High Mileage 1992 Mercedes 500E No reserve sale

200,000 mile 500E for sale with no reserve and an opening bid of $7,950. I’m a bit up in the air on this one, good deal or not? The price is far from the $40k you might pay for a super fine 500E. With Benz and Porsche engineering if the was well maintained the mileage shouldn’t be too scary right? The car looks almost completely stock other than the new radio and 18″ AMG wheels. It has apparently been serviced regularly by an authorized dealer. I am unclear as to what the seller means by saying the car was “used as real estate closing tool.”
The seller gives a list of recent maintenance items and fixes:

# Upper & Lower timing chain and rail replacement
# Full replacement transmission
# New air compressor
# New power steering box & pump
# Suspension and rubber mounts renewed
# New valve cover gaskets
# Recent Transmission Seals, (Trans. was pulled) – there are no oil or fluid leaks.
# New radiator
# New windshield wiper reservoir
# New front tires.
# Regular oil & filter changes
# Clean leather interior, wood is all nice.
# Newer Kenwood radio.

What do you folks think about this one? It looks pretty clean. I can’t imagine prices for a 500E will drop much lower than this even with high mileage.


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  1. What’s a $15,000 engine rebuild among friends, eh? 🙂

  2. This car has been bouncing around ebay for roughly 3 months without much interest. As the owner of a 92 500E with 186,000 miles I’d say an engine rebuild isn’t the thing to worry about with this car. More likely you’ll end up dropping 6k-10k over the first year on a variety of different bits. You could also seriously get burned. For example if the hydraulic control unit for the ASR/ABS needs to be replaced you’ll be out 6K for a new one. New rear struts of the self leveling system:2 to 3k etc..
    The fact is that these cars are 15 to 20k cars. You can pay that up front or over the first year of ownership.
    They are, however, sweet cars

  3. I am not that familiar with the price that nice E500s change hands. Been driving a very nicely maintained E300 Coupe all day today with about half that mileage. It is an older car and I can see some issues starting to crop up, so I would have to say it is usually cheaper to buy the best one you can find.

  4. Nice ones (less than 60,000 miles or so) look to be going for 25 grand or more, but even then you’re dealing with a lot of age related fixes. MBZ used notoriously bad insulation on the wiring of these cars so things like the throttle body actuator and wiring harness go bad as function of time and heat exposure rather than miles. Because of the limited production of the model lots of the parts get expensive fast.

    By the way the W124 500E’s are an entirely different beast than the E300

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  6. love the car, spooked by the mileage. it will get you instant respect among enthusiasts, i imagine.

  7. Ended with no bids.

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