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1973 BMW 2002tii


We’ve seen some cool 2002s around GCFSB, but most have at least some level of modification or updating. Today’s 2002tii comes in the amazing Riviera Blue, a subtle hue that suits the vintage lines perfectly and is a new personal favorite. Having been with just two owners and covering less than 70k miles in its four decades years, it has been very well cared for and shows a few spots of patina but overall is in incredible shape. The all-original look, especially with this color and wheel combo, makes it hard to imagine a modified ’02 looking any better.

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1973 BMW 2002 Tii Euro-spec

The 2002 has appeal that was captured by later models in some regards, but has been lost along the way as well. It makes me chuckle a bit when I read comments regarding the 1 series (now 2 series) being a light car – well, I suppose in comparison to the 7 series, that’s likely true. However, cars like the 135i weighed in at a simply staggering 3,400 or so pounds. It makes me chuckle; BMW enthusiasts love to talk about how heavy Audis are, yet the 135i is only a few cheeseburgers and Battlestar Gallactica marathons short of a V8/S4/S6 quattro but it’s considered “light”. Now, you could argue that a hefty increase in passenger safety accounts for that weight gain, and you’d be right. And the new cars are much more luxurious, isolating, and reliable – for the average consumer, all of these things are very good improvements. But one of the hallmarks of the pre-M3 small cars was that you could drive them flat-out nearly all the time – something that you just can’t do with more modern machines. For as the spiritual successor to the 2002 – that same 135i – has gained weight and luxury, it’s also significantly faster than the 2002 ever was thanks to a twin-turbocharged inline-6. 0-60 times of even the non-M version of the 135 are faster than most pre-2005 M products (I’m slightly amazed by this, but I think it’s actually faster than everything but the V10 M5/M6). Out of the box, it will do a standing quarter mile in 13 seconds and is limited to 155 mph. Impressive? Yes. But is it really the spiritual successor of the 2002Tii, a car that you could drive with your foot to the floor, exploring the limits all the while? Not in my mind:

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1970 BMW 2000 “Tii”

It seems like it’s a good week for less common but tastefully modified BMWs; following yesterday’s restomod 2800CS comes a similarly setup Neue Klass model – a 1970 BMW 2000. Not generally the best remember model from this period, the Neue Klass produced some of the most legendary BMWs ever made – notably, the 2000CS and the 2002. Though the E9 is the better remembered big coupe from BMW, it was in turn heavily based upon the 2000 model. But there was also a small sedan that offered some sport with your practicality. The ultimate expression of the 2000 gained the motor more famously used in the 2-door 2002 model – the Tii. With 130 horsepower on tap, it was more than adequate to motivate the lightweight four door. In that vein and sporting some great wheels comes today’s 2000:

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Motorsport Mondays: 1972 BMW 2002 Alpina Tribute

Yesterday on our Facebook fanpage I posted a 1972 BMW 2002 track car with Zender flares and an S14 swap; while not original, it sure looked neat. Today’s car isn’t original either, but is built in the style of the Alpina racers and if anything looks even better to me as a result. Looking splendid in red over those classic turbine wheels, take a look at this 1972 2002:

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1976 BMW 2002 Turbo Replica

This past weekend I wrote up a great looking 2002 Ti Touring Turbo-look, that unfortunately for most U.S. fans was a bit too far for most to contemplate. I loved the squat stance with fat tires over the Turbo flares, but where that car had taken the replica idea to towards the race track today’s replica follows the route of the original Turbo and is a bit more tame as a road car. Without a doubt the original featured one of the best graphics packages ever available from the factory, with reversed “obrut” to let the driver ahead know what was about to pass them. Take a look at this neat tribute:

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