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Wagon Week: 1980 Volkswagen Passat L Variant


As we round off another Wagon Week here at GCFSB, we’ll take a look at something a little bit different. The original Volkswagen Passat, otherwise known as the Dasher in the US market, would replace the Type 3 in the lineup, ushering in a new era of larger, front-engined, water-cooled vehicles. Successive generations of the Passat would see the car grow further in size, with four-wheel drive as an option on some models. The fifth generation would go on to be quite a success and help drive Volkswagen’s comeback in the US. This early Passat L Variant for sale in Hamburg, Germany isn’t fast, luxurious or flashy, but in Manila Green, is rather eye catching. Rarely do you see them this nicely preserved.

Click for details: 1980 Volkswagen Passat L Variant on

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Week In Review

Welcome back to Week in Review, where we recap the last few weeks of vehicles we have featured:

The 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280GE sold for $7,950: Closed Auction | Our Post on this Truck

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1980 Mercedes-Benz LP809 Firetruck

$_57 (5)

I suppose if I were born in Europe, I might think that firetrucks from the US would make cool cars, but that’s not the case. Alas, I’m born and bred in the US and thus think that the variety of trucks utilized over there are all awesome. While I’m usually looking for ones that would easily convert to a unique RV, you’d have to get pretty creative with this one. With the ability to seat 7 up front, however, I’m thinking you could turn one of the equipment bays into some sliding cots. I’m not a burner, but the top deck looks prime for it.

Regardless of your planned use, it’s only covered 20k miles in 34 years. It is commensurately clean, from the classically utilitarian interior to the sweet roll-up sides. I’m not sure what you’d use it for, but the auction is just crawling along, so get creative. As of writing, you could buy it and have it shipped over for less than $10k, making for a pretty sweet anything-truck.

Click for details: 1980 Mercedes-Benz LP809 Firetruck on eBay

$_57 (4)

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1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup


Even though I feel very fortunate to have two cars I love, every time a Rabbit Pickup drives by I follow it longingly. It was an amazing first car – different, a blast to drive, moderately useful, and completely hilarious. There are quite a few still out there that could be acquired for decent prices, but the diesels and the really clean examples have begun commanding some severe premiums. Today’s example isn’t quite the modded-out tuner machine like a few that I’ve written up here, but it’s not an all-original example either. It sits as a nice in-between, with an attractive, low stance and awesome, plus-sized Snowflake wheels. The only other modifications are a duckbill front spoiler and trimmed bumper mounts, creating a subtly unique look that is more of an exaggeration of the original car rather than a revamp. The real story here is that it’s covered less than 100k miles and shows it, with the white exterior clean and the VERY RED interior in great shape.

Click for details: 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup on eBay

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1980 Porsche 928

The popular automotive program Top Gear once asked “can a car be art?” I’ve always thought one can find beauty in industrial or mechanical things, be it a simple household good such as an alarm clock or a more complex mechanical apparatus like this 1980 Porsche 928. Introduced in 1977 at the Geneva Motor Show, 1980 would see a more powerful S model, but not for those customers stateside. The 928S wouldn’t arrive until model year 1983 in the US, leaving the 1980 to 1982 US spec 928 a bit of an afterthought amongst collectors today. This 1980 example we see here has but 45,000 miles on the clock and looks quite fresh. Is it enough to attract a would be 928 owner into one of the forgotten years?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1980 Porsche 928 on eBay

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