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Month: November 2015

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1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Coupe


After a change in nomenclature in 1994, the Mercedes-Benz S-class coupe would again see a model name change in 1997. Renamed the CL class, this would be the moniker for the large coupe up until this current model year, when it would once again be known as the S-class coupe. Who knows what the rationale behind these name changes might be, but it’s rather remarkable this big two-door has survived throughout the years, facing economic downturns and energy crunches alike. This 1996 S600 Coupe is not for the faint of heart when it comes to running costs, as the brawny 6.0 liter V12 will certainly eat its fair share of gas and oil, along with the additional parts as compared to its lesser V8 sibling. With less than 50,000 miles on the clock, this S600 Coupe for sale in New Jersey would be great for collectors and those looking to impress at the country club forecourt alike.

Click for details: 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Coupe on eBay


1997 Porsche 911 Carrera S

It isn’t hard at all to see the appeal of the 993 and why values barely seem to have ever waned. That these were the last of the air-cooled 911s is well known and carries with it ton of cachet. But it is its aesthetic qualities that carry the day even more as they represent an easily identifiable evolution of the design from the 911’s debut in the mid-60s. That the design of the 996, which followed upon the 993, has been so derided has only served to further enhance the already stellar reputation of the 993 itself. It is almost as if there is a sense that the 911’s evolution ceased with the 993; the 996 is viewed as a separate species that has branched off from the original and its genetic traits, while enabling the model to survive in renewed form, are actually deemed less desirable. All of this comes together to build an icon. While all examples of the 993 are in high demand it is the wide-body designs that really force buyers to submit to temptation. Of all the air-cooled 911s the 993 wears the wider rear better than any other. Most of the others look good, but the 993 looks completed. The wider rear fills out its curves better than on previous models and it all comes together in a package that is both aggressive and beautiful. There really is a lot to love. The example we see here is a Zenith Blue Metallic 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera S, located in Connecticut, with Blue leather interior and 50,500 miles on it.

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Motorsports Monday: 2004 BMW M3

Part of my logic for wanting an E46 M3 has been to have a dual-purpose car; one that I can drive in comfort 9.5 out of 10 days, but can take to the track on an occasional weekend and have fun approaching the limit. Few cars achieve the balance of both comfortable road car and formidable track weapon quite as well out of the box as the M3 does, and for some time it was the defacto track-addict car. Truth told, since the early 2000s many more track-focused cars have emerged and even eclipsed the M3 in both purpose and execution. But the M3 remains at the forefront of most enthusiast’s minds as a capable platform, and the E46 has channeled the last of the analogue platforms into a package that many want to upgrade. The result, if you’re willing to put in some time and money, can be a Porsche killing coupe on a more reasonable budget.


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2006 Mercedes-Benz E500 4Matic Estate


Here’s a V8 that can haul. Literally. For a short while, Mercedes-Benz offered the W211 E-Class estate in V8 form. Sure, with this generation E-class you could opt to have your E-class estate AMG tuned, but for those who simply wanted a V8 cruiser, the E500 estate was an option. This 2006 example for sale in Illinois has under 70,000 miles on the clock and comes equipped with 4Matic all-wheel drive, making this five-door not only a sleeper, but practical when the foul weather arrives. With V8 all-wheel drive estates like these, who needs the ubiquitous SUV?

Click for details: 2006 Mercedes-Benz E500 4Matic Estate on eBay


1991 BMW 325ix

As we get into the slip-slidy ice times here in the Pacific Northwest, all-wheel drive is on my mind more than ever. We are fortunate to have both an E28 M5 and a Subaru Forester in our household each providing fun drives across a variety of conditions, but what if I could have both cars wrapped into one? Sounds great to me, and the first car that comes to mind to fit that bill is the E30 325ix. Deliciously analog in the 80s Bimmer way while dishing out AWD security in any condition is a tasty combination.

This example comes from the state that may hold the highest concentration of ix models, Colorado. It’s been repainted white and is fairly straight, if a little rough around the edges. But I chose this car because any time I see an E30 the Project part of my brain starts turning: what are you going to do in the future? Engine swap, suspension, spruce up the interior – all pretty typical E30 items that this 325ix would be a great foundation for. With 180k miles, the engine may be coming up in not too long, but that will provide an opportunity to get the autobox out as well. It’s no showstopper, but it’s exactly the kind of 80s German metal I want to play with heading into winter.

Click for details: 1991 BMW 325ix on eBay