1978 BMW 733i 4-speed manual

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There’s a website How Many Left? that tracks the number of examples of any particular vehicle still on the road in Great Britain. If their numbers are accurate, then the BMW 733i is almost extinct. I can’t remember the last time I spotted an E23 on the road, let alone an early 733i. These early 7 series are not a darling of the collector set. Around 285,000 were produced over a decade span. I’ve seen plenty of E23s in rough condition and if that’s anything to go on, then many have taken their final trip to the scrap heap. This 1977 733i for sale in Vancouver, British Columbia, however, has escaped that fate.

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Year: 1978
Model: 733i
Engine: 3.3 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 147,800 mi
Price: $4,900 Buy It Now

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1978 BMW 733i 4SP Manual Transmission. 238K Kms (147,800 Miles). A very rare classic BMW in fantastic condition. Qualifies for collector plates. A True survivor. Still has the original thermal reactors. Older repaint, likely in the late eighties. Slight scuff on the right rear fender, small dent on the hood. Drives really well – lots of evidence of dutiful maintenance. No leaks at all. Fully inspected and serviced. Compression readings are: Cyl. #1 – 170, #2 – 165, #3 – 170, #4 – 165, #5 – 172, #6 – 165

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Independent party pre-purchase inspection at your expense prior to bidding is welcomed and encouraged.

A NOTE TO OUR USA CUSTOMERS: As this vehicle is over 25 years old, it is exempt from US EPA and DOT compliance requirements. It is fully admissible to USA and NO modifications are required. We can assist you with shipping arrangements worldwide. Canadian residents are required to pay GST, BC residents pay PST and GST. No tax will be collected from non-Canadian residents.

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For just a tick under $5,000, I tend to think this 733i could be one of the best classic BMW bargains going. Sure, it’s not the usual choice of most connoisseurs, but I tend to be the one who likes to take the road less traveled. After glancing over a seemingly endless supply of E30s, E28s and E36s, it’s refreshing to see an old 7 like this pop up. About the only thing I’d consider doing to this car is a possible swap to a 5-speed manual gearbox to give it some legs on the highway. Otherwise, I admire how original this 733i is. It’s a very honest and discreet package and a car that you could easily enjoy on a daily basis.


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