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Motorsports Monday: 2008 Porsche Cayman S Turbo

As Spring 2017 officially kicks off today, my thoughts inevitably turn towards the track. While race series at Daytona, Sebring, Formula 1 (final testing, at least) and even Goodwood have already commenced, as I look out my window there’s still a layer of snow covering the ground and temperatures have barely crept past freezing. It certainly doesn’t feel like Spring yet, but that doesn’t mean that preparation for heading to the track can’t begin. And though I dearly love tracking my Audi Coupe GT and it’s racked up some serious mileage on the race courses of New England, I can’t help but think that maybe it’s time for something newer. Maybe something like a Porsche Cayman, the “affordable” way into a track-friendly performance Porsche:

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Year: 2008
Model: Cayman S
Engine: 3.4 liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: “3,000” mi
Price: $84,000 Buy It Now

2008 Cayman Turbo S street legal Race car

Color: Gard Red WPOAB29888U782121

Code – L84A

2950 lbs (71 in. Wide / 172 in long)


3.4 liter engine with 2015 short block and a TPC turbocharger Stage 2

Manual 6-Speed


Billstein Performance suspension kit: Gas pressure technology – B 16 PSS9 complete kit

Strut Mounts 9-96-smt


Short shift kit 987 424 042 12

Short shift cable replace 987 424 042 12

Spec clutch disk 00632232 stage 3+

Spec clutch pressure plate stage 3+ 00612943

OMD stock flywheel 2015

Motor Mount OMD original part 997 375 023 05

TPC racing custom ECU Flash Tune


Porsche short block 3.4 liter 2015

TPC racing Proprie Turbocharger (capable of 500 horsepower)

AS oil-VAP separator comp. FVD

Porsche Motorsport lines for oil and VAP separator

Oil Pan Porsche “DEP” FVD 207 988 01

ITIP Twin Oil Pump Turbo Technik Pietz

High Performance injectors

High Performance cone filters

Spark Plug 999-170-223-90

3 Radiator 997-044-100-05

Air Routing 987-575-323-01

Retaining Frame 987-505-555-01-01C

TPC Racing Liquid-to-Air Inter-cooler

TPC Racing Custom Molded Silicone tubing

Engine Oil Synth OW40 Mobil Synthetic

999-170 183-90 Spark-plug

TPC Racing 987/986 Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust

TPC Racing Custom Intake Plenum

TPC Racing Custom Turbo and inter-cooler brackets

Air intake duct

Oil feed and return lines

High Flow coolant pump and harness for liquid-to-air inter-cooler

New cylinder Head Studs 12 Point black oxide 204-4707

DEI Titanium Turbo Shields (Blanket) Jegs Part 186-010141

Oil Restrictor Tpc Racing for Turbo

Compressor Bypass Valve Kit Porsche 911 Gt2


Pagid Brake 2405 pads E24-052-901-0 RS 29

Pagid Brake 2406 Pads E24-062-901-0 RS 29

Brake Line Kit stainless steel Goodrich 987

Brake Spring kit 2

12 mm Caliper spacers

Control RBF 660 Race brake fluid

GT3 Brake duct spoilers

996/997 Giro-disc Front 344 mm 2-piece Rotor floating

996/997 Giro-disc Rear 325 mm 2-piece Rotor floating

Porsche 90 mm Caliper Bolt

TWR Brake Master Cylinder GT3 997-355-910-30 ECS Tuning


2 Sparco Sprint 5 Racing Seats

2 Sparco 3-inch 6 point harness for Hans

2 Sparco Base plate driver and passenger

2 Sparco Seat track set driver and passenger (sliders)

Roll Bar Steel Cayman Club Sport bolt in bar by FVD Brombacher with Harness bar (HEIGO)

Auto FX Fire Extinguisher with mount

Racing Dynamics 993-12-00-006 Sport Pedal set

Steering – steering rack and steering gear

997 347 011 JX Steering Gear

997 Bellows

OMP/MOMO Steering Wheel Hub

Corsica Superleggero OMP Steering Wheel 350 mm Suede Leather yellow Stitching w/ Horn

Aerodynamic and Exterior

Screw In folding tow hook REV2 Rennline

Hero 4 Gopro Mount Rennline

Front Fiberglass spoiler /lip Joe Toth composites

Duraflex Cayman Eros Version 2 Body Kit Wing / Spoiler

Porsche Cayman R Side Rocker Panel Door Vinyl Decals Pair 987

Rear Diffuser/Lip Joe Toth composites

Customcargrills 8 Piece Kit Black

Wheels and Tires

OEM Porsche Cayman 18″ Wheels

Nitto NT01 245 40 18 Front

Nitto NT01 275 40 18 Rear


Tandem PRO 2 Chatterbox

TPC Racing Custom Flash Tune

Escort 9500 Passport

Porsche Om PCK Navigation Con-Unit

Braille “Lightweight Racing Battery 11.5 lbs.

Frp Mount for Braille Racing Battery

Duralast 1.5 AMP Battery Maintainer w/ Quick-connect harness

Thanks to a review by Matt Farah, we can see a visual review of the TPC turbo kit. Matt’s big critique was that the engine was fantastic, but that the one he drove needed more brakes to cope with the 400 wheel horsepower. This example has solved that problem, with not only an upgraded suspension and aerodynamic aids, but also bigger brakes from the 911. Additionally, the car has the upgraded seats and safety cage to deal with the GT3-level power. Those modifications cost – a lot – and that is reflected in the price. At $84,000, could you replicate this car? Actually, you might be able to come close. You can now pick up a Cayman S in the $20,000 range. The turbocharger kit costs about $10,000 for the intercooler package. That leaves you with over $50,000 to complete the suspension, brake and safety and aero tweeks to your desire, and I think that’s doable – and leaves you money to upgrade the IMS at the same time. I guess if you want a turn key example that will stick with a GT3 for less money, this will suit your needs. Personally, there are a few details that I’m not thrilled with at the price point and I’d do things differently, save a bit of coin and use that money for more track days. But the theory here is sound, and the results give you 911 Turbo performance in a rear-drive, track-oriented package. Of course, at the end of the day, you could also just buy a 911 Turbo for less and be more comfortable on the way to the track plus not have IMS issues. Come to think of it, that’s probably a much better plan…