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2001 Audi S4

An interesting thing is happening for me with the B5 Audi S4. Even when it launched, I considered the B5 too complicated, too heavy and a bit too boring in the design. Is it a handsome looking car? Sure, but to me it wasn’t quite as special looking as the wider fendered C4 and V8 quattro models had been. Performance was good but not outstanding, and I openly criticized the new S4 as barely being the match for the already out-of-production E36 M3. So when power was upped substantially in the new B6 V8, on paper it was a better car. It seemed less complicated, more of a muscle car that was practical. But recent events in the used B6/7 market – the fear of timing chain guides – have changed the discussion. On top of that, many of the issues that the B5 platform experienced are being worked on by an enthusiastic community with market support. It’s something that hasn’t really previously occurred in the Audi market, but getting these older cars to run better (and without check engine lights constantly ablaze) is suddenly of interest in light of the problems with the later V8s. On top of that, clean examples of the S4 are already starting to dry up, since many dropped in value so quickly or weren’t maintained properly. Has the time of the B5 S4 finally come again?

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10K Friday Practical Performance Edition: R32 v. S4 v. 330xi v. E500 Estate v. Cayenne Turbo

Edit: Thanks to several readers for pointing out several details that prove this Cayenne is a Turbo, but not a Turbo S. Only 450 horsepower, then!

It’s been a few weeks since my last 10K Friday entry, and I wanted to get something together for the impending snow New England is once again expecting. To remind us of the terms of the comparison, I’m looking for themed cars around $10,000 (give or take, we’ll see later). I try to generally find the newest cars possible, figuring that for many these will be a daily driver. In this case, I was looking for performance all-wheel drive cars that offered year round practicality with a touch of sport. So lining up the best I could find from Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche gives us an interesting amount of diversity for your hard-earned dollars. Today we have two sedans, a hatchback, a wagon and a S.U.V. to contemplated; which is the winner?

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1992 Audi S4

It goes without saying that we’re one of many sites that looks towards online auctions for what’s for sale daily. Indeed, prior to coming on board at GCFSB I pursued many of them every day and night to see what was out there. However, one of the things that drew me in to being a follower of this particular site was that the cars were cars that I could afford. Sure, from time to time the other sites run a bargain car or an affordable project, but largely it seems that the featured cars are firmly out of the grasp of someone with modest means. That’s not to take anything away from their concentration; I’m sure that amongst the devoted fans of other sites are plenty of well-heeled individuals, and similarly I’m sure that we’ve got some followers with much, much deeper pockets than I’ll ever have. Nevertheless, there is something that’s appealing about a quality car that can be had at a bargain, and looking at 1980s and early 1990s German cars affords us that opportunity, both literally and figuratively. The other aspect that I love is that coming of age, these cars were the cutting edge of technology – the cars that I read about in magazines but never dreamed I could possibly buy. One of my favorites then was the seeming underdog; the Audi S4. True, out of the box it was down on power to the M5 and 500E, but it was the most modern of the trio, and being the only turbocharged option there was a world of potential in the motor. It was, after all, the monster motor that had powered the legendary Group B cars in the 1980s and the IMSA cars into the 1990s. Couple that potential with a stout all-wheel drive system and a refined interior along with a sedate but handsome exterior, and you have one of the truly great sleepers:

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1993 and 1994 Audi S4s

Finding a good first generation S4 is a bit of a hard task today. First off, they weren’t the most plentiful car imported to the United States. On top of that, many have fallen victim to neglect, crashes or part-outs as they donated their valuable and powerful motors to projects. It’s gotten to the point where I’d even term it infrequent that we come across a clean 1992 model – arguably, the most desirable of the bunch with lower and firmer suspension than the rest of the C4 lineup. Today isn’t one of those occasions where we’ll see one, but I do have one each from the subsequent years to take a peek at:

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Afternoon Accessories: Audi Dealer Goodies

It’s always nice to spend a few minutes perusing old dealer brochures. Manufacturers spend countless millions on marketing, after all, and we should appreciate their efforts. Today I’ve rounded up some of the dealer goodies that Audi has given out – representing some milestones in the company’s history, no less. There’s the memorable poster celebrating the R8 win of the North American Endurance Championship (remember back when this was a new concept for Audi?), and the dominant RS6s run in the SCCA World Challenge. Then there’s a cool schematic showing the dimensions on the S4. I have a similar one for the Quattro and I love to look at it! Speaking of, there’s also a dealer brochure with a RR 20V Quattro fold out – what a pretty car. And let’s not forget the new – and wildly popular – turn Audi took when it launched the TT. All in all, some neat historic memories this afternoon! What’s your favorite?

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