1988 BMW 635CSi

In 1987, BMW wowed the U.S. market with the introduction of the S38-powered M6. In the shadowline of that model, though, was another special E24 – the L6. Essentially, the L6 was a standard 635CSi with a very special all-leather interior. Produced in small numbers for only the 1987 model year, they proved to be a bit of a headache for BMW. Like the all-leather dash M6s, the leather upper cover had a tendency to deform and BMW had to replace quite a few under warranty. The L6 also had leather-wrapped center console, the rear air conditioned storage compartment like we saw in the M6, and even a leather headliner. The L6 generally matched European models referred to as “Highline” packages.

When the revised ’88 E24 launched, the L6 was officially dropped as a model. However, you could still opt to get all of the L6 bits installed in your 635CSi, and that’s what we have here:

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1987 BMW L6

The BMW L6 was meant as a more luxurious version of the E24 6 series and might have been better remembered if the legendary M6 had not appeared in the same model year. The L6 lasted for one year and the M6 was gone after 1988. Unlike the M6 which benefitted from a mechanical makeover, the L6 was standard 635CSi mechanicals with added leather trim inside and a standard switchable automatic transmission. This L6 for sale in Oregon has done but 56,000 miles and has a nice set of deep inset aftermarket wheels.

1987 BMW L6 on eBay

1987 BMW 635 CSI L6 (56k original miles). Up for bid is a stunning 1987 BMW 635 CSI L6 with 56k original miles. This car is the rare L6 version that has been kept in immaculate condition and is in great running order. The L6 was a luxury version made in 1987 for the USA with an automatic transmission. In the UK it was called the 635 csi Highline. The L6 has all leather details, including head lining, door skins, and dashboard, and other luxury features such as extra soundproofing and transmission mode selection in the cabin on shifter console.

VIN# WBAEC8400H0614951

Engine & Automatic Transmission: The L6 is powered by BMW built M30 six-cylinder inline, SOHC, 12-valve petrol engine that is capable of 305 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm and 211 horsepower at 5,700 rpm. This car drives very smooth.

Body & Interior: The body and paint are very impressive, all the panels are straight with no waviness. The black paint is deep and extremely nice. The interior is like a time capsule (as if you just drove off the showroom floor in 1987), all glass and plastic are in as new condition. 4 new tires, clean rims, original tools and spare tire. Updated suspension ride control adjustment control installed.

Like the L6 featured last month, this is another great example of a well kept E24. That one had 40,000 more mileage but was in equally good condition with a wealth of history provided by the owner. If this was an M6, $18,000 would be more than a fair price. Even considering this is a rare version of a late model E24 with low mileage, this is priced a bit on the high side by a few grand. One sticking point I have with this L6 is the Tokico switch on the shifter console. This appears to be a period adjustable suspension, but it would be nice if the seller would have provided a bit more information on just how extensive a modification this is.


1987 BMW L6

Writing on this blog is dangerous for me, because every week I seem to have some car I’m focusing on that has me considering trading my current ride for. The gorgeous BMW M6 we featured last week has me running the numbers in my mind and considering going back to where my motoring memories began, with an ’80s BMW. If the M6 is Mr. Hyde, you could consider this L6 the more tame Dr. Jekyll. A one year only model, the L6 was a luxury edition of the 635CSi, with an extensive leather interior that featured a full leather dashboard and even a leather headliner. The 3.5 liter engine was the same as in the 635CSi, though. With such a short production run, few of these L6s are hanging around these days, which made this particular car in classy Luxor Beige catch my eye.

1987 BMW L6 on Hemmings Motor News

This 1987 BMW L6 635csi was originally sold at Seattle BMW with the original owner until 2005. Continuous ownership history is known and documented, and the car wears all luxourbeige paint and shows zero structural or surface rust according to the seller. It now has 100,500 miles, factory options include sunroof and automatic transmission. All service records date back to approx. 2005 and are included. The vehicle has been freshly tuned including recent service for fuel filter, full oil change, chassis service and power steering hose replacement.

The luxourbeige paint is in 7/10 condition and is religiously washed/waxed/polished. The body is very straight and the only defects include a small dent on the hood, DR side cracked mirror casing and a protruding defrost vent in the upper dash. These are small enough that they do not come through in photos but I wanted to mention it.

Purchased in the Summer of 2009 and driven as my daily driver without an issue or drama. Maintained with BMW parts at a highly reputable independent shop (Bimmer Clinic in Reseda, CA). I recently bought a Prius for work travel and unfortunately don’t have the garage room that this car deserves.
The original tan leather interior is in 8/10 condition. It has a very clean headliner and all leather dash, and all switches, lights and functions work superbly. Unusual in these cars is the very supple and clean dash pad without any tears or cracks. Original leather seats are supple and without discoloration or cracks and tears, but there is a slight wear mark in the DR seat base.

The powerful 3.5 liter I-6 engine runs out well in town and on the highway. It offers very good throttle response and fuel economy. There are zero leaks/drips/seeps and runs as it should. Clean trunk, looks rarely if ever used, the same for the backseat buckets. Original and 100% complete tool kit in the trunk. The car has a clean title and recently passed the stringent California smog test with ease (good for 2 years).

In addition to standard diagnostic engine and transmission service, RECENT MAINTENANCE HISTORY INCLUDES:

Replaced battery and alternator (12/11)
Replaced main control relay (6/11)
Adjust 6 cylinder valve; install new gasket, cam plugs, spark plugs and breather hose (6/10)
Replace corroded thermo time switch and transmission coolant line (3/10)
Replaced aux fan resistor, fuel filter, oxygen sensor and brake master cylinder (1/10)
Replaced fuel pressure regulator (8/09)

The E24 6-series holds a cult following that has become more and more vocal around the automotive world recently. Admired for the unmistakable landshark aesthetic, the best engineering BMW had to offer and unadulterated 80s charm. Wish I had an extra garage for this beauty.

$11,900 negotiable

The thing that amazes me about this L6 is the leather interior. It’s practically spotless. The greenhouse is rather large on this car so it is no mean feat to keep the all leather interior from cracking, especially parts like the dashboard. The previous owners surely must have give this car the time and attention it deserved. While not as valuable as a similar vintage M6, the rest of the E24 range is appreciating mildly, as people begin to wake up to the modern day classics. With one owner for 18 years, a full service history and mileage that isn’t over the top, I would say the asking price is perfectly reasonable for this car. Given the seller is flexible, if the new owner could get another $500 to $1,000 off, this L6 would be well bought.


1987 BMW L6

The E24 BMW 6 series is one of those classic BMWs that make me yearn for the days when the Ultimate Driving Machine was indeed the Ultimate Driving Machine. No i-Drive, no electronic power steering, no stability or traction control interference. Just pure, unadulterated driving pleasure. At the end of its production run, for one year only, BMW produced a limited run luxury version, called the L6. Essentially a 635CSi, this special model had almost every interior surface covered in leather, including the dashboard, console and headliner. As a result, it was an absolute upkeep nightmare and examples that come up for sale often have interiors looking way past their prime.

Here is a rather well preserved example for sale in Philadelphia.

1987 BMW L6 on eBay

L6 Package and All Leather Package. The all-leather option means that knee panel beneath the dashboard, glove compartment, driver stowage box, door trims, rear side panels, sun visors, roof lining, A and B pillars, grab handles, even the instrument panel is covered by the same top-quality leather as the seats have.! LOADED with Premium Sound! Power everything. Power Seats, Heated seats, Memory seats with Lumbar support! A real luxury sedan the ultimate BMW driving machine! The most rare and sought after color combination!

+The car has been inspected by our mechanic and was found in excellent condition!

You are looking at an exceptionally well kept, great looking sport inline 6 cylinder luxury automobile, one of the finest series that BMW makes. This car says a lot about its owner, and has been renowned in the world as a symbol of prestige and class, as well as having great performance. It’s been very well kept and serviced; in fact it runs almost like a new car. It’s a great Classic color for this model and combined with the gray leather interior adds lot of luxury appeal to it. It also has the Premium Sound & comfort packages.

Judging by the miles and the condition of the car, it has been mostly used on the highway and it has also been garage kept. A never-smoked-in beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is an exceptional inline 6, one of the most powerful in the segment. Runs strong and smooth provides the power you have come to expect from a BMW. The transmission has the BMW mark on it as well and shifts like on a new car, no skips or slips on shifts. The engine compartment is clean, and free of any leaks.

No electrical problems were found! AC blows ice-cold and the heater is hot. As you can judge yourself from the pictures, the interior is clean. The seats are 16 way adjustable including lumbar support for both driver and passenger. Extra comfort comes from heated seats on both front seats, and extensive lumbar support for the drivers and passengers seat. The power locks, windows, seats and moon roof (and all the other electrical features) all work and are in excellent condition, and it is also one of the first models that came with projector lights, that are still missing from most modern cars.

The vehicle comes with the original BMW set of tools is intact, 12 speaker sound system. Not many of those 635 model BMWs were made for the US, this is your chance to own a truly unique sport luxurious sedan painted in a classic gray that stands out.

While this is certainly a nice example of an L6, almost $16,000 for a non-M6 E24 is a bit over the top. The high retail over at NADA.com is about $9,000, and I would wager to say anything a shade over $10,000 would be a good sum for a car in this condition and mileage. Still, it is nice to see an L6 out there that hasn’t been beat into the ground and it’s interior looking like a team of felines have had at it for a few years.