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Reader Ride: 1983 BMW 733i Manual For Sale

There has been a rash of these lately which is odd as these are pretty rare.  This is another in a line of clean 733i cars with a desirable manual transmission.

1983 BMW 733i:

From the seller –

“I have a white1983 BMW 733i with a blue leather interior and a 5 speed manual. It is in great condition for its age but not perfect like the one you had listed last week that went for a little over 10 grand. It is currently listed on eBay and I would love for it to be on your blog.”

… And here it is.  The seller is correct, this is not as pristine as the white one featured two weeks ago but it is a fine automobile in its own right.  The 330i wheels are a nice upgrade and the interior seems to be very well sorted out.  Assuming a PPI checks out this is an very strong value.

Bidding currently sits at $5.7k reserve not met with a few days to go.  At $7.5 this would be a great driver, best of luck to the seller.


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  1. Aaron
    Aaron January 11, 2012

    Bidding topped out at $5.7k, reserve not met.

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