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1986 BMW 325e

No matter how tragic it might have been, almost everyone I speak to has a soft spot in their heart for their first car. And so it goes with me and my first ride, which, if I might admit, was far from tragic. That’s because it was a 1988 BMW 325is. Even though the E30 has become a bit cultish in recent years, I still smile when I see one on the street and remember the good times I had in mine. Many I come across these days are in dire need of TLC, but this 1986 325e for sale in California is a real minter. While the E30s equipped with the eta engine might not be the enthusiast’s choice, this one has the 5-speed manual so you’ll be able to make the most of what it’s got.

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1986 BMW 528e


The eta-engined BMWs from the late-80s may be maligned, as are automatic BMWs in general, for placing comfort and efficiency above sportiness – a confusing conflict for the Ultimate Driving Machine. As the 80s drift further into our collective rearview mirror, however, any clean example deserves plenty of love. This 528e has survived beautifully with just a few blemishes over almost 30 years and has tons of life left after just 113k miles. Please, someone, buy this as a daily driver or a first car for your kid and keep the E28 population living strong!

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1986 BMW 528e

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The ’80s “eta” engine from BMW eschew top-end screaming power for low-end torque and efficiency and make for great commuters. Today’s 528e is a gem, having covered less than 40,000 miles and looking outstanding in Burgundy over the like-new Natur comfort interior. It needs a few points of attention to be perfect, but I’m not sure perfection is the way to go with this car. As the number of clean E28s still alive dwindles, this is a great candidate to be a fun and reliable DD that stands out from the rest of the bubbles rolling down the highways.

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High mileage BMW E30s: 325is vs. 325es

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A new hunt of mine is finding affordable E30s with solid potential. The cleanest of the quintessential sports sedan have become quite valuable, but there are still some reasonable examples lurking out there. The “s” models, in both “eta” and standard “i” form, provide outstanding handling with varying levels of power. One path for finding inexpensive classics is being open to high-mileage survivors, of which we have two today. Both have well above 200k miles and the “s” package, but one has the venerable 2.5 liter inline-6 while the other comes with the larger-and-slower 2.7l of the 325e. E30s are ripe for many engine swaps, from stock to extreme, so buying a low-price, high-mileage example provides a great foundation for a project.

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1986 BMW 528e


After a 5000+ mile road trip in an F350 with a 50-ft trailer, getting to drive my E28 yesterday was a total joy. Low, direct, quick – all of the reasons I bought it become immediately apparent when I climb back in. For those interested in 80s German cars, I highly recommend the E28 for it’s midsize versatility, excellent handling, and clean styling. Today’s 528e brings all of those elements in a commuter-friendly package, rocking an autobox and the efficiency-minded eta 2.7-liter inline-6 in an epically clean package inside and out that belies its 135k miles. And it’s from Tennessee, where I bought my M5. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

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