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Tag: Panel Van

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1989 Volkswagen Transporter Turbodiesel Panel Van

I normally write up trucks and vans with an eye on how they could be used or repurposed as a do-all traveler for camping, biking, and exploring. Westfalias remove some of the imagination, as they were created for exactly my kind of adventuring. Today’s black Transporter panel van presents the yang to last week’s Westy Hightop yin, cutting the Vanagon’s great lines to their essence by removing most of the windows and doing without any add-ons. The clean, all-business exterior continues in the cab, while the rear area shows the scuffs and bare bones of former commercial use. I am truly in love with the look of this van, and while my mind runs wild thinking of a bed and Porsche motor retrofitted in the rear, the 41k-mile, 52mpg diesel makes it an eminently practical van as is.

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