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1982 BMW 733i

Back in February, we came across a mint condition 1978 BMW 733i for sale. At that time, I opined how rare it is to come across an E23 on the road, let alone one that has been kept in good shape. Lightning has struck twice, as this 1982 733i for sale in Oregon matches that prior example for originality. Unlike the 4-speed manual variant we saw in February, this particular example is equipped with the 3-speed automatic gearbox (the E23 would not see a 4-speed automatic until 1984). Originally an Arizona car, life in the western parts of the US has been kind to this 733i.

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1984 BMW 733i

The E23 7 series always struck me as bit of an oddity in the history of BMW models. This luxury sedan didn’t have as much presence as the E3 “New Six” that preceded it, nor did it have the option of serious size and muscle as the V12 powered E32 750iL that followed it. This has planted the E23 in relative obscurity amongst collectors, as it was never quite as visible as its domestic rival, the Mercedes-Benz W126 S-class. Thus, it is a bit of a bargain in comparison to other period BMW models. This 1984 733i represents the last year for this particular model in the US, succeeded by the 735i the following year before this generation would disappear altogether after the 1987 model year.

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1978 BMW 733i 4-speed manual

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There’s a website How Many Left? that tracks the number of examples of any particular vehicle still on the road in Great Britain. If their numbers are accurate, then the BMW 733i is almost extinct. I can’t remember the last time I spotted an E23 on the road, let alone an early 733i. These early 7 series are not a darling of the collector set. Around 285,000 were produced over a decade span. I’ve seen plenty of E23s in rough condition and if that’s anything to go on, then many have taken their final trip to the scrap heap. This 1977 733i for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia, however, has escaped that fate.

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