Ferrari Sound for Boxster Money: 2004 Porsche Boxster S

Hello all, it has been awhile and I have missed the banter.  I have not been able to keep up my regular contributions as my budding little European auto business is taking up more and more of my time, and sanity.  That does not mean that I don’t run into the occasional gem every now and again.

Case in point, during my daughter’s soccer practice her coach pulled into the parking lot in what sounded like something very Italian.  Imagine my surprise when the culprit turned out to be a ’04 Porsche Boxster S.  I complimented him on his choice of transport and he responded with, “thanks, know anyone that wants it?”  Turns out, like many of us, he has gotten to the point where a two seat vehicle and a growing family are not a good match.

One Owner 2004 Porsche Boxster S:

Some more details on the car –

“One owner 2004 Porsche Boxster S finished in Arctic Silver Metallic over black leather interior.  51k cared for miles with a clean title and CARFAX, all maintenance is current.

Equipped with AM/FM CD Bose Sound, power windows and locks, keyless entry, heated seats, cruise control, Litronic lighting, and more.  Performance highlights include a six speed manual transmission, four wheel disc brakes on drilled rotors, and the fantastic 3.2 six cylinder motor that delivers a great deal of performance throughout the entire power band.

This Boxster also has several performance modifications.  This includes double spoke NHR wheels with spacers on all four corners.  The car has a lower stance and even better ride than stock with it’s K Sport lowering kit.  This Boxster also has NHP headers, high flow 20″ catalytic converters from Jeggs, a Borla exhaust, and a Evoms intake to help everything breathe better.

All stock parts come with this Porsche.  Overall this Boxster is a joy to drive and sounds even better than it looks.”

Is it just me or does this Boxster look a great deal like the Maisto replica of the Boxster concept car?  It’s really a neat car, well kept with the only flaw being a rip in the driver’s side bolster.  Something that I am fixing as we speak.  We are asking $26.9k, open to reasonable offers.

In the meantime you all take care, hope to chat you up soon.  I am off to save a ’95 540 that has been rotting in a friend’s carport for the past few years.



2004 Volkswagen Phaeton

The Volkswagen Phaeton is a polarizing car. Some people see it as an overpriced Volkswagen. Others appreciate it for what it brings to the table in terms of engineering and exquisite detailing. Before he retired, Ferdinand Piëch, Chairman of the Volkswagen Group, wanted to develop an uncompromising luxury sedan to beat the likes of Mercedes-Benz at their own game. While he may have succeeded, the market dictated otherwise. By 2006, four years into production, a little over 25,000 examples of this luxury sedan had been produced. The domestic market is by far the strongest, but the US market was a different story. Under 1,500 Phaetons were sold here in 2004 and for 2005, a mere 820 cars found homes. The writing was on the wall and Volkswagen ceased US Phaeton sales the following year. This Phaeton in for sale in Massachusetts represents a lot of car for not much money.

2004 Volkswagen Phaeton on AutoTrader

Pristine Black/Beige V8 Phaeton with 54,500 mileage and covered by 2 year comprehensive Platinum RealDriver Warranty till 12/2013. Cold Weather Package Premium Audio Rear/Front Heated/Ventilated/Massaging Seats AWD with refinished wheels, small areas of curb rash. Immaculate exterior recently detailed and compounded, slight scuff behind rear passanger wheel. Pristine interior with small crack in passenger rear speak grill. Looks and drives like new, all service done at Wellesley VW, MA and can provide service records.

Has had air shocks replaced, new TPMS sensors, and recent front brakes/rotors. Includes over $5,000 in extras including. Two year Platinum tranferrable warranty ($3,000), front end clear film protection ($995), built in rear radar/laser detector K40 ($1,200), Smartphone holder with Aux in and Satellite hookup ($895), all-weather custom rubber mats including trunk, original mats pristine ($225) A/C ice cold. All scheduled maintenance, always garaged, excellent condition. Factory GPS system, fully loaded with all the goodies. Looks & drives great. Must see, no accidents, non-smoker, satellite radio, upgraded sound system, very clean interior, well maintained.

When it was new, the V8 Phaeton’s MSRP was almost $65,000. A scant eight years later, values have dropped into the mid teens. This particular Phaeton is attractive since the air shocks and brakes have been attended to, not to mention the warranty. It’s a lot of car for under $19,000, but it begs the question…”would you?” There’s plenty of other luxury sedans in the price bracket with more snob appeal, but if that’s what you are after, you’re missing the point of the Phaeton. Volkswagen set out to topple the German executive sedan establishment through engineering brilliance. Even though it only saw the light of day in the US for three model years, it left its mark on the automotive landscape and is a part of the larger story of Volkswagen and their efforts to boost brand image.


2004 R32 Street Legal Race Car

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Cannonball Run on TV. I was about 10 years old and it was one of those moments in my life that solidified my enthusiasm for the automobile. Just the thought of being able to drive a car at its limits from coast to coast became the thing of dreams to me. Created by Brock Yates (of Car and Driver) in the ’70s, the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash as it was officially known was an underground, and for all intents and purposes, an outlaw race from coast to coast. The original intent of the race was to protest the traffic and speed laws being imposed by the US Government, but after a few years of the event, it became more known for the epic parties that came with it.

Five years after the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash was shut down, Yates came up with a legal and more speed limit friendly competition called the One Lap of America. This competition captured the traveling spirit of the original event, but now the excessive speeds are reserved for the track portions of the event. Still going strong the One Lap has gained huge popularity with enthusiasts, and racers alike.

This 2004 R32 for sale in Coopersburg, PA was built specifically for this event, and has been carefully engineered to walk the line of competitive track car, and reliable street car. With a 2nd place class finish in SSGT2 Small Bore in 2011, this car has proven to be no slouch on either front.

2004 R32 Street Legal Race Car on

One Lap of America is over. Car build is over…Time to build a new car to promote the business and build for one lap next year. This car has completed its job for us and is now for sale. This R32T was a great car, fast, handles and great to drive! it will be missed but its time for a new project….so this one must go!
2004 R32 turbo full built. All new or super low miles. 36k miles on the car. Under 3000 on drive train. Street legal road track race car. Over $42k invested not including labor. We have SO much into this car. Someone will get a great deal on a pre built, low mile built car verus paying for all the parts and labor to build it!
Now the long list….. -C2motorsports tune, no SAI, no cat. 550 fuleing, 2nd inline pump, 4” intake and maf -IE rods and JE pistons Forge internals with arp everything. fully machined and all new block and head. valve job etc. ALL NEW gaskets, waterpump, chains, guides, tensioners etc -Mk5 baffles plated oil pan and new pump, -new Southbend clutch and flywheel. -Innovative Design & Fabrication Tubular control arms and modified ball joints. -H2sport Camber plates. -Rear adjustable arms. -14.5″ 2 piece rotors with 996 front bbk. -Rear ECS 13.1 2 piece bbk. -3″ turbo back no cat, passes emissions. heat wraped downpipe, wg tube, cables, firewall, intake manifold underside etc -Water cooler tial mvr wasteagate. -new Precision 6265 s-trim- 4” inlet and 2.5 out, 3” vband .82 ar exhaust. -Auto power race cage. -Yarrowsport rear strut bar. -Hockis hollow race adjustable swap bars. -CAE vwms shifter. -Momo wheel. -boost and AF Gauges.  -bigger Aluminum rad. Low temp fan and tstat. -Brass subframe bushings and shifter mounts. -Bilstien pss9. -Bildon wheel stubs and steel race lugs. -HPA awic intake manifold and a 2x12x24 core and rear water box. -Forge Super dv. 4″ intake and air box. -Brail 7lb battery. -Lightened 380lbs. Carbon hatch and hood. No rear seat. Still has AC and radio. -5 1552 Tarmac 18×8.5 wheels with 5 new dunlop tires and 4 65% used tires. -Carbotech 10 race pads and new street front pads. -No rubber anything in front end. -Lightened crank pulley. -SS brake lines. -Dual stage boost controller. -HPA comp haldex cotroller. -pull fire system in engine bay(needs a bottle) -real, not show tow hooks front and rear -BFI green stg3? motor mounts -5 point harness, -carbon hood and hatch. have factory hatch still -all new fluids -still has full front interior, ac, ps and radio- kept for one lap comforts -has a wrap on the sides, paint and body is very clean. no damage at all, no crashes, no repaint on any parts! stickers and wrap can come off with now issue. -has a velo driver seat. you will have to pay extra for the seat if you want it(not mine, borrowed for the year) i have a stock golf seat in the pass side because it is the lightest of all vw seats. i will include another stock golf seat for the drivers seat if you do not with to buy the velo. best race seat i’ve ever used though!  velo’s are amazing!  -may have forgot a few things! will add more when i think of them
car is 100% street legal and registered and inspected/emission tested in PA as of now. i drove it for a daily to break in things.
asking $28Kobo without the velo seat. includes everything above. will not part out. possible trades depending on what it is. mostly looking for cash, a lotus, mk1 plus cash, etc

As a VW fan I have always liked the MK4 R32, and this car takes everything to love about it to the next level. From the turbo power to the track ready suspension, this car is an ideal track day car. This thing even looks the part, with full race livery and carbon fiber throughout.

At $28,000 this car is priced well. A bone stock R32 should fetch in the $13,000 arena, but with the extensive list of modifications, the extra $15,000 for this car is a steal for the amateur racing enthusiast.


2004 VW R32 for sale

My last R32 post has left them more present in my thoughts than they’ve been in years. The precipitous drop in price since I was last in tune with the market takes them to a new level of desirability. Though still rare, it seems like the the market is hovering around $12-15k. To me, that’s the perfect used-car price to get something worthwhile and fun while having enough left over to rationalize a ton of maintenance before hitting new-car prices. They’re showing up with around 100k miles, which is a nice time to hop in and give it some good love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 6-speed, AWD, and a burbly VR6 are incontrovertible greatnesses and will someday occupy a spot in my stable.

2004 VW R32 for sale on eBay

No real info from the dealership selling it, unfortunately. The dirty engine throws me off a bit, but the R32 has one of those butts that in real life is perfectly sized and round, but in a tasteful way, not in the way Sir Mix-a-lot likes ’em. This is how an pre-owned R32 should be: unmolested, all stock, and ready to rock. Starting at $11k places it right in the good-buy market. Anything less than $14k and this is a great car for good money.


2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Estate

Much to my chagrin, Mercedes-Benz decided not to offer the estate variant of the current C class to the US market. Foiled by the SUV craze once again, then. Mercedes-Benz estates have always been known for their workhorse qualities, and the renowned W123 T models have subsequently seen a rise in values. You can still get W124 and later W210 E class estates for reasonable prices, but if you want a smaller five door with the Three Pointed Star on the hood, there’s only stateside option: the W203 C class. When the W203 first arrived on the scene, people derided it for its lower rent plastics and decrease in quality as compared to its predecessor, the W202 C class. Consequently, many high mileage W203 C classes exhibit more signs of aging and wear than you would expect from this brand. As time progressed, quality improved, but in 2005, Mercedes-Benz decided to pull the plug on the estate variant for the 2006 model year. It’s hard to find these with low mileage these days so this example for sale in New Jersey is quite a treat.

2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 Estate on eBay

For sale is a nice and clean 2004 Mercedes Benz C240 Wagon. This car is very clean and shows minimal normal wear. With only 2 owners this car still looks and feels like the day it was new. With 37,749 highway miles its runs flawlessly with no issues at all. It is well maintained so it feels solid and tight. This vehicles comes with NJ inspection through 11/2013. Clean, clear title with no liens, loans, stories.

This beautiful C240 Benz is in perfect mechanical condition, so no warning lights on. Exterior of the car is glossy and shiny. Paint looks deep and the only noticeable scratch is the lower part of the front bumper on the driver side (see pictures). Trunk of the car has a small chip marks and a small chip on the passenger side mirror. This car is in its original paint so this normal wear is acceptable. Wheels are in great shape and tires are around 90% left. The undercarriage of the car is clean, dry and shows no rust. Brakes are in great shape as well. This car has always been serviced by the Mercedes Benz Dealer; all service records are available.

The interior of the car is in excellent shape. Its clean and shows no signs of wear or abuse. It comes from a non-smoking owner so no unpleasant odors inside. All seats are in decent shape with no rips, stains. All carpeting is clean. All electronics is in good working order as well. Full set of books, 2 sets of keys and floor mats comes with the car. This car is in very great condition and its needs nothing but a new proud owner.

Having owned a W203 C class, I was provided a C240 estate once when I had my car in for service. The estate drives almost identical to the sedan, except for the fact that you have an extended greenhouse in your mirror. A lot of these estates were 4matic versions, so it is nice to see a regular rear-drive machine for a change. Since Mercedes-Benz isn’t bringing the current C class estate to the US market, here’s your chance to get a low mileage example at a reduced cost of entry.


2004 VW R32 for sale

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out the R32 market. Last I checked, they were still riding a wave of desirability and scant depreciation. Something has happened in the last year or so, as prices have dropped well into the teens, whereas they used to be routinely low-$20ks. I know there’s plenty to gripe about with the the MkIV Golfs, but these R32s still get me going. One of best-sounding hot hatches ever, a good amount of VR6 juice and the AWD I long for, it would probably take ownership of a horrible lemon to turn me off of these. Prices may stabilize in the future, but with 5000 more in 2008 and the imminent Golf R, it’s possible the supply of 2004s might just be the same as the demand. Today’s comes from the center of V.A.G. awesomeness, Colorado, and gets bonus points because the seller is only getting rid of it to finance a GTI race car. 91k miles and daily-driver wear are the downsides, but a $13.5k Buy-It-Now seems very reasonable.

2004 Volkswagen R32 for sale on eBay

From the seller:

Adult owned vehicle. Stock and unmodified with the exception of Hella tail lights, dimpled/slotted front brake rotors, and an Autotech Sport Tuning upper front stress bar that can be removed.

Vehicle is a daily driver and has no known mechanical issues. Starts up first try every time. There are no fluid drops beneath it in my reserved parking spot. It does not smoke. Oil has been changed using Mobile 1 synthetic every 5000 miles or less.

Having been a daily driver it has some surface scuffs and scratches on the interior and exterior which are associated with normal use. There are some scratches that may or may not be able to be buffed out, one ding over the driver side rear wheel that is remarkable (pictured), and a few light parking lot dings that one would expect to find on any pre-owned vehicle.

There is some wear on the places that one would expect to find it — steering wheel, shift knob, parking brake lever, and the sides of the leather seats where it rubs when you get in and out. The floor mats are the original ones and show definite wear but they are a pretty inexpensive thing to replace. The carpet beneath the driver side floor mats is matted down and shows wear. The passenger side has had far less use and the mat and carpet beneath on that side is in much better shape.

Has 18″ VW OEM BBS RC wheels with center caps. Wheels have marks from parralel parking. I have been told that they can be repaired but have not tried.

The glove box door in the pictures has no handle but it will be replaced before buyer takes delivery.

New OEM headlights with fog lights installed 2/24/12 — car has been driven less than 10 miles since

Clutch, flywheel, etc done by VW dealership in 2011 — Less than 8000 miles ago

New Windshield – September, 2011

Snow tires with about 4-5 months of driving on them — definitely have plenty of rubber to make it through another winter

Dimpled and slotted 13″ rotors in the front. Calipers rebuilt this fall. Brake system flushed and fluid replaced with Motul 600 extreme temperature/racing brake fluid. This car has awesome braking capabilities.

Pioneer touch-screen DVD player with iPod and Pandora control — can be upgraded to include GPS and/or hands-free Bluetooth. Stereo was a Christmas present and installed at the end of January and still in mint condition. Stereo was installed using the factory Monsoon speakers and amplifier via a PAC interface.

It absolutely flies. Has tons of torque. It pulls hard from a dead start to well over 100 MPH or until you run out of straight away. It’s nimble and handles fantastically in every possible road condition.

I absolutely love this car and have treated it very well and never abused or beat on it. The ONLY reason that I am selling this car is to buy a VW GTI race car so that I can go racing. I would keep it if I could afford to.

My love for the BBS RCs has faded over the years, but mostly just the chrome versions. These have always been a lot of car in a little package, and even hearing MkIV horror stories, it’s exciting to see the prices coming into such reasonable territory.


2004 BMW 330i ZHP

The recent kerfuffle surrounding BMW’s decision to expand the M badge to a wider variety of cars such as diesels and all-wheel drivers has merits on both sides of the aisle, but leaves me wondering why they’ve so egregiously ignored a different branding in their own history, the “is” moniker. Sure, they finally brought it back with the 335is (which I think is great), but why not skip pouring fuel on the “M dilution”-fire and just make a 535ds, an X5 4.4is, or something along those lines? The 325- and 535is in the 80s were awesome, and gave a nice, subtle hint that there was more. I know the bottom line is that the ///M brings in tons of cash, but that’s a shitty reason when it comes to maintaining brand identity.

Today’s E46 330i with the ZHP package also seemed like the perfect opportunity to utilize the “is,” but was eschewed for a 3-letter addendum bearing no relation to BMW’s model history. Gripes with nomenclature aside though, it was an awesome package. Interior and exterior specialties were well backed up with 10 more horses and a higher redline, a shorter final drive for the only non-M 6-speed manual, and various suspension and running gear upgrades. This makes it essentially the opposite of most upgrade packages: lots of content with little advertisement. No one knows how many were made, but they quickly established a solid cult following. This example on Craigslist Sacramento has added an M3ish front bumper which, combined with a salvage title, makes me think it was involved in a front-end collision. It should thus be thoroughly inspected for possible damage, but if it checks out it could be had for a significant discount. At $11,900, this could be an extremely fun car for very reasonable money.

2004 BMW 330i with ZHP package for sale on Craigslist Sacramento

A glowing description that unfortunately never explains the salvage title but includes a nice list of ZHP upgrades:

The car is in amazing condition very clean inside and out,
The paint is flawless no dents or scratches on it
Runs and drives excellent, very smooth, quiet, and comfortable <>Handles like a dream
–I’m asking $11,900 for it
– The KBB Value for this car is $15,210

Miles: 75,030
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Title: salvaged
Interior: Alacantara Seats/Sterring Wheel, and black carbon fibre looking trim
Exterior: M3 front bumper, M-Tech II rear bumper, trunk lid spoiler

Fully loaded– Harman/Kardonpremium sound, Heated Power Memory seats, HID Xenon self leveling headlights,

Options– ZHPpackage, Sports package, Performance package, Premium package, cold weather package.

***The ZHP (performance package) upgrade includes the following:
* Firmer springs (front +6%, rear +8%)
* Firmer shocks (Jounce: front +50%, rear +20%), (Rebound: front +35%, rear -8%)
* Larger diameter anti-roll bars: 23.5 mm front (v. 23.0), 18.5 mm rear (v. 18.0)
* More rigid forward bushings
* -.5 degrees of camber
* BMW M exterior trim elements (front & rear fascia, side sills, & trunk lid spoiler)
* Special exterior trim: Anthracite (charcoal) headlight & foglight surrounds, High-Gloss
* Shadowline (black gloss) trim
* Large diameter stainless steel dual exhaust outlets
* Extra thick Alcantra steering wheel
* Sport Seats
* Alcantra & Cloth upholstry to replace leatherette and standard trim
* Choice of “Black Cube” or “Silver Cube” trim
* Anthracite headliner
* Red needles on the instrument cluster
* Unique 18″ Wheels (style 135M), 18×8.0″ front, 18×8.5″ rear
* Wider Tires: 225/40ZR-18 in front and 255/35ZR-18 in the rear.
* Steering ratio: ZHP has the steering ratio of 13.7:1. Non-ZHP cars as well as the E46 M3 is 15.4:1, and the E46 M3 Competition has ratio of 14.5:1.

Obviously the biggest road block is the title, and a trustworthy and thorough mechanic’s inspection will be needed before considering purchasing this ZHP. If the damage was minor and well-repaired though, less than $12k is a good deal for a sharp and unique 4-door Bimmer that’s just 8 years old.


2004 MINI Cooper S MC40

Part of the allure of the MINI is the level to which one can personalize their car to stand out from the crowd. From roof graphics to wheels, the possibilities for kitting your car out are endless. Along with accessories, MINI has been known for the special edition versions. Variants such as the Park Lane, Mayfair and Mary Quandt editions were offered on the original Mini, and we have seen versions such as the Sidewalk and Camden with the new MINIs. To celebrate Mini’s 40th Anniversary of winning the Monte Carlo Rally, the MC40 was released. A limited run of 1,000 vehicles, this edition came in red with a white roof over red and black leather and finished the look with rally lights, 17″ anthracite finished wheels and magnetic graphics that included a 33-EJB number plate on the bonnet and “37” decals on the doors. This particular example also has the British flag roof graphic and tinted windows.

2004 MINI Cooper S MC40 on eBay

I have my Mini Cooper “S” MC40 PKG for sale that i have owned since 2006 and i am the second owner. The car has always been garaged and driven just 6 K miles since i bought it . It has all factory services done and was just in for a oil service and all checked out just fine. The Car is number 56/1000 being a special limited addition MC40 package to commemorate teh 40th anniversary of mini winning the monte carlo. The car has R90 wheels , two tone leather seats, carbon fiber , Cooper works interior package sport suspension, cooper works cold air box and engine cover,Mini Rally lights, union jack roof decal, windows just tinted and new tired V12’s just 1000 K miles ago at a cost of 1250$. This car smells new and looks new as teh paint shines, i have all original book and papers plus all service records , also have the mini number “34” car magnetic door decals. Truely a rare mini combo that has been taken care of and lightly driven and ready to have fun. If you want more info on the MC40 package you can go to to read all about the car and the package.

The sellers buy it now price is rather realistic, as most Cooper S models of this year, with around this kind of mileage, are bringing anywhere from $10,000 to $13,000 these days. For comparison I paid $15,000 for my 2006 Cooper S with 33,000 miles on the clock one year ago. I’ve only put 6,000 miles on the car last year, but I could see my car pulling maybe and extra $1,000 to $2,000 versus this example. Limited editions will always garner a little bit more cash and these MC40s are a neat throwback to the event which solidified the Mini’s place in competition history.


2004 Audi S4 Avant for sale

The B6 S4 series is not my favorite. More pedestrian than the following B7, more bloated than the preceding B5, and not even close to matching the sex appeal of the newest B8, passing B6s usually makes me sigh in disappointment, wishing it were any other S4. It takes a whole lot of “doing it right” to get me excited about one. Luckily, our seller today did it as right as one can with a B6, checking all the right boxes to take this 2004 S4 from bland suburbanite to badass sleeper.

[X] Avant [X] 6-speed [X] thoughtful performance upgrades [X] BBS CH

From the seller (who sounds like my kind of car guy):

Up for sale is my 2004 Audi S4 Avant (wagon). This is one of the few with the 6speed manual transmission. If you’re not set on whether or not you want an S4 Avant, let me give you a bit of a sales pitch on it. First off, the wagons are cool. I know that’s not much of a sales pitch, but they look far more modern than the sedans, hold their values so much better, and simply make more sense. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell many. So getting your hands on one can be tedious if you have any other prerequisites.

So what makes these cars cool? Well, they are all wheel drive sports cars with high revving V8s that happen to hold 5 people and all their luggage. They sound AMAZING too, especially set up like mine. Audi’s interior quality is second to none too, and mine has been babied. All the window switches feel as if new still.

What makes MINE special is this:
It’s been meticulously maintained, and we’ve got the service records to show. Also, it has a good list of upgrades that allow for higher power and torque, as well as better fuel economy. The car is making somewhere around 400HP now, and has an incredible amount of torque too. All work has been done by European Auto Garage in Knoxville, TN.
• JHMotorsports Engine Tuning Software
• JHMotorsports Intake Manifold Spacers
• JHMotorsports 4:1 Center Differential Upgrade
• JHMotorsports Stage 4 Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel Combo
• Apikol Polyurethane Rear Differential Mount
• Apikol Polyurethane Front Engine “Snub” Mount
• JHMotorsports Complete Solid Short Throw Shifter with all add-ons
• JHM Weighted Delrin Shift Knob
• 034 Motorsports Transmission Mount
• Hawk HPS Brake Pads – Street – Front
• Hawk HPS Brake Pads – Street – Rear
• Alcantara Headliner & Pillars (See Picture)
• K40 Radar Detection System
• Bridgestone RE11 Tires
• BBS CH Wheels – 19″
• H&R Lowering Springs
• 2.5″ Magna Flow Dual Exhaust (Resonators Removed)
• Powdercoated Valve Covers (See Picture)

In addition to these, recent maintenance (past 10k miles) includes:
• Replacing center differential fluid and rear differential fluid with Redline Products
• Religiously replacing oil and filter every 3k miles. This week, it was upgraded to Motul Ultra-Synthetic
• New Bosch Platinum (4 electrode) spark plugs
• New Coolant Expansion Tank
• Every two oil changes, it gets a new air filter
• Every three oil changes, it gets a new cabin filter
• New Valve Cover Gaskets
• ALL EIGHT Coil Packs – Upgraded to the new type Audi has
• Coolant Expansion Tank Lid
• Lower Radiator Hose Replaced
• Water Temperature Sensor Replaced
• Engine Front Main Seal Replaced
• Intake Manifold Gasket Replaced
• Bridgestone RE11 tires have roughly 4000 miles on them.
• Brake pads have roughly 6000 miles on them

I love it. For the first time ever, it’s B6-ness almost enhances it, putting it just low enough under the radar that the de-resonated near-RS4 power can suckerpunch unsuspecting passers by. The owner has taken extremely good care of it, not abusing it like so many other “STAGE 11 S4” tuners for sale on eBay. This is a stealth family-hauling hammer, the best the B6 can be. With about 90k miles on it, this is a great deal if it stays under $20k.

2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG

Every time I see the recent Mercedes-Benz commercial with Santa riding off in the red SL63, it gets me in the mood for a red Mercedes roadster. And here we have a tasty, red, first generation AMG SLK right in time for the holidays. This example has just under 35,000 miles on the clock. The SLK32 packed the 3.2 liter supercharged V6 which was shared with the Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 coupe and roadster.

Not much of a description is given by the seller, but from the pictures and the mileage, it looks as if it was well cared for. Provided there are no issues and a clean service record, this could be a good, lightly used bargain for under $20,000.