My Kinda Porsche: 1979 930 Turbo

It’s taken me a while to really get into Porsches. I know that’s weird, especially for someone with an overall massive penchant for all Teutonic autos, but it just took me a while. Maybe it was my preference for the boxy shapes of 80s VWs, BMWs, and Audis, or perhaps it was the general association of the 911 as the go-to cliche sports car. Whatever the sickness was, I’ve been cured. I think the 964 cured me, and now I’m developing a healthy desire for nearly all generations. Still, the ubiquity of the Ultimate Sports Car can make it easy to zone out when perusing eBay’s Porsche section. Today’s cream-colored 930 Turbo jumped off the page at me, hitting all the right Porsche buttons for me.

The seller’s description:

Car Condition
Complete re-built engine and clutch by a certified Porsche mechanic, all doc’s available. Cross drilled 4-wheel disc brakes. 16″ forged Porsche wheels. 3.3 Liter 6-Cylinder Turbo engine. New Recaro black leather seats. Non-smoker. A Sports Car through and through with no gimmicks and no gadgets.

Gorgeous overall condition. Body, Paint, Wheels, everything is in fantastic condition. Absolutely no rust anywhere on this vehicle and definitely a garage queen.

Gorgeous new Recaro black leather seats, all the power accessories work, including a CD player. The A/C is Ice Cold and the Heater works just as well..

Engine and Transmission
You turn the key and the vehicle comes to life almost immediately, give it a little gas feel the new clutch engage and the new re-built motor purr with no problems at all. Throughout all the gears this vehicle exhibits absolutely no problems, plenty of power and the race inspired brakes will not disappoint you either. This is a driving experience you will not forget. This is a fast car.

Sacrifice – $60,000.00 plus has been invested in this vehicle. If you are looking for a good looking, great running, no issues fun car, this is it.

Fat fenders. Whale tail. Turbo lag. German car in white on black Fuchs. I’m sold. Bids starting at $20k with reserve on. If this is truly a hassle-free 3.3 Turbo, I think it can easily double that starting bid. With early 911 iterations a little too classic, and anything past the 964 a little too modern, the 930 strikes the happy medium for me with classic shape, scary speed, and the kind of dirty aggression that could only arise from the late 70s.


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  1. I’ve been infected with 911 disease since the very early 1970s. The 930 is a dream car that I really would like to own one day. I was drooling over this car until I reached this in the description:

    Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed

    Unfortunately the seller did not address the title in his description. I would have to know more about why it has a Rebuilt title before I would move any further.

  2. Well spotted Kevin! Even if that checks out a PPI is a must. Turbo engine = $$$$$ if it needs fixin’.

    I would think this car should be low-mid twenties in value given that title issue. Even nice Turbos are seen in the high twenties or cheaper nowadays.


  3. Yes even without the slavage title this car would not be worth 40k. As some of you who read my posts here know I have owned a couple dozen air cooled 911’s and I am a walking encyclopedia on all things Porsche 911 Air cooled, especially the market for these cars.

    Nice looking car and sure there is a lot of money in it but in the end its a low to mid 20’s car and only for the right buyer. its not a mass appeal car with that title.

  4. Well-spotted indeed, thanks for the feedback guys!

  5. With 9 bidders, the auction got to $26900, reserve not met. Item has been relisted starting at $20000.

  6. Round 2: bidding made it to $29011 with 26 bids, reserve still not met.

  7. “Fat fenders. Whale tail.”

    That’s what does it for me too. Ever since spotting one in my neighborhood as a kid.

    It’s like the definitive curvy, voluptuous woman!

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