V8 Week: 2003 BMW M5

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When I think about V8s I want to own, the E39 M5’s S62 is near the top of the list. 4.9 liters of fury make this one of the great super sedans, a delicious mix of V8 muscle and a very well-balanced chassis draped with four doors that could carry a family or roll up to a classy restaurant. Though just ten years have passed since the E39 last rolled off the line, I have a feeling the ubiquitous praise for these cars and immediate discussion of modern classic status will start pushing prices up for nice examples soon. For now, they remain one of the most desirable M cars and a ton of car for the money.

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Year: 2003
Model: M5
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 91,985 mi
Price: $21,575 Buy It Now

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I am pleased to offer this beautiful 2003 E39 BMW M5 in Carbon Black over Caramel leather. This M5 has been garage kept and all maintenance is up to date. The odometer shows just over 91k miles. Clean carfax and autocheck with no accident history etc. This M5 has been maintained properly since new and comes with fresh fluids that include:

1. Oil change (Fully Synthetic Lubro Moly 10w60)
3. New Thermostat and coolant flush
5. Brake Fluid Flush
6. Rear Differential and Manual Transmission Flush.

There is some normal wear and tear consistent with the age of the car.

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Sub-100k mile M5s are quickly going to become jewels hiding in garages, but for now they’re just normally owned cars that have been used conservatively. The RS6 is great, the E55 is cool, but if you want a turn-of-the-century V8 4-door monster, the E39 M5 is the one to have. With 91k miles and in black over the sumptuous caramel leather, this E39 may be priced slightly higher than some others, but I’d be hard pressed to say it’s not worth it.


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  1. Love Carbon Black. Looks amazing when properly polished in sunlight! Seriously thinking about repainting the GT this color!

  2. my cars clone!…..this and my E30 M3 will be buried with me!…
    as far as this car goes….engine bay pic shows a pretty much stock car…no mention of service records as with the S62 they are EVERYTHING…..no mention of carbon build-up being addressed and at 90+k that is most surely an issue….how bad??…you need to perform a test on it…
    it looks to have extended leather…which is really nice….and while there are no pic of the DS side bolster…the leather looks to be good…
    suspension will need to be re-done, if it has not been addressed….front especially..at the tranny at this mileage is something to be especially careful about.
    IF records are available…IF the CB has been addressed……and a really good PPI is done….the S62 is bulletproof when maintained…
    at 19.5-20k you have a solid car that will need about 3-4k to make it new!

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