DTM Dreams: 1992 Audi V8 Quattro

If I were looking for a V8 quattro, there are a few conditions I’d want met. Unless it was a manual, I’d really prefer the later 4.2 models. There were subtle changes such as the climate control and transmission cooler that, coupled with the higher power, make it a bit more enjoyable than the 3.6s in my opinion. Couple that with the easier to live with S4-spec G60 brakes and great BBS wheels, and the 4.2 really is the one I’d look for. The second condition to buying any Audi V8 is the history; specifically, if you’re serious about one you really need to buy from an owner who has maintained the car well – ask me why. Today’s 1992 V8 fits both of those stipulations; it’s a first year 4.2 upgrade, coupled with a strong ownership history – and it looks great in black over black:

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1993 Audi V8 4.2 Quattro

Apparently destined to taunt me into the New Year, the string of Pearlesant White Audi V8 quattros that we’ve run now adds up to four. Unlike the last few 3.6 V8 quattros I’ve written up, today’s example is the later run 4.2 V8. In addition to a healthy bump in horsepower and torque, the 4.2 received a host of upgrades including a transmission cooler, the return of badges both front and rear, S4-spec Girling G60 twin-piston brakes, and those great BBS wheels that debuted on the 1991 models. There were other subtle changes, such as some reworking of the dashboard, the updated climate control system out of the C4 chassis and a revised exhaust. The package combined to make a stealthy all-weather luxury machine that very, very few people bought. Reportedly less than 200 of the 1993 model year were imported, and well short of a thousand of the 4.2s ever made it here at all over their brief three year run in the U.S. Like the early 3.6s they suffered serious depreciation and few survive in good condition today, but if you can look past some dirt there is a lower mile example in Minnesota awaiting it’s next owner:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Audi V8 Quattro on Craigslist Minneapolis

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