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1974 Porsche 911S – Lightweight Outlaw

We’ve featured a few cars of similar intent to the one we see here and they are always difficult to gauge, but one of the persistent criticisms of those cars, especially considering the asking price many sellers seek, is that most of them have retained their stock drivetrain. Given the 911 market, there are cogent reasons for those build decisions as cosmetic details can be reverted to their stock configuration, whereas a car without its engine will never be wholly original again. One solution is to use a 911 with a relatively unloved drivetrain and replace it with something more desirable. This build followed that route utilizing a 1974 911S as its foundation and replacing its 2.7 liter flat-six with the 3.6 liter engine from a 993. Transmission, braking, and suspension received similar upgrades and the interior has been stripped and rebuilt with only the essentials leaving a spartan environment that appears bare but well sorted. With a reported 2550 lb weight this is sure to be screamer and for the well-heeled might make for a very interesting track car.

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1964 Porsche 356C Coupe – Outlaw

In last week’s post about the Porsche 356 I wrote about the way these cars have always struck me for their beauty and graceful, simple, designs. At this point in their history the 356 is less about performance and more about history and elegance. There are some, though, for whom the beauty of the car is not enough. Enter the Outlaw. At its root, the Outlaw philosophy is a tried and true method: take a vintage car, make minor exterior modifications to suit one’s taste and combine those with more modern modifications to the drivetrain. Add in some interior modifications to suit the car’s personality and you have an Outlaw. These were souped-up variants of a classic car. The degree of modification can vary significantly, both for the exterior and drivetrain, with some Outlaw models producing more than 200 hp to go along with modern suspension and braking. The example here is much more subtle featuring minor exterior changes, a bored 1.7 liter engine along with the requisite suspension and interior modifications. The base car here was a 1964 356C so it provides a nice comparison with the original model we featured last week.

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