1985 BMW 528e w/ M30 swap for sale

Reader Jaymes forwarded us his buddy’s listing from the MyE28.com forums for this unique 528 project.  It’s been through a few owners and iterations as is thoroughly documented in the ad, and while it has definitely been a work-in-progress, it looks to be fairly well set-up for driving at the moment with great potential if you’re looking to continue the project.

It started life as a standard 528e and stayed that way for most of its 25 years, staying with the first owner until 2001.  A friend of the seller bought the car in 2004 and apparently let its condition slip a little, so when the current owner bought it in 2008 it was ready for a refresh.  The seller sounds very thorough and honest, coming clean about the few rust spots but assuring the reader that it’s still better than the vast majority of E28s.  Since then he’s done some work inside and out, highlights being Euro bumpers, an M30B34 swap with a 3.23 LSD, and some suspension work.  It’s not a beauty queen, but it’s no ratrod either; I like the style of rugged aggression.

1985 BMW 528e/M30 for sale on MyE28.com

At $4000, there’s plenty of fun to be had here.  The seller seems to have his head on straight when it comes to E28s and Bimmers in general and I like what he’s done to it so far.  My main reservation is that, despite a thorough and detailed ad, I can’t quite tell how much the car is going to need in the near future.  Swaps always sound to me like there will be significant work in the future to keep it all square, but perhaps it’ll be no more work than any other 25 year-old BMW; I just don’t know.

I like the look, the power, and the price, but it’s up to you if the work is worth it!


1976 BMW 530i, 43k original miles

Critics will most certainly be abuzz with the introduction of a new 5 series this year, so let’s take a look back to where it all started, the E12 chassis. This particular example is a very complete, very mint condition example of the range topping 530i model.

The seller states:

Up for auction is our 1976 BMW 533I with 43k original documented miles! We have all the service records to back it up. This vintage bimmer has always been stored properly in a climate controlled garage. A few years back it had a mild make over, new paint, mild engine overhaul, as well as a transmission overhaul. The previous owner was very meticulous, and wanted keep this rare find up to standards. Everything was done professionally. The interior is all original, and is literally like new.

The seats, carpet, and dash are in great shape. The headliner has some discoloration, but is still in good shape. My favorite part of the car is the tool kit. It has the original German tools from day one, and they are in great shape as well. As you can see in the pictures, all the chrome is in great shape. This is a very well preserved piece of BMW history, and always the topic of conversation everywhere you go! The original steel wheels are included in this auction as well. The rims and tires that are on the car are in “like new” condition.

Clean E12s don’t come on the market often so this no reserve sale will give an indicator of where prices are for these sedans. The only thing holding this car back in the enthusiasts eye is the automatic transmission. This could possibly make this more attractive to a certain group of buyers, though.


1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V with 47k miles

The VW Scirocco never quite took off as much as the GTI did on US shores, but here’s a clean ’86 example that seems as if it was well loved. This 16V version represents the end of the line for the VW sports hatch, as 1988 was the last year it was offered stateside.

The seller states:

Up for auction is a 1986 (1987 Production year) VW Scirocco with 46000 original miles. The car is very clean there is not a spot of rust anywhere on the body of the car. The interior is in excellent condition there is no tears or cracks in any of the seats. The tires, timing belt, plugs, cap and rotor,battery,and coolant are new. I bought the car from the original ower who bought it new. He had a issue with the engine at 45000 miles and the car was parked for a long time. At some point in time he let his kid armed with a shop manual try to fix it… When I bought the car the head was pulled off. The owner told me he thought there was something wrong with the head?? I didn’t want to deal with it so I bought a used motor with 68000 miles on it. Which is in the car now. The engine starts, idles, and runs like new. The original motor with 45000 miles on it is included in the auction. It’s the perfect scenario.. Build the engine of your dreams with the original motor and drive the car in the meantime! I installed a stereo system with a high end alpine head unit, alpine speakers and a boston acoustic sub. It sounds amazing! The only issues that I know of are The passenger power window, AC, and aftermarket cruise control don’t work. I’ve only put about 1000 miles on the car since I put the motor in. The car is quick and a blast to drive. It also gets great gas mileage. I love the car, but I’m buying a porsche 928 and I only have room in the garage for one toy so the rocco must go.
-Also in the pics the dark areas on the front seats are not stains its just the grain of the fabric.
-Car has never seen snow.. I won’t even drive it in the rain..
-Extra fuel lines, injectors, alternator, starter, and AC compressor come with original motor.

With no reserve on the auction, it should be interesting to see what a low mileage 16V is worth these days. Even with an engine replacement, this seems like a pretty honest and original example.


1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

The W123 is quite possibly the most ubiquitous Mercedes-Benz of all time. Revered for it’s build quality and rock solid reliability, both clean and clapped out examples are still a regular site on roads all over the world to this day. Slightly more rare than its sedan counterpart, the coupe, or CD/CE brought the classic MB pillarless coupe style to the workhorse chassis. This particular example, a later turbodiesel variant, has seen just over 90,000 miles. One could consider this slightly broken in.

The seller states:

This is a rare 1983 Mercedes 300CD Turbo coupe. It runs and drives awesome. This is a rust free car. It has 91,371 miles on it. The car is in very nice shape. The A/C blows cold. This car will go a million miles.

After scanning other ads online and pricing guides, it seems as if the value of W123 CDs are topping out around $10,000. If this car had about 50,000 less miles on it, it might be worth it, but unless this car has impeccable service history, it’s a bit overpriced. Nevertheless, a fine example of the W123 coupe in a pleasant color combination.


1998 BMW M3 Sedan for sale

As I’ve said before, the E36 and I go way back and they always strike a chord in my heart. Especially when it’s a sedan, and especially when it’s Estoril Blue. So blah blah blah, one of the best handling cars of the 90s, 240hp inline-6 that sings, yeah yeah. These cars are just dead sexy, end of story.

This 1998 sedan on eBay is painfully similar to the M3 that gave me my first taste of speed, down to the unparalleled Estoril/Magma combo and M Double Spoke IIs.

The lights and M3 Lightweight vinyl wouldn’t have been top priorities for me, but I don’t hate them.  Mostly this looks like a nice stock M3, devoid of the overblown modifications or packed-on miles that plague many E36s.  The interior isn’t top-notch, and it’s a shame to see those great Magma seats scarred up.  Also, can’t NOT mention the salvage title, but it seems well-explained and properly taken care of.

Bottom line:  This is an imperfect example of one of my perfect cars, and it could end up being a great deal with bidding starting at about $7k.  Just remember how much fun these cars are and ask yourself if ~$10k is worth it.  I think so.


2-Owner, Low-Mile 1974 Audi 100LS for sale

We come to this site, be it to read, write, or just ogle, because we share an affinity for something different.  That something different is German autos, unique in their attention to detail, unrivaled engineering, and strong (if restrained) styling themes.  Today we’ve got an important piece of German-car history that embodies these identifying elements, albeit one that I was heretofore unaware of.  Volkswagen bought Auto Union from Mercedes in 1965 with a main motivation being expanding production capacity for the Beetle.  Audi’s weak lineup led VW to place a moratorium on new model development, a command that was quickly disregarded by a top engineer.  He developed the Audi 100 on his own with VW only seeing it as a completed prototype.  It was good enough that they approved and released the 100 to significant commercial success.

This Audi 100LS has only had two owners over its 36 years and has covered just 50k miles.  It is thankfully not a garage queen, more a well-respected classic that’s not afraid to be used.  The look seems familiar at first but unique upon closer inspection, at first referencing recent Mercedes roots with the greenhouse and chrome trim followed by hints of Fiat in the tapered ends.  Engineering, design, and just the off-the-beaten-path nature differentiates it from more popular cars of the era and separates our tastes from the “standard” car guy or girl.

A testament:

This is a car that can be purchased and then driven with no issues. We drove it 5 hours to Waterfest some years ago, with no problems whatsoever and I would not hesitate to drive longer distances than that. Being an old car, there will always be things to tinker with if the owner chooses, but this is a turnkey, drive away toy- ready for cruising this summer. The mileage is accurate and I drove about a thousand miles each year.

The listing is worth reading if you’re interested in the car as it gives the impression that this has been a well-loved, well taken care of example of the first Audi under VW ownership.  It’s clean enough to show off yet not so perfect that it should be tucked away (no car should be, really), and sound enough to drive whenever you like.  The buy-it-now of $6,500 seems perfectly reasonable for someone out there like us who appreciates that which only German cars can provide.


1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL with ZF 5-speed

Besides the original 300SL gullwing and roadster, the Pagoda SLs that succeeded them have always commanded top dollar. The 250SL represents the mid point in the evolution of the W113, which ran from 1963 through 1971. While this generation represented a shift towards more of a boulevard cruiser, you could still order your SL with a manual transmission. This particular example has the rare ZF 5-speed. Given that only 1,791 examples of the 250SL made it to the US, this is a rare piece indeed.

Yes it is a factory 5 speed ZF manual transmission, one of only 882 Pagodas with the special Mercedes ZF 5 spd built only for the SL models. And it is pristine! It is stunning and beautiful and runs like a Swiss clock. I can go into any detail you like as far as the condition but it is easier to assume it is exactly how the pictures depict it to be without any rust at all.

Chrome, paint, wood, interior, original hubcaps and beauty rims, mechanical condition all is in excellent condition. It is restored where it needed to be and has original carpet and seats and dash (still in excellent condition). It is a low mileage car with a clear CA title. The dash was never taken apart or repainted. New tires. Soft top is brand new too (didn’t have help removing hard top but all is perfect and of the highest quality correct German top).

By the way all the chrome is original except the back bumpers have been rechromed. The tail lights, grill, door trim and interior chrome trim is all original excellent condition, as new. It has been unbelievably well taken care of. I have a new trunk mat but wanted to show original mat. Underneath is perfect, no surface rust either. Well detailed car throughout. No excuses and show worthy. I am the third owner and don’t know the first but the second owner had it since the seventies.

While $55,000 seems steep for a 43 year old machine, it’s right in line with current W113 pricing. This is perhaps one of the most sought after generations of SL, especially with the 5-speed gearbox. I have to say, this is one of those cars I would pick if someone told me “you can drive one car for the rest of your life.” These roadsters are completely usable as everyday classics and the extra gear makes this a tasty proposition for highway cruising.


1988 BMW M3 Evolution II

Well it is only fitting that just as Mercedes and BMW were competing with each other on the track that we have a BMW M3 Evo II follow our Mercedes Evo II on the blog.

This BMW has significantly more miles on it than the Benz did, with 84,000. The bidding is up over $20,000 with plenty of time left.

Like the Benz you have a high reving 4 cylinder mated to a dog legged shifter all wrapped up in a flared and winged body package.

Unlike the unused Benz this car has been enjoyed and despite its equal rarity, # 488 of 500, you wouldn’t have to be quite as nervous driving this one. It shows some of its use and has had some work and paint done to it, but that is no problem.

Being a Euro delivery car it has some nuances and may cause a new owner trouble getting it registered depending on their state.

The seller says the car comes with all its service history since new, which is really nice.

Great car, it will be interesting to see where it ends up pricewise. You have to love the “M3RCY” license plate.


Is this for real? 145 mile Mercedes 190E 2.5-16v Evolution II

You know I’m not a fan of the low mile garage queens that don’t ever get used for fear of wrecking their investment value. That is what we have here though.
How you could possibly have a genuine Mercedes Evo II parked in your garage and not ever drive it is just beyond me.
I’m a bit skeptical of this add, the pictures aren’t great and neither is the info in the advertisement. With a weak ad like this the seller is likely to attract tire kickers. What we can gather from the ad is that apparently this seller has this #422 of 502 ever built Benz tucked away in Swansea UK, where it has been parked since it was new. It has never been registered for road use. The seller mentions that as the second owner he only recently had the pre-delivery inspection completed when he had some of the belts and fluids replaced.
The Evo-II is one of the gems of the Mercedes fan. That incredibly rare, unobtainable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that everyone dreamed about. At a cost new in 1990 of $80,000 I guess the $150,000 current ask price shows the car has appreciated. The AMG and Cosworth worked over 2.5 liter 4 cylinder 16 valve engine is good for 232 horsepower. The car came with an amazing body kit with air dams, fender flares, and an outrageous rear wing that most will never believe is factory and that boy racer types probably think is great. The car also comes with the now iconic and oft reproduced 17″ Evo-II rims.
This is an amazing car with world beater race heritage, taking it to BMW in the DTM series. You rarely see a genuine one of these on the market. It is the type of historic car you would expect someone like Jay Leno to purchase for their collection. It is an awful lot of money to spend on a car that you won’t drive because of the low mileage. Maybe we’ll see it for sale in a few years with several thousand miles on the clock.


1957 BMW 507 for sale

I first became aware of the BMW 507 when the style-aping (in a good way) Z8 came out around the turn of the millennium.  It was formative in my growth as an enthusiast and helped me transition from a juvenile “only-new-cars-are-cool” attitude and move towards really appreciating classic cars.  It’s not surprising the 507 was a catalyst; with proportions shared with all great roadsters and lines rivaling the greatest from any of those other European countries, it has a solid place in the automotive hall of fame.

Despite greatness, the 507 is one of the lesser-known classics, mainly due to its extreme rarity.  Only 253 were built, and the ad provides an interesting comparison to the M-B 300SL, of which over 10 times that amount were built.  And how many of those do you see around?  The small production run was due to the inadvertent doubling of the price target once it came out, and the 507s propensity for high prices continues as the eBay listing is currently over $500k with the reserve unmet.

Soak those lines in for a minute with special attention to the center hood strake, the rear fenders, and what may be the best kidney grill ever.  And now some info from the seller:

This particular car is a Series II car with front disc brakes. It was previously part of the Imperial Palace, where it was represented as one of the two ex-Elvis Presley 507s, though in reality, this is actually one serial number after his red car. The current owner purchased it from Imperial Palace about 15 years ago, and had a comprehensive mechanical freshening performed at a cost of about $20,000. Included in this work was rebuilt rear axle, new clutch and slave cylinder, repainted dashboard, remove and repair instruments as necessary, rebuilt water pump, recored radiator and heater core, new hoses, disassemble distributor and set timing, adjust valves, detail engine and engine compartment, new brake seals, cylinders, rebuild master cylinder and brake booster, fit new shocks, new tires, and fabricate new exhaust system. Most recently, the car was serviced in July of 2009 to include rebuilding the carburetors, new spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, fuel filter, some suspension bushings, and resealing the rear axle. The car drives and performs marvelously at this time, reflecting the careful mechanical sorting that it has received.

Cosmetically, the car is in nice shape, with a well-kept older restoration. The paintwork was executed to high standards and is holding up well, though close inspection reveals a few stress cracks and a few square inches of bubbling on the left rocker behind the door. The fit and gaps are good throughout. The chrome is in nice shape with minimal pitting and a few scratches. The headlamps are excellent Carello items, while the rear lights are a bit faded and cracked.

The interior has a nice even patina and is very evocative. The instruments and dashboard are in very good shape. The knobs and switches are original and are in nice shape considering this. The upholstery and carpets are very nice throughout, though the driver’s floor mat has some discoloration. The door panels are also in nice shape, and the car is fitted with safety belts.

The trunk and engine compartment are both tidy, and representative of an older restoration. An alternator has been fitted to improve the functionality of the charging system. The car is an absolutely fantastic driving example. The engine makes good power and wonderful noise,the suspension and chassis are coherent and capable, the brakes are outstanding, and the transmission is excellent. The driving position is good, and the car would be supremely enjoyable for long distance touring.

This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to acquire a BMW 507. A true legend, the 507 is much rarer than the 300SL (of which over 3000 were built), and is a wonderfully stylish car that epitomizes the idea of “cool”. A desirable Series II car with disc front brakes, this particular car is mechanically outstanding, making it an excellent event car that will be welcome wherever it goes. Cosmetically, it is attractive and makes a strong impression, but it is not perfect, which makes it an ideal car to use and enjoy. It comes with service records for the current ownership period, indicating the extensive mechanical freshening that the car has received.

Rare, gorgeous, and flying lower on the radar than many superclassics, this is a beautiful example that will provide immediate distinction to the buyer’s collection. If I were curating for some Silicon Valley collector (the only way I can see getting near the 507), I would strongly recommend this black on red beauty.