where it continued the trend of Audi offering the best looking of the big three sedans. But, as with every chassis, the D3 became dated as the calendar got closer to 2010, and Audi introduced the current D4 with again a host of upgrades in 2009. As with every successive chassis shift, the outgoing model devalues and if you love the big German sedans, that leaves buyers with literally and figuratively a lot of car for their money:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2008 Audi A8 4.2 quattro at Sun Valley Auto Sales

Year: 2008
Model: A8 4.2 quattro
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Mileage: 64,740 mi
Price: $21,995

Looking for the most refined German sedan? Searching for one with excellent ownership history, no accidents, and extensive service records? We have it for sale here at the Sun Valley Auto Club. This Audi is in excellent condition. Original MSRP in 2008 was 81,615 optioned out with Ibis white, amaretto interior, ski sack, CA emissions, dual rear seat climate control, power door assist, premium package, sport pkg w/ 20″ wheels and front seat vent/massage. The car was sold new in Napa California, where the first owner drove the car for 8,960. He then traded it in to the Audi dealer for a Q7. Enter our current owner who has owned the car since 2008. Since then he has meticulously taken care of the euro sedan. The car comes with a large folder of receipts totaling over $9,000. And that’s before warranty work. This is how you buy an upscale European car out of warranty. The car has never seen nor needed any major repairs. The history report shows no accidents. The car is for sale only because the owner purchased a brand new A8. A true testament to how incredible these cars are. Give Max a call at 208-720-8854 or Shep at 208-721-1973 to make this Audi yours.

The D3 was offered in 10 different shades in 2008, but most appear to be in the black or gray spectrum. Ibis White is a lovely color to see and looks especially purposeful with the optional Sport package. This car was well optioned over the base $70,690 retail price with the two package headliners; the Premium Package (code PPD, $3,275) offered parking sensors and camera, rear window shades and power open and close trunk and the Sport Package (code PST, $4,000) added the adaptive air suspension, the sport wheel with paddle shifters and the 20″ quattro GmbH seven double spoke bi-color wheels with equally massive 275-35-20 summer tires. Dual rear climate control (9AU, $600) power door assist (GZ2, $600) and vented massaging front seats (WME, $1,500) round out the nice options. Inside it’s also lovely to see the Amaretto Brown interior which was paired with Amber Sycamore wood for a truly rich feel. Dynamically, though the engine capacity remained the same as the D2 model, power from the FSi motor was up to within reach of the previous S8 at 350 horsepower, so even the “small” engine A8 is mightily quick. With maintenance up to date and with below average mileage along with a pleasing color combination and very little sign of wear, this is about as nice as one of these D3s gets in the used market. You can lust after the more expensive lear-jet worthy W12, but pragmatically the V8 makes much more sense now that these are the best part of a decade old. I know I bang on a bit about value for money invested, but truly for the price of a lightly optioned Jetta you could have this ultra-sedan before the depreciation curve brings these D3s into a state of neglect.