GCFSB Alumni: 2001 BMW 325i Touring

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Edit 10/01/2017: After fixing a few more things and covering about 10,000 more miles, the buyer of this unique 325iT has it back on the block again in a no reserve auction. – Ed

The E46 wagon has emerged as perhaps the last bastion of good, clean, simple German longroofing. Modern wagons are bulbous, overstuffed with features, and crazy expensive. The biggest options on today’s 325i Touring are color choices, while the mechanicals and general usability remain refreshingly simple: no sunroof, inline-6, 5-speed manual, manual seats. Manual, but in Tanin red leather, just the kind of curveball reader/seller Rob clearly likes. A nice, plain white exterior? Why not add discreet M-pinstriping and anything-but-discreet Creamsicle Orange lower valences? The 7-spoke Style 4s are nice but plain – leave them for the all-season tires and you get summer-rubber on blackened Style 68s! The colors may jump all over the place, but if anything they draw attention to a sweet car that represents a simplicity we have all but lost.

Click for details: 2001 BMW 325i Touring on eBay

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1989 BMW 325i Touring

I’ve talked a fair bit of trash about right-hand drive cars here, specifically some E30 325i Tourings. A lot of the E30 wagons we’ve seen imported now that their 25-year waiting period has ended have been base- or low-option Brits, bringing along the need to get comfortable hugging the fog line and rowing the gears with your left hand. This longroof has the rare factory M-Tech package as well as some show-stopping 17″ gold BBS rims to help you look like a gangster out of Run Lola Run. Inside, recovered M seats look outstanding, but the ubiquitous cracked dash strikes again, echoing a chipped front spoiler that looks fixable. Wrapped in Alpinweiss, the seller is pretty right as long as you can handle right hand drive – “this is the one you’ve been looking for!”

Click for details: 1989 BMW 325i Touring on eBay

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RHD 1988 BMW 325iT

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.26.10 PM

It has begun! The 25-year importation mark has been hit for 1988 cars, which, in my humble opinion, was an absolutely fantastic year for European cars. E30 wagons always get a lot of attention on this side of the pond because of their rarity and damn good looks. Today’s is a little rough around the edges, but I love the Malachite Green and the cloth interior. It seems every US BMW came with leather, but the cloth interior has worn better than the ever-cracked 80s BMW leather and looks proper. We may be on the cusp of a large influx of these Euro-only models, but for now they’re still rare and getting a ton of bidding attention. If you can deal with driving like a postal worker (or are one), this would be a slick ride.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.26.17 PM

Year: 1988
Model: 325iT
Engine: 2.5l inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 100,000
Price: No-reserve auction

Click for more details: 1988 BMW 325iT for sale on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.26.44 PM

For sale is my 1988 BMW 325 Touring in Malachite Green with right hand drive!

Engine: M20B25 6 cylinder

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Interior: Beige cloth sports seats

Wheels: Nograro Grey Motorsport Cabriolet 15″ BBS “Euroweaves” with 205/55 tires

SE skirts and a iS style fiberglass front lip

If you know anything about E30 BMWs, you know how rare this car is in the US. I owned this car for about 2 years while living in the United Kingdom and have recently imported it back. The car has a March 1988 manufacture date and was legally imported under the 25+ year old provision just last month, September 2013. The car is fully registered in Oklahoma with a clear title in my name. I have not swapped the plates out yet, but I have included a picture of the OK plate. I am unsure how I would want to mount the plate so I will leave that up to the new owner.

Overall, the car is very solid, but not perfect. It is 25 years old after all. The paint has a couple of issues. There is a scratch down the right (driver’s) side of the car. The sunroof has some scratches. The hood has a scratch and an area where the clear is peeling. One of the rear quarters also has a small area of clear peeling as well as a ding in a couple of scrapes. There is rust in the lower portion of the drivers front fender. The wheel arches and corners of the windshield are all rust free as can be seen in the pictures. I have tried to picture all the blemishes, no matter how minor. Please take a good look at them. If you need a picture of anything else, please let me know.

Mechanically the car is spot on. I have not had any issues in the time I’ve owned it other than the starter needing replacing. I would not hesitate to drive it on a cross country road trip. It has been lowered slightly, I’d say 15-20mm. Looks good and doesn’t ride rough. The headlight wash/wipe doesn’t work. There is a common problem with the motors needing taken apart, cleaned and re-greased. Everything is there though.

The interior is clean and damage free. The seats work as they should. The metal rod that holds the load bay cover has separated from the cover, so it cannot be closed. It just needs putting back in and the cover glued back together. This is how it was done at the factory, just needs redoing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.26.34 PM

Very unique combo with the color, lower valences, wheels, and right-hand drive. The driving position may throw some people off, but at the same time a fresh coat of Malachite and taking care of some of the details could make this a very unique car at your local BMW show.


Federalized 1989 BMW 325iT

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.03.22 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a wagon kick, but a friend’s recent purchase of an early-80s Swedish longroof has reminded me the eminent usability, attractiveness, and all-around awesomeness of lengthy 4-doors with a big hatch. And because we always want what we can’t have, wagons not sold in North America obviously get big bonus points. The E30 wagon is a prime example of this, and we have featured some great ones here before.

Today’s is notable in that, other than the “is” front spoiler, it looks like it should be street-parked on any standard strasse. Sure, it’s undergone some modifications for extra fun like switching the original 1.8 for the venerable M20 2.5L, adding a 3.73 LSD, and Remus exhaust, but it’s not slammed and retains stock wheels, giving it a playfully mundane aesthetic. Though the magic 25-year waiting period is about to expire, the seller makes a good point that most E30 wagons in Europe are probably pretty beat, and then you have to ship and whatnot. This one is clean and cared for and readily available, if that extra door is worth doubling the price of a normal E30 for you.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.04.16 PM

Year: 1989
Model: 325iT
Engine: M20 2.5l inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 115,000 mi
Price: Auction, reserve on at $12,200

Click for more details: 1989 BMW 325iT on eBay

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.03.54 PM

1989 BMW 325i e30 Touring—Lachs Silver Metallic w/ Anthracite Cloth—Born on 1989-04-15 as a German 318iT and was imported to the USA on 1999-01-08 @ the cost of $5800 plus a shipping cost of $1058 and misc fees of $778 (we have all the importation/federalization paperwork)—Hard to believe it cost $7636 just to get this Estate on our shores and legal—Once on our shores Mr. Ivarson decided she needed a little more power and sourced an M20 from a 1987 325i including its transmission and differential—It was installed by the Little Car Shop in Milwaukee, WI @ a cost of $3045 minus the cost of the engine on 2001-03-14 (it looks like it was born with it)—Lots of maintenance records but things to note are Timing belt and cooling parts @ 106k, spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor and HD Bilstein front and rear shocks @ 113k—Added Extras BMW euro cloth recaro front seats, “is” front spoiler, Remus Exhaust, Indoor car cover, Cargo liner, 3.73 limited slip rear end, new speakers in cargo area, ellipsoid headlights, m tech 1 steering wheel, euro triangle and first aid kit—Car has manual window, manual steering rack, manual sunroof AND NO A/C (never has had it)—Most of the tourings you see come out of Canada and have rust issues (this car has NO RUST)—We bought this car from a collector in Washington State on 2011-06-11 (he has owned the car since 2008-04-15)—This Estate wagon is probably one of a dozen in the USA and currently rides on State of Washington title and is clear—Car has really just been a showroom car over the last two years and taken to some local shows (it is in VERY impressive condition)—I hear lots of talk about importing these cars from Europe now that they are approaching 25 years old but finding clean, affordable ones in Europe is not that easy /much less getting them here (these cars have been driven and used, not collected, I compare it to finding a clean e30 coupe or sedan on the US market—not that easy)

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.03.54 PM

If I were to go full bore and get an E30 wagon, I’d probably go a little lower and get some OEM+ wheels, but I really appreciate the upgraded internals complementing the Euro-standard exterior on this one. We could talk about the utility of an E30 wagon, but really you’re paying the extra dough to have a fantastic wagon that is extremely rare in these parts.


1988 BMW 325i Touring

Another day, another sweet BMW Touring on GCFSB. You would think it was Wagon Week all over again. A few of these E30 Tourings are beginning to make their way to the US, courtesy to the fact that the very first ones are turning 25 years of age and unrestricted from draconian motor vehicle standards. This particular one for sale in northwest Germany is a nice one, with the 2.5 liter inline six, 5-speed manual and BBS basketweave alloys. For someone looking to import one, it doesn’t get a lot better than this.


Year: 1988
Model: 325iT
Engine: 2.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 87,650 km (~54,463 miles)
Price: €10,980 (~ $14,663 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW 325iT on Mobile.de


A very special and beautiful classic. BMW 325i Touring/E30. Very rare! The vehicle has many features. Vehicle is in original condition and is absolutely rust free! Vehicle has a complete history, of course!

Leather interior
Shadowline trim
Heated seats
Electric steel sunroof
Air conditioning
Tinted glass
PDC rear
Electric windows
Central locking
BMW 15 inch spoke alloy wheels
Electric mirror adjustment
On-board computer
Radio/cassette with original BMW sound system
Fog lamps
Driver airbag
Outside temperature display
G-Kat Euro 2 standard

Subject to prior sale – all information is non-binding and without warranty. We invite you to come in when we are open, there is no obligation for an appointment, so you can see the vehicle. We are happy to take your classic cars or used cars at fair price in cash. Custom Vintage financing through our bank possible. On request, we can create a vintage report. Optionally, you can purchase with a warranty up to 60 months this vehicle!


With E30 prices on the rise, I’m not surprised at the asking price for this 325iT. A clean two or four door 325i of similar vintage will run you between $8,000 to $11,000 stateside, so the seller is seeking to command a bit of a premium here. Then again, a lot of times I think about modern classics that I’ve appreciated and what I would pay for them if I could find one in like new condition. This particular one certainly looks showroom fresh and if I was in the position to do so and could negotiate a little bit off to take the sting off the shipping and customs fees, I’d take the plunge.


2002 BMW 325iT Sport

Welcome to another installment of “Cars I want in my driveway.” Today we have a beautiful and pretty rare BMW 325iT Sport. This car checks all of the right boxes on my wish list. Alpine White…check, black leather…check, wagon…check, and a manual transmission…CHECK. As I’ve said before, these cars are a dying breed and clean well kept examples offer a great opportunity for manual wagon buyers (all 32 of us) to put off the inevitable extinction of the 3rd pedal for at least a few more years.

Enthusiast owned and maintained, this car appears as though it will not disappoint.

Year: 2002
Model: 325iT Sport
Engine: 2.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 68,850 mi
Price: $14,000

2002 BMW 325iT Sport on bmwcca.org


Much of the important information is in the title, but here they are again: 2002 BMW 325iT Alpine White over Black Leather 5-Speed Manual Transmission. Currently below 69k miles, but is daily driven. Sport Package, Cold Weather Package, Aluminum Trim, No Sunroof, non-Powered Seats, Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi Sound

Modifications: OEM ZHP Front Bumper, OEM ZHP Full Leather Steering Wheel, OEM ZHP Style 135 Wheels, OEM ZHP Weighted Shift Knob, Dinan Throttle Body, Dinan Stage 2 Software, Dinan Carbon Fiber Front Strut Bar, Dinan Muffler, AFE Cold Air Intake, Perfectly Matched Amber Illuminated VDO Gauges (Voltage, Oil Pressure, Temp), UUC Short Shift Kit, BMW Aluminum and Rubber Pedals/Dead Pedal, USA Spec iPod Integration Kit (Much better than DICE IMO), OEM e46 HIDs with Clear Film Protection (On corners and fogs as well), 30% Pinnacle F1 Ceramic Tint, Bavarian Autosport Ultimate Reflector Windshield Sunshade, OEM All-Weather Mats and Cargo Liner (Original Carpeted Mats as well) Mechanical Condition: I have all records from my ownership, and some from the previous owners.

The following things were done within the last 18 months and 17k miles: – New Continental DWS tires, 225/40×18 & 255/35×18 (54k) – New Brembo slotted rotors, pads, SS lines (53.3K) – Oil Change (65k) – Cooling System Flush w/OEM BMW Coolant (65k) – Transmission Flush w/Red Line MTL (65k) – Differential Fluid Flush w/Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90 (65k) – Brake Fluid Flush w/ATE Blue (65k) – Power Steering Flush w/Amsoil Synthetic ATF(65k) – Fuel Filter (65k) – Serpentine Belt and Hydraulic Pulley Upgrade (65k)

I’m the third owner and it was garage kept prior to my ownership. No paintwork (besides the ZHP Bumper) or accidents to my knowledge. It has been hand washed and detailed by me during my ownership. This is a used car, so please expect wear and tear commensurate to it’s age, but I sincerely and honestly think it is in above-average condition. There are currently no issues with the car; everything that’s supposed to work does. It is truly turn-key; buy this car and drive it home anywhere in the country.

There is nothing quite like a BMW that is owned and cared for by an enthusiast. They are certainly a breed of their own when it comes to meticulous care and maintenance. This car is no exception; the seller has put together one of the finer examples of an E46 Touring that I’ve seen in a while. With a scant 69k miles (by todays standards), the ever important 3rd pedal and an asking price well within reason, this car would make a great daily for anyone that loves the wagon as much as I do.

Sadly, it appears as though there is already a sale pending on this car according to bimmerforums.com, however as we all know it’s not sold until the title changes hands, so this car is definitely worth investigating further.


Very Rare Manual 2001 BMW 325iT For Sale

These 3 series wagons are becoming a rare breed, one with a manual transmission is almost unheard of.  So, what’s the big deal?  As you may have heard the automatic transmissions in the 3 & 5 series cars of this era can be kind of fussy.

Granted, that is the exception and not the rule.  But why take a chance on something that is unreliable and less fun to drive?

2001 BMW 325iT For Sale:

“I am the second owner (both from Northern California) and purchased the car after a long search for a M/T wagon.  These are very hard to find.  I only wanted a car that had never seen salt/snow.

The car has 118k miles on it.  Many of the common issues have been addressed.  VC gasket, window regulators, front control arm bushings etc.  Owned by an enthusiast before me so most things were up to date.

Options on the car are Sport Package, Premium Package, xenon lights and Harmon Kardon Audio.  It does have a moonroof.  It does not have heated seats, navigation or park distance sensors.  The trim is wood.

Work I have done since purchase:  Tinted rear glass, OEM homelink, oil level sensor with LOF, final stage resistor, new cowl trim, new a-pillar trim, new hood emblem, new front grille, various clips here and there.


Original paint – no accidents. I measured all the panels with a paint depth guage prior to purchase

Unmodified – completely stock

Runs extremely well.  Smooth and quiet.  Transmission shifts well and clutch take up is good.  Ride quality is amazing with no squeaks/rattles of any kind.

Color – I scoured the internet for Alpine White Sport Package wagons.

All controls work – power window, mirrors, A/C, moonroof, steering wheel controls etc.

Michelin Tires matching and in good shape.  Full size matching spare.

Folder full of records

Clean Carfax

Has the tonneau cover/dog guard missing on most cars

Tags current til October 2012
Brand new cargo mat

No CORROSION!  Super easy to work on.  Engine bay is beautiful


The wheels have some light curbing here and there.  Still look great overall – no structural issues.

Paint has some chips that have been touched up by me.

Slight crack in the shift knob clearcoat – I replaced all the other wood with better stuff from other E46 wagon

Driver’s seat needs some attention.  Two common seams have come apart.  One in the bolster and one in the cushion.  I did not address this as I was considering changing the seats to alcantara from a ZHP.

Rear exhaust and front/rear bumper valances are scraped.  Previous owner had very steep driveway.  I planned on installing a Dinan exhaust and putting on a ZHP front bumper anyway. Can’t see unless you bend down and look.

That’s pretty much it.  I am sure there are some normal maintenance items that will need to be addressed in the future.  Front brakes should be done in a few thousand miles (I planned the Brembo upgrade), the oil pan gasket or oil filter housing gasket is beginning to leak, diff bushings and flex disc starting to crack etc.  Nothing immediate

Considering the limited number of manual transmission wagons available pricing is market based.   There are very few vehicles that offer the driving enjoyment and practicality for this kind of money.”

The seller is correct, it is tough to find a 3 series wagon for this kind of money regardless of the transmission.  Given how thorough the seller is I would say any and all flaws have been disclosed so there are no surprises on the horizon.

… well there can always be surprises but you know what I mean.

Anyhow, a wagon such as this for under $10k is a good value.  It does have some patina but nothing that can’t be sorted out by the next owner.  I am curious to see if the market agrees with my assessment.


2002 BMW 325iT boy racer version

After some of the amusing comments about the E39 M5 clone wagon I thought I’d fan the flames with this total boy racer E46 Wagon.

The mostly all show mods to this wagon will make it stand out, but unlike some of the other cars we post you are still stuck with a low horsepower wagon with an automatic. I tend to like my wagons the other way, sleepers, with little outside identification, but raging beasts stuffed under the hood, a la AMG wagons.

This 89,000 mile wagon has had a bucketload of cosmetic parts and badges thrown at it. 20″ BMW labeled rims, extra chrome, mesh grille with M badge, M sport paint work, tinted tails, etc. The car has upgraded sound system as well. There isn’t much description, but the seller says there is too much to list, surely not parts from the Dinan or A.C. Schnitzer catalog.

The ask is $9,500, with bids currently up to $6,600.  Honestly not a bad car for your kid who goes to a 2nd tier private boarding school and needs something to haul his gear. It has to be buyer be ware when purchasing a car from someone whose eBay handle contains the phrase “sexyboy”.

2002 BMW 325iT cosmetically “enhanced” on eBay


US-Federalized E30 Touring for sale!

We’ve featured some awesome E30 wagons here before, but they’re usually in Canada. So close, yet so far away. Well, no such tease today with this 325iT located in southern Washington. It was imported just before the millennium and then converted from 1.8 to 2.5L. Now it’s a Euro unicorn in the flesh on American soil. But as you might assume, trapping unicorns is not child’s play, and this 325 Touring’s price is approaching E30 M3 territory.

From the seller:

This is for a very nice 1989 Lachssilber Touring (with BLK Shadowline Trim) that has ALL THE US FEDERALIZATION PAPERWORK in 1999. The car came into the US as a 318iT and in March of 2001 the engine was converted to a 325i (M20) engine at the 81,446 mileage mark. The work was done by LITTLE CAR SHOP in Milwaukee, WI at a price tag of $3045.50. Part of the paperwork included maintenance records. I purchased the car in March of 2008 with 106,072 miles and have loved every minute of it. Current mileage is 115,050. I have decided to sell this car in order to help thin out the herd of cars that I own. Below are the maintenance and additions that I have made to the car since 2008.

1) Timing Belt, coolant, & parts – 5/2/08 106,231 miles 2) Spark plugs, wires, cap, & rotor – 1/1/10 113,580 miles 3) New Bilstein HD front and rear shocks 4) BMW Battery 2010 5) Front and Rear Brake pads and rotors – 7/10 6) Restored Zender 15×7 Wheels and 205/50R15 Michelin Tires

Upgraded Features:
1) BMW Factory Glass Moonroof 2) BMW M Tech 2 Steering wheel 3) Ellipsoidal Headlights 4) “is” Front spoiler lip/valance 5)Remus Exhaust 6) Blaupunkt Nevada CD Player 7) BMW Sport Seats Cargo Area Full Liner(removable) 9) Indoor Car Cover 10) 3.73 Limited Slip Differential 11) Replacement speakers in the cargo area.

There are very very few of these cars in the USA, especially ones that are legal registered ones. One of the things that I appreciate about this car is that besides cruise control and powerlocks, everything else is manual. Manual windows, no check contol unit, no A/C etc. Simple so that there is less to go wrong. As you will see in the pictures, the car is in very nice shape and is always garaged. The cargo area has the 2 compartments one that consists of the EURO triangle, first aid kit, jack tools. The other side has the factory tool roll. The car drives fantastic and has plenty of M20 power with the 3.73 rear end. Whether you are at a car show, the gas station, or just driving around, this car turns heads and sparks conversations.

This wagon is located in Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR area) and I am open to local pick ups, helping to have the car picked for shipping, etc. I hope to find a good home for this car.

What a sweet, sweet E30. Extremely clean on the inside and out, a nice, lower-mile engine swap, and some subtle and clean upgrades. Condition plus rarity equals pricey, and the Buy-it-Now is $15k. I wish it were cheaper to make the dream more realistic, but I can’t say it’s not worth it. A ton of work has been put into making this E30 clean and American. Someone with some cash is going to have the coolest E30 on the block.


1991 BMW e30 325iT Wagon For Sale in Calgary

For a number of years, I’ve remarked to my wife that I wished the e30 wagon had made it to the U.S. It would be the perfect dog car for us! Well here’s one for sale on eBayMotors from Calgary, and the seller notes he can assist U.S. buyers with a title…

1991 BMW 325iT Wagon on eBayMotors:

quote from seller’s eBayMotors listing:

Equipped with A/C, Power Windows & Locks, Power Sun Roof, 4 Speed Automatic Transmission, ABS. etc. Fun to drive with great utility. When was the last time you saw another?

This car has had some high quality paint work but has no accident history. At that time it seems they painted the body side mouldings, the bumper strips, rear spoiler, front air dam, side view mirrors and the side skirting. Combined with the 15” ABT alloy wheels, I think the car has a great stance and looks longer and lower than it actually is..

Mechanical Inspections welcomed, all repair orders are available for viewing. Bid with confidence, I am Mike Bennett a Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council Licensee.

Fly in and drive home. Or I can assist with shipping at a reduced rate at your expense.

For US purchasers, I can assist you in obtaining a US title. Please call on 403.815.1173 or email me for details.

I have some concerns about importing this car, but really my bigger concern is that the seller thinks it might be worth $9k with the buy-it-now listed. I know it’s rare in these parts, but that’s silly!