Wagon Week: Low-Mileage 2004 BMW 325xi Touring

My neighbor Marc has an E46 Touring that has been consistently growing on me in the 1.5 years I’ve lived in my current place. I’ve always loved wagons, but I never really paused and contemplated the E46 wagon until his. It may be the fact that he has a black, low-mileage Porsche 993 Turbo under a cover in the garage. With that kind of firepower waiting for the right weekend, a BMW wagon becomes a very logical choice as a daily driver. In light of recent BMW designs, the E46 is a refreshingly simple shape that, while unassuming in base trim, can quickly become very aggressive. Today’s comes with the venerable M52 2.5l and all-wheel drive, a useful addition even if rear-wheel drive wagons make me tingle. I’d also prefer a manual, but those are pretty rare in longroofs. Having covered less than 60k miles in its 9-year, one-owner life, this 325 has a hell of a lot more groceries left to haul.

Year: 2004
Model: 325xi
Engine: M52 2.5 liter inline six
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 57,600
Price: $16,950

2004 BMW 325xi for sale on eBay Motors

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 7.09.27 PM

You are looking at a nice looking sporty and luxury wagon. The black exterior + black leather interior color combination gives the car a certain kind of unique classy sporty and aggressive appeal. From the way the car drives and looks and the year of the vehicle – most of the miles on the car are highway miles. There are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. A never-smoked-in before beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is very strong and provides the power you have come to expect from a BMW and runs extra smooth. The transmission has the BMW mark on it as well and the transmission is in great condition! The suspension that’s on the car feels very nimble and comfortable at the same time. The A/C works well and blows cold air! We had our mechanic check the car. All in all, the car really runs great!

As you can judge for yourself from the pictures – the interior is clean and looks great! All electrical components on the vehicle seem to be in working order. The check light of the diagnostic computer reads ok. The engine compartment looks clean, and free of any leaks. This BMW is equipped with a climate control system. The power locks, windows and roof all work and are in excellent condition. All the power controls and buttons work. The car also comes with VERY nice all season tires have plenty of tread life left. The tires have been rotated, balanced.

This is an exceptionally looking vehicle – Loaded with tons of extras!

Super versatile with subdued but great looks, this would be a great compromise for someone who likes the BMW driving experience but needs to haul more than a golf bag and enjoys a little inclement weather. I could definitely DD a 325xi, but not at $17k – that’s E92 wagon territory! Someone click the “make an offer” button at half that.


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  1. $17k for a 325xiT with the cold weather package and hill descent control? This from a seller who is too cheap to spend $25 on a new Roundel for the hood? He’s just fishing for suckers.

  2. Seller is smoking something. As noted, price is way out of line with reality. “You simply will NOT find a vehicle like this!” Actually, I’m confident I can find something comparable, thanks. And much cheaper too.

    I do like the E46 325xiT. Quite a bit. And this looks like a pretty clean example of a very attractive car. But, it’s minimally equipped (no, those aren’t leather seats, and DSC came standard on the xi) and certainly not reasonably priced. Unfortunately, the 2.5L inline-6 is saddled with x-drive and automatic, so the pace will be on the leisurely side.

  3. I agree on roundel point. I’m amazed how dealers spend time creating an add full of generic words that mean nothing, instead of fixing cheap cosmetic issues like the worn roundel and describing the stuff that matters such as maintenance and repair history.
    Also, they want the top dollar but at the same time they make sure there is no more than 1-2 gallons of fuel left in the tank.

  4. Would love to have this for my wife since it would perfectly complement the black 2004 M3 convertible I just bought in December, but as others have said, the price is insane. I only paid $2500 more for the M3 with 64K miles. Always wonder if there’s people out there actually willing to pay such inflated asking prices. Seems like so much more of a hassle than just asking a reasonable price right from the start, but what do I know…

  5. Here’s another one-owner plain Jane 325iT. Overpriced at $8,981 but still a better deal than the car in this post.


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