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Motorsports Monday: 1992 Audi 80 quattro Supertourisme

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Audi seemed a bit lost in terms of direction of its motorsports programs. With the death of Group B following the development of the monster S1 E2 Quattro, Audi turned to the 200 to lead its racing brigade from Group A rally to the crazy Trans-Am effort. That would continue with the introduction of the V8 quattro, campaigned in the DTM in 1991 and 1992 before being banned. But focus would return to the smaller chassis cars in the early 1990s, with Audi introducing a line of Super Touring 80s and the most memorable of the bunch, the flame spitting Audi 90 IMSA GTO racers. Though few remember the 80 STW, it was run extensively in the DTM and Italian Super Touring series and paved the way for the later A4 STW that would dominate many international touring classes in 1996. But there was a lesser known development, that of the ROC engineered 80 quattro Supertourisme. Built by ROC in 1991 on behalf of Audi Sport for the French Super Touring class, it was unlike any of the super touring cars Audi produced:

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Year: 1992
Model: 80 quattro Superturisme
Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4
Transmission: 6-speed sequential semi-automatic
Mileage: Not Listed
Price: E. 250,000 ($270,579)

Audi 80 Quattro Ex- Marc Sourd, French super touring car Championship in 1992 !

Though you get almost no information about this car, the presentation is nonetheless impressive. It’s not nearly as polished as 90 IMSA and 80 STW, which benefited from slick factory preparation. Instead, the 80 quattro looked more like some of the custom-engineered tube frame 924/944 turbo racers from FABCAR in the 1980s. Everything was custom built, from the carbon fiber and kevlar bodywork right through the 2.0 liter 8 valve turbocharged engine, reportedly good for 400 horsepower. The impression of these cars is that they’re much taller than the low-slung, unflared 80 STW cars, but they also echo the silhouette look of the 90 IMSA GTO in many ways. Brakes, transmission and all running gear was – of course – full race units with near infinite adjustment. Look, for example, at the unique rear mounting of the drive accessories to shift weight balance backwards. And the 80 quattro Supertourisme, just like it’s brethren, was successful, capturing the French title consecutively in 1991, 1992 and 1993. The 1992 champion was Marc Sourd, and this was apparently one of the chassis he piloted. Condition appears to be excellent, and there is still quite an avid racing series for retired Touring Car racers – recently, a twin of this car captured a vintage touring car win at Silverstone – not surprising, given the power to weight advantage the turbocharged cars enjoy over their more common normally aspirated competition from the period. For the luxury of owning one of the lesser known bits of Audi racing history, you’ll certainly pay – $270,000 is about on par with many other ex-works racers, but this one is pretty special and quite rare to see, even if the impression is not quite as impressive as some of the other works cars. But lovely details abound and you could spend more than an entire day looking at the special effort and countless hours that went in to building a championship winning platform.

Thanks to our reader John for the unique spot!


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    Early8q December 7, 2015

    I missed this one. Very nice find! It looks amazing.

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