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Double Revisit: Early and Late 4000 Quattros – Which would you choose?

Two of the 4000 Quattros I wrote up in December are still on the block. Which of these all-wheel drive wonders would you choose? The first of these cars is a Zermatt Silver 1984 example which needs some love, but is now available at a much more realistic price point – less than half of what the asking price was in December.

The below post originally appeared on our site December 6, 2013:


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1986 Audi 4000CS Quattro – REVISIT

Only a few weeks ago we witnessed a mint condition 1985 4000S quattro sell for over $12,000 – a remarkable feat. But only a few weeks before we showed that impressive condition 1985 we had an equally impressive condition 1986 model for a then staggering to contemplate $9,800. In the meantime the price has fallen slightly, first to $9,200, and now the car has appeared on Ebay. With no reserve on the auction, it looks like the seller is hoping to roll the same dice that the 1985 seller utilized. Any bets on where this lower mile, equally impressive 1986 ends up?