Reader-suggested 1995 Ur-S6 Avant for Sale

Thanks go to reader Larry for bringing this first-gen S6 to our attention. S6s have been on my mind this week since I saw a beefy-looking C5 S6 Avant on the street the other day. With the same plenty-powerful 4.2L V8 as the contemporary S4, the combination of muscle, utility, and AWD makes it an appetizing choice. The original S6, itself a re-badged Ur-S4, had a Euro-only “S6 Plus” option with 4.2L V8 , but the main engine was the classic 2.2L I5 putting out 230hp, not bad at all for 1995. Extra sexy as a 6-speed black avant, today’s listing could be a very fun Q-ship.

1995 Audi S6 Avant with 95,730 miles. 5cyl 20vturbo (AAN) gasoline engine with Stage1-Chip and a 6-speed maual (EDU) transmission. 5/95 build date, Black on black leather, OEM Recaro seats, 50% window tint, European Headlights with HIDs and city lights, 3rd row seat, all Seat heaters working, all windows & sunroof working, Heater and A/C working. No rips or tears in seats or side bolsters.

Samco hoses, 034 MAF hose, 034 Engine and Transmission mounts, Timing belt and waterpump replaced at 75K.

Very well maintained. Mostly OEM Audi parts used.

New Cam & Crank sensor, rear Camber links and steering damper. New OEM O2 Sensor and MAF sensor. New V/C gskt, Coolant reservoir, coolant Temp sensor, Auxillary waterpump, front subfram bushings, Parking brake cables and brake hoses. New L/F window regulator. New Sachs clutch along with 6-speed install at 79K.

Major Service done at 90K with Spark plugs, Air&Pollen filter, Fuel filter. All fluids changed incl. Brake Fluid, Coolant, Trans&Diff oil. New Conti Pro Contact tires, Alignment and 4 New Koni shocks installed at 90K. LOF , new wipers and rear brake pads done at 95K (front pads at 50% remaining)

Free extras include a full size spare tire, new starter and some spare parts.

Vehicle is sold as is, no existing warranty. Scratch on L/F fender and rear lid, 2 door dings.

It appears to be very well taken care-of with less than 100k miles,lots of solid maintenance taken care of along with a chip and 6-speed swap (a Euro factory option). Rein in the ride height a little bit and swap some later-model Audi wheels (C5 RS6 or late-model larger S4 Avus, perhaps?) and this will be a responsible all-weather wagon for the enthusiast. Reserve not met at $5,500 with 5 days left. I’d go in for $8k or less.


1978 BMW 320i

Usually the first generation of a particular model is the most revered, however, the first generation 3 series seems to get overlooked in favor of the later E30 and E36 3 series. The 320i never sold in the huge numbers that the E30 did, which could be a reflection of the E21 and its lack of body variants. These first generation 3 series are becoming less and less common and I have to say, I can’t remember the last time I spotted a restored one for sale until I came across this example on eBay yesterday.

The seller states:

Purchased vehicle in May of 2003 from the second Owner who purchased vehicle when it was a few years old. I am the third owner.

Entire engine and body restoration undertaken in 1999. Engine rebuild with complete original documents in posession total $6,022 and performed by Ric Farrar a BMW specialist of Sheltie Motorsports in Portland, OR.

$4,500 original document in possession to strip body to Bare Metal and painted to glorious Canary Yellow by Europa Auto Body of Portland OR in 1999. Lustrous and flawless.

Vehicle is an original US car and spent whole life in Washington State until 2003. I had vehicle transported by Rail to Ontario in the Niagara Region and it has been my Garage Queen since. I have driven it approx 1,200 mi ea summer or 10,000 miles total. Engine & Body rebuild and Restoration took place at 156,752 miles. I have all the original documentation. Current odometer sits at 179,847.

Vehicle is flawless and garners interest and admirerers in all its travels.
During engine and drivetrain rebuild, a decision was made to swap the 4 speed manual to the 5 Speed geartrag which provides overdrive 5th – perfect for highway cruising. Upholstery is original with front passenger seats covered in cool 100% fitted Sheepskin.

This collector vehicle is a delight to drive in the summer as it takes advantage of either a crank tilt or retractable sunroof. If it is too hot simply crank the factory Air Conditioning which Blows Stone Cold! Stereo was replaced with a casette AM/FM radio with two rear mount speakers in addition to two forward.

I have never seen a better 78 Bmw 320i vehicle nor has the vetran appraiser for Classic Auto Appraisals who recently (2007) inspected and appraised vehicle for purpose of insurance and value. Vehicle has been meticulously maintained locally and only modification from stock have been Hi Performance ignition wires, & K&N filter & a cup holder sourced from Bavarian autosport. I need garage space for a new project allowing vehicle to have another owner. Vehicle will not disappoint.

As of writing this, there is about a day left in the auction and bidding is hovering around $6,300 with no reserve. Given rising fuel costs and a desire by some to seek out classics that are simple and cheap to run, the E21’s popularity may finally see itself on an upswing.


1986 BMW 735i Euro 5-Speed LSD No Reserve

A find from the bargain bin here. This grey market 735i is up for sale on eBay with no reserve and a price currently well under $1,000. Sure the car has over 200,000 miles on it, but the seller seems very confident in its reliability. Several things set this 7 series apart from others including the Zender style body kit, limited slip differential, 5 speed manual, and the unique euro only interior appointments.

The car has a few things wrong with it, but nothing you couldn’t leave and just enjoy the car as is. A nice looking ride that will sell to the highest bidder.



Extremely rare 1989 BMW Z1 for sale

In the car world, being an American is like growing up in a puritanical household. Strong values, but there are some awesome things that are hidden from you. For me, the BMW Z1 is like a rare wine in a robotic bottle to an Amish kid. For many years, the few glimpses I caught melded in my mind as some weird concept car BMW had developed, like the M8 or X5 Le Mans V12. Then I found out that I just hadn’t been exposed to it, and a very real 8,000 of these Z3 predecessors were produced for the European market from ’89-’91. The 325’s I6 contributes 170hp, meaning you get a little more form than function, but the design by Ulrich Bez (now Aston Martin CEO) is gorgeously svelte and it has lowering doors, a clever gimmick that are the main reason it didn’t come here. If only the M20B25 had a sufficient following and tuning community, you could have an unquestionably unique roadster with some go to match. Oh wait…

From the seller:

I am pleased to offer this very rare 1989 BMW Z1. These unique 2 seat BMW’s were produced between 1987-1991 with only 8000 examples produced. Very rare by modern BMW standards. VIN # WBABA91010AL00887.

This Z1 is located in Montreal, Canada and is presented with approx. 76,000 km (47,226 miles). It is absolutely striking in it’s black exterior with black interior with red seats. It is worth noting that only 2,301 Z1’s were produced in black. So many of the Z1’s out there today are very unusual colors such as pale yellow, green etc. This car has tons of eye appeal in my opinion.

The current owner imported the car in 2005 from Monaco. He has had the car maintained by the local BMW dealer in Montreal since 2005 and has only used it approx. 2000-3000 km per year. As shown in the pictures, the car comes with it’s original wheels as well as a set of modern alloy rims with new tires (presently on the car).

The car includes:

– Original hardtop
– New muffler replaced in 2005
– Original rims and tires
– Car cover imported from Germany

Car has been freshly detailed, is in excellent condition and is ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.

I’m surprised at how into this car I am. I dig its baby-E31 looks, color/rim choices, and extreme rarity. Probably still can’t get it into the US, and the Cannucks hit with one of their annoying superiorities. Imported from Monaco and impeccably maintained, this 47k-mile specialty will not go cheap, at a reserve-on $15k with 9 days to go. If you’re well-heeled, confident in your masculinity (or femininity… do we have any female readers out there?), and looking for some Euro-Canadian strange, this is the hot ticket.


Low-mileage BMW Z8 for sale, almost as expensive as new!

The Z8 is the fastest car I’ve ever driven. Such superlatives create a special place in one’s heart, and this Bond car is no exception. While it doesn’t get mentioned much these days, it was a true beast when it came out and can still cause uncontrollable laughter as it chirps the tires in 3rd gear and takes off with the wonderful roar of the late, great S62. Styling is tame in the face of ubiquitous flame-surfacing, but refreshingly classic thanks to aping the general design of the incredible 507. The back end is quite simply my favorite stern of any car, with perfect roadster proportions with aggression and class to match its mechanicals. Today’s example has a museum-worthy 15k miles, but a museum would be such a waste of that glorious wide-open sound.

Nothing too interesting from the seller, but the numbers tell the story. Other examples with reasonable miles can be had for under $75k, but this Z8’s lack of use demands special treatment in the form of $114k. That’s a mere 12% depreciation from the original MSRP of $130k, and soon enough that number should change to appreciation. Appreciation is a fitting word here, of both the form of a fantastic BMW and my thanks for having the opportunity to wring one out one sunny afternoon!


1968 BMW 1600GT

Growing up, I heard a lot of stories about Europe and the cars over there, as my father was stationed in southern Germany for the US Army Defense Language Institute. One of the cars that made a favorable impression on him was the Glas. An interesting company that brought us the Gogomobile and the first application of a timing belt in conjunction with an overhead cam engine, BMW bought the Dingolfing based company in 1966, phasing out production in the latter part of the decade.

I have rarely seen any Glas for sale that is so complete, let alone in this kind of condition. While it is located in Brazil, this probably won’t be an issue for the serious collector. You can’t exactly find one of these for sale right around the corner.

1968 BMW 1600GT For Sale:

The seller states:

I’m selling a very rare BMW 1600 GT designed by Pietro Frua for Hans Glas from the Glas Factory in Digolfing-Germany. Hans Glas was a famous owner of the Glas factory and was producing the Gogomobile cars, and the Glas 1300 and 1700 designed by Pietro Frua (Maserati, Rolls Royce Corniche, and other cars designer). When BMW bought the factory from Hans Glas, the engineers looked at the Glas 1700, changed the engine for the BMW 1600 and renamed the car as BMW 1600 GT. Only 1209 cars were made. Today it is the car that collectors and museums dream of.

The car has the matching numbers engine, run and drive very well, just restaured car. The BMW 1600 GT is restaured with some features like the new inox gas tank, red original new leather, new Continental EcoContact 3 175/70 R 14 84T tyres, window chromes are not re-chromed (originals), and paint has a little dots.

From a call from Germany, the car collector told they are only 300 examples remaining at the world and at the club register! The BMW 1600 GT is a very rare car after the 507 convertible model! A very good investment!

Pietro Frua designed the Maserati, Lamborghini and the Glas 2300, the famous “Glaserati.” This is a healthy car collectors item! Pietro Frua design in your garage!!!!

Bring a Trailer (BAT) featured a similar, clean 1600GT back in 2007 and the owner was asking $19k. Even if this car just came out of a museum collection, the asking price of $70,000 seems a bit absurd when you can get a mint 2002tii for around the $20,000 to $30,000 range. It’s doubtful it will sell at this price, however, there is no denying its rarity and collectibility.


2001 BMW 530i Sport 5 speed

The E39 BMW 5er needs no introduction on this website, being a favorite of the writers of this blog and readers. The M5 is probably the most poured over E39, however, between the entry level 525i and the V8 engined 540i/M5 versions stood the 530i, which offered BMWs ubiquitous 3.0 liter inline six producing 228 horsepower. Enthusaists often hold this version in highest esteem, since the weight savings of the inline six over the V8 improves handling while sacrificing little in performance. The following example on Craigslist near Washington, DC has some tasty M accessories, three pedals and not too many miles under it’s belt. The aftermarket wheels are also rather tasteful, unlike some accessorized E39s I’ve seen.

2001 BMW 530i Sport on Craigslist DC

2001 530i Sport, Premium and 5 Speed. Titanium Silver, grey leather interior. 77K miles. M Sport suspension, M steering wheel and trim. I’ve taken really good care of this car and can document with lots of maintenance records. Installed the OEM (no cheap kit) M-Tech front and rear bumpers, along with a Magnaflow exhaust. Rims are 18″ Monet New Age with Sumitomo HTR ZIII performance tires with lots of tread left. Also has Premium package — Xenon headlights, Park Distance Control, top of the line Montana leather, DSP sound system. 

Here’s what Bimmer magazine had to say in April 2008 — “The manual gearbox 530i Sport has always been our favorite E39, as it has ample power and more nimble handling with none of the V8 problems.” Look around – manuals don’t come on the market very often. Get yourself a classic BMW made before they became more software than car.

A neighbor of mine owned a 530i, albeit with an automatic transmission, but even so, in dark metallic gray, there is just a seriousness to this sport sedan that epitomizes what we all love about BMWs and dread about the latest iterations cranked out of the factory in Munich. I’ve driven a 525i and 540i, both with manual transmissions. Both were fantastic to drive, the 525i light on it’s feet but lacking a little bit of top end power, the 540i brutish, but the handling was just a tad compromised. From listening to the critics, it would seem that the 530i mirrors the famous story of “The Three Bears.” It’s the one that’s “just right.”


1988 Mercedes Benz 560SEC 6.0 AMG Widebody

We have listed some of this seller’s other Mercedes SEC AMG cars before. This one has the big 6 liter SOHC engine. With this car looking immaculate and having only covered 21,500 miles you can expect it to bring a high price. This car has been gone over and has fresh oil, tires, battery, fuel injectors, and rotors. The seller really plays up the investment angle in his ad description and while I don’t think these can really be considered the gullwing of their day, I do agree that prices for these low production, genuine AMG, cars is creeping upward. This one is up over $24,000 in heavy bidding with the reserve not met and 7 days still to go.



1988 Merkur XR4Ti With 73k Miles

Sharing the same turbocharged, four cylinder engine with the rare Ford Mustang SVO, the Merkur XR4Ti was one of those captive imports that never quite caught on in the US market. Known as the Ford Sierra in other markets, this replacement for the Cortina and Taunus went on to campaign successfully in touring car and rally series racing. Here’s a clean, low mileage example that has been repainted in Virginia.

You’re bidding on a pristine Merkur XR4Ti with 73,887 original miles. Equipped with a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine and a smooth shifting 5 speed manual transmission. The vehicle has no major mechanical issues, it runs and drives great! The exterior of the vehicle has been repainted to its original color, pearl white and has no major flaws at all. The interior has all new carpet throughout and two newly re-upholstered front seats. This little Merkur has all the bells an whistles including: Power windows, factory A/C, CD player (aftermarket), cruise control, sunroof, leather seats, heated seats, and much more. Brand new tires and a fresh Virginia State Inspection this jewel is ready for it’s new owner!

With about a week left of bidding and a no reserve auction, this will be a good indication of where the market is these days for these cars. Personally, these aren’t the most desirable vehicles, but it could prove to be a cheap daily driver or an interesting subject at the next local European car meet.


1967 Amphicar

Here’s one you don’t see everyday. The Amphicar was the first mass produced amphibious vehicle, manufactured by the Quandt Group in Lübeck and also outside of Berlin. Built around a Triumph sourced four cylinder engine pumping out about 38 horsepower, this car could achieve 7 knots in the water and 70 mph on land. Described as original, this particular example appears to have been well cared for, especially considering a vehicle like this has to deal with not only road, but marine conditions.

The seller states:

The is an outstanding example of an original unmolested late model Amphicar. This is one of their last examples manafactured and has both the bilge blower and interlock bilge switch. This requires that the bilge blows for 60 seconds before the igniton will start. It has other safety features only produced on the last models: no glare dash and Spark arrestor on carberator . It also has the manual bilge blower and on board bilge pump.

This is a very low mile Amphicar and appears to have mostly original paint. The interior is in like new condition retaining original top, floor mat and trim. The car has had a recent tune up and performs remarkably well. The Amphicar is the only production vehicle ever produced to operate on land and in water. It met both Coast guard requirements and DOT regulations at time of importation. It is truly remarkable to find a vehicle in this condition. There are a few scratches which have been touched up but it would be travesty to redo a vehicle in this condition.

The original jack and owners manual–although a bit tattered–and original tool kit come inside. Based on the recent auction results, it appears the the collector world has once again put the Amphicar in its proper place. The interior of the engine compartment–as the pictures show– has the original cosmoline in tack and there is no evidence of any corrosion or damage from battery leakage.In the original battery old down is still in place. This in itself is quite a rarity.

The buy it now price of $49,995 isn’t for the faint of heart, but Amphicars have been bringing big dollars, especially at venues such as Barrett-Jackson, where one example sold a few years ago for over $100,000. Granted, the economy has softened the market for collector cars, but a showing at auction like that proves these unique cars have a following.