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Low-mileage 1988 BMW 528e


The long, low and mean add-ons of the 535is and M5 are what initially drew me to the E28, but after having spent so much time with it admiring the unique lines I find myself caught by even the most bunk examples. Yesterday a car in my mirror caught my eye, a car that came out of the factory exactly like this one. As it passed, I was a little sad that the paint was entirely sun-damaged, but still sent the owner some “I like that you drive an E28!” vibes.

While that car showed a hard life left in the sun, this car has no such history. Inside and out, this tan-on-tan base model 5er looks like we’re still waiting for the 90s to arise (or sink in, rather…). It’s yet another example of how nice it can be to soak in a completely original and well cared-for 80s car even when it’s not the rarest or fastest. This is certainly neither of those things, with the efficiency-before-power Eta engine and a slush box, but it would still be a joy to drive and own.

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1983 BMW 528e


My E28 predilections clearly tend towards the special-edition, but I’m down with exceptional examples of pretty much any 80s BMW – even the most basic. Here we have a 1983 528e that is in the “sweet-spot” of just over 100k miles. This seems to be the mileage where a lot of owners who lovingly cared for their old cars decide it’s time to pass it on. A tan on tan ETA-engined BMW could be taken as bland, but I see it more as a lovely time capsule that highlights the outstanding simplicity of the E28.

Click for more details: 1983 BMW 528e for sale on eBay

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