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One-owner, 56k-mile 1988 BMW M6 for sale

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This M6 looks like it walked straight out of an old doctor’s garage, and that’s a good look to have. Everything is in great shape, though some of the pictures make the wheels and paint look a little less-than-brilliant. But you know what? I’d rather buy a low-mileage M6 in need of a shine than one with mods and rims and miles. I just love the idea of an older gentleman (or lady) who got this car in the late-80s, appreciated the heavenly combination of shark and S38, and used it gently for almost 25 years. Now, they probably own a Lexus or a new 7-series, and they don’t have the youth to appreciate this old-school classic. Their readiness to let it go has led to a recent price drop from $23k to $20,995.

1988 BMW M6 for sale on Autotrader

All the dealership has to say:

Stunning ONE OWNER 1988 BMW M6 Finished in Red over Tan Leather Interior…. Featuring Rear Wheel Drive, 5-Speed Manual Transmission, Air Conditioning, Power Seats, Power Windows, and Much More…Consignment Vehicle…Complete Mechanical inspection available

Obviously I wish we could get the real story from the seller, but the hard facts are there: it’s a beautiful M6 in excellent shape inside and out with tons of life left. $21k is a lot of money for an E24, but in this condition and so few miles, I can’t see it going for much less.



  1. PTF
    PTF September 16, 2012

    Just bought one of these three months ago, and paid a lot less than this asking price (admittedly for a car with ~110K miles). For this price, the car would have to be more or less perfect cosmetically and mechanically (as proved by a mandatory PPO). It would also have to have all service records to indicate if valve adjustments, brake fluid changes, etc. had been done at the correct intervals.

  2. Larry
    Larry September 16, 2012

    Yes, it’s a lot of money for an E24 M6. But how many excellent condition, clean history, one-owner, 56K-mile E24 M6’s are there left? And more importantly, how many of them are on the market? I don’t think it’s a big risk to predict it’ll sell for pretty close to asking.

    I’m thinking the owner shrewdly chose the perfect time to sell. The economy is picking up, buyers are paying crazy money for low-mileage original-condition classics, and the ideal buyer is just the right age (old enough to have money to buy it now, lusted after them as teen/young adult in the 80’s, young enough to still want one).

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