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Has it really been a month since our last “What We’re Watching”?!? Today I’ve lined up another group of rare and rarely seen models that all have their fans. Once again, they’re all no reserve, offering us a great glimpse at where the market is heading on some models and where deals can still be found:

Click for Details: 1984 Volkswagen Transporter Syncro Panel Van

This one ticks all the right rarity boxes in the T2 market; it’s a Syncro and very unique in that it’s a panel van, though admittedly that probably limits the appeal to those who carry passengers. The “Expedition Build” makes up for it, though, and this adventure van looks prime for traveling anywhere. Bidding is heating up on the no reserve auction, but this one is still a lot cheaper than you’d expect normally for a built Syncro at only $15,000 with a few days to go.

Click for Details: 1989 Volkswagen Fox Wagon

It takes a strong VW lover to appreciate the Fox, but the diminutive 2-door wagon has arguably the greatest appeal of the run. Built in Brazil, these models shared a lot in common with Audis of the same period with a longitudinal layout. Unlike what the seller indicates, that makes a VR6 swap not impossible, but not hugely easy. It sounds like the running condition could probably be sorted reasonably easily if the car at least starts, and the chassis is reasonably clean appearing with lower miles. Right now, a single $1,500 bid buys it, but that’s probably still strong considering it’s only a roller.

Click for Details: 2002 Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG

We definitely don’t give much press to the R170, but we probably should since the nutters at AMG got their hands on them and crafted a great option. The SLK32 might not have had the big V8 like the later 55s did, but you still got 349 horsepower from the 3.2 liter V6 for top-down 0-60 in 5 seconds. This one can be yours for only $4,000 so far.

Click for Details: 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country Chrome

Back to Volkswagens, and one we’ve seen before, at that. However, this 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country is a pretty special specimen and rare in low-mile, original Chrome Edition. Something shady has gone on with the seller, though – it’s been up several times on no reserve auctions and sold for sometimes astonishing amounts. When I originally wrote it up in December, 2016, it sold for $24,800. Then, again, for $24,700 the next week, then for $15,100 in April. What’s going on? Well, some research would be required if you’re really interested, but regardless it’s a neat and rare car to see.

Click for Details: 2001 Audi A6 4.2 quattro

The C5 A6 was offered in many configurations and wildly popular. This 2001 predates S6 importation in the chassis, and was the top-of-the-heap 4.2 model with aluminum panels, wide flares and big wheels, and the stomping 300 horsepower V8. It looks great in Ming Blue with the original Speedline wheels, and though it doesn’t have sport seats it looks quite tidy inside too. So far it’s not passed $1,000 – making this a discrete deal for a commuter who’d like a little style and speed.


1989 Volkswagen Transporter Turbodiesel Panel Van

I normally write up trucks and vans with an eye on how they could be used or repurposed as a do-all traveler for camping, biking, and exploring. Westfalias remove some of the imagination, as they were created for exactly my kind of adventuring. Today’s black Transporter panel van presents the yang to last week’s Westy Hightop yin, cutting the Vanagon’s great lines to their essence by removing most of the windows and doing without any add-ons. The clean, all-business exterior continues in the cab, while the rear area shows the scuffs and bare bones of former commercial use. I am truly in love with the look of this van, and while my mind runs wild thinking of a bed and Porsche motor retrofitted in the rear, the 41k-mile, 52mpg diesel makes it an eminently practical van as is.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Volkswagen Transporter Turbodiesel Panel Van on eBay

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1953 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van

Designed to be a commercial compliment to the original Beetle, the Volkswagen Type 2 was about as utilitarian as it gets this side of a farm implement. Even to this day, a variation of the original is still in production to this day in Brazil. Surfers, hippies and artists have all had their way with these vans, employing them as a sort of mobile canvas. Interesting results have come about, ranging from the low riding Cal look to vans modified for off-road use. This early barndoor T2 for sale in North Carolina looks fairly subtle at first, but dig deeper and a few surprises lurk beneath.


Year: 1953
Model: Type 2 Panel Van
Engine: 1.2 liter supercharged flat four
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 9,305(?) miles
Price: $50,000

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1953 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van on eBay


1953 Barndoor Panel, lowered, 36hp Judson November 17, 1953 Type 2 Panelvan Barndoor, delivered to Post, Darmstadt/Germany. Restored to original condition except for being lowered and upgraded 36hp engine w Judson Supercharger. Interior in great, restored condition with original dash pod and keys. Grey seat covers, grey kick panels. Original metal everywhere except under battery. Never nose damage. Original pans, side panels, etc. Safari windows with latching! 36hp engine with Judson Supercharger runs strong. Lowered front and rear suspension. Original front and rear bumpers. Kog hubcaps. All original hard to find parts there. A restored, great driving and looking 1953 barndoor. Fuel tank just recoated and repainted. Fuel lines replaced. New pictures added. Body in great condition with a few paint imperfections. Most notable are a chip on lower driver door and crack along seem on driver door. If I respray the driver door, it will cost more next time I sell.

**Note: the bus is lowered. Non-stock. I am not interested in raising it up for you. Sold as is. It runs and drives great.

**Car is located in North Carolina. Moved out of CA a year or so ago. I have plenty more pictures if really interested. Selling locally also, have the right to end auction early. Contact me with any questions.


This van is really sharp. The stance, color and supercharger add up to one seriously cool collectable. It’s also an interesting subject as these panel vans are less common than their passenger oriented counterparts, especially when restored like this. This is one of those vehicles that could appeal to a variety of enthusiasts, from those looking for a simple camping vehicle to a small business owner who doesn’t need a lot of power for hauling but needs something sensibly sized for getting around town.

Volkswagen vans have been trending upward in value over the last few years, whether it be an early T2 or a later Vanagon Syncro. Back in 2011, a 1963 T2 Bus fetched over $200,000 at auction. While this T2 has some interesting period pieces, including that Judson supercharger, this one is priced more realistic but still pricey for what was once a vehicle for the masses. Like the Warhol and the Campbell’s Soup can, it’s amazing what can become icons of all things cool.