Custom 1989 Mercedes 190E 2.6 to 3.0

Interesting piece here. We have a 190E 2.6 that has had some interesting upgrades.

Note this listing might get pulled down as it is violating eBay policies with massive keyword spamming, a practice that is incredibly lame, makes the seller come off as a tool and is a reason why some car guys have taken their car buying business away from eBay.

Aside from the dumb ass listing strategy the car itself is a looker and unique. The stock engine has been pulled out for a 3 liter unit and the car has had a body kit added to make it look like a Cosworth 190 clone. It is unclear if the 122k miles are on the engine or the chassis, probably the engine as the history report is showing 359,857 miles and a failed emissions test back in 2002.

The car’s look are extenuated with the Cosworth clone body kit, painted AMG rims, smoked badges, blacked out grille, and French style yellow headlights with HID bulbs.

Suspension upgrades include C43 AMG brakes, and some E420 components. An LSD, exhaust, and remapped ECU help with performance. Another selling point is the Getrag 5 speed manual.

The car has a rebuilt title and there seems to be some weird things going on with the vehicle history mileage check so a potential owner should check into that. The seller says the damage was a parking lot ding that creased a quarterpanel and bumper cost $2k thus getting the car the branded title, probably because an 89 190E with high miles won’t be valued very highly in the insurance  actuary tables.

Owner claims $20k invested and the car is at $2,000 with the reserve not met. I would want to check this one out in person since there seems to be some sketchiness with the car. I’m not sure how high this is going to go I’d be surprised if it gets more than $4,000, but it is a pretty nice looking take on the 190E. The good photos almost make up for the key word spamming.

Custom 1989 Mercedes 190E 3.0 on eBay.


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  1. $2000 does not brand a title so thats an outright lie. Its hard to consider a car like this seriously with the kind of bs this guy is selling.

    How bout some info on the motor swap? Why would you? Which 3.0 is in the car he’s not too specific.

    I see a bunch of different parts not engineered for the chassis lumped together without much in the way of specifics. So you basically have a lot of 80’s bling on a chassis which was a wrecked car.
    Where is the interesting part?

    pass on this dog

  2. @ Howard, I agree with you about the title. The only thing I can think of is the insurance company value on a high mile 190E was so low that the cost to replace and paint panels was more than what they thought it was worth. Keep in mind the history report is showing 359,857 miles back in 2002 at that kind of mileage any work totals the car for an insurance company. My own experience with salvage cars tells me, if there were less miles, than there was more likely some suspension or front assembly damage as well. If it was minor a good seller would have fought the insurance company not to write it off to keep the title clean. The damage wouldn’t necessarily scare me away from a car, but not knowing the whole story or dealing with a cagey seller does.

  3. Bidding is north of $3000.

    Wait…that isn’t how much they’re offering to pay me to take this car off their hands?!?

    What…they want me to pay them for it?

    Really? *click*

  4. Not sold, reserve not met at $3,450.

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