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1964 Porsche 356C Coupe – Outlaw

This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

In last week’s post about the Porsche 356 I wrote about the way these cars have always struck me for their beauty and graceful, simple, designs. At this point in their history the 356 is less about performance and more about history and elegance. There are some, though, for whom the beauty of the car is not enough. Enter the Outlaw. At its root, the Outlaw philosophy is a tried and true method: take a vintage car, make minor exterior modifications to suit one’s taste and combine those with more modern modifications to the drivetrain. Add in some interior modifications to suit the car’s personality and you have an Outlaw. These were souped-up variants of a classic car. The degree of modification can vary significantly, both for the exterior and drivetrain, with some Outlaw models producing more than 200 hp to go along with modern suspension and braking. The example here is much more subtle featuring minor exterior changes, a bored 1.7 liter engine along with the requisite suspension and interior modifications. The base car here was a 1964 356C so it provides a nice comparison with the original model we featured last week.

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Year: 1964
Model: 356C
Engine: 1.7 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 115,600 mi
Price: Reserve auction

1964 Porsche 356 C Coupe

VIN / Chassis Number: 129947

Mild Outlaw

Restored 2005

Fully sorted

Great panel fits

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Fully documented since start of restoration

Tons of spares

Super clean, not smoked in

Starts, stops, runs, drives as it should

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Model year: 1964

Type: C

Style: Coupe

Coachbuilder: Reutter

Beginning Chassis #: 128105

End Chassis Number: 131927

Outlaw modifications:

Updates with classic modifications make this car unique. Most changes are easily reversible and take-off parts are included.

· Hood handle shaved and holes filled

· 911 hood crest

· GT-style aluminum bumper trim

· Carrera-style rear valance

· Carrera wire front grille inserts

· Headlight stone guards

· Berlin-style bullet mirror

· Minilite alloy wheels

· Dual circuit master cylinder

· 1720cc Big Bore Kit

· SC crank

· Carb heaters removed and blocked

· NLA Sport exhaust

· Mainley By Design oil sump

· Aluminum oil cooler

· Pertronix ignition

· Super 90 flywheel

· GT-style front seats with corduroy inserts

· Diest red seatbelts

· Leather Wheelskins steering wheel cover


We previously featured this 1965 356SC produced by the same company and both appear to be cars developed to a very high standard with tasteful modifications to go along with their extra performance. Like that previous model I haven’t coped the entire description above since it is very long, so see the full ad for additional details. The car here is a more basic version of that Outlaw ideal, but still provides for a very interesting departure from the standard 356C. Even better, the reserve here has already been met with bidding having reached $49,999. Given the efforts to produce these cars, which would include sourcing a 356 as foundation, that isn’t a bad price for something that you are likely to come across only on the rarest of occasions. These certainly won’t suit everyone’s desires, but uniquely modified cars rarely do.