1987 BMW M6

Introduced to the rest of the world in 1983, the M635CSi, or later, M6, was one of those ’80s icons. Along with the Porsche 928, Audi Quattro and Mercedes-Benz 560SEC, these represented some of Germany’s finest for the decade. By the time the BMW M6 reached these shores, it was detuned and had catalysts, but still produced 256 horsepower, which was very respectable for the day.

There are still plenty of clean, low mileage M6s to be had by collectors. I like this particular example because it is neither a worn out, high mileage example or a low mileage garage queen. This would be the kind of car you wouldn’t be afraid to use on a regular basis.

1987 BMW M6 on eBay

Offered here for your consideration, is an extraordinarily clean and sharp 1987 BMW M6 Coupe. I am advised that this vehicle is one out of only 5400 that were shipped to the USA. With only 76,600 original miles, this car is a find. Always garaged and pampered in Southern California, the vehicle is remarkably straight, tight and pristine in original factory paint. The interior upholstery is superb. The carpets appear fresh plus the door panels and armrests are basically unblemished (see photos). Pride ownership is evident. If you are seeking a M6 for an investment or to simply tour and enjoy, this is one to keep.

The car is powered by a 3.5L straight six engine matched to a 5-speed manual transmission. ABS power brakes are standard plus P/S, P/W & P/Locks and cruise control. Air conditioning blows cold. The car has genuine leather upholstery throughout and is quite beautiful with power leather seats with memory. The car sports a sunroof and stereo system.

Condition: Excellent. I personally composed the photos and video of this vehicle on location. They are not enhanced or altered in any manner and speak volumes for the fine condition of this example. Minor flaws: The leather dash top has two stretch-rips in areas (see photos); the driver’s seat side lumbar leather shows some minor wear; the front airdam has some rock-chips in the paint; a very shallow dimple/door ding on the P/S side body was noticed but was too minute to photograph; two of the wheels show minor curb scrapes. The imperfections mentioned are very minor in my opinion. If you are an absolute perfectionist, it would take very little time or money to brings this car up top-notch.

With a couple days left in the auction, there has been a good bit of interest. As of writing this, bidding has reached over $11,000, but hasn’t met the reserve. I would take a wild stab and say it is probably around $17,000 or so. Twenty five years on, this car still looks the part and being a Southern California car is a definite plus for collectors. This is certainly a useable classic if there ever was one.


Redone and Modified 1987 BMW M535i for sale

My E28 M5 hunt has heated up a little bit with the right example popping up near where I work, so I’m trying to make monetary and spatial arrangements to perhaps fulfill my dream of 80s M-car ownership. If this opportunity passes, the hunt will continue over the next year and I will have to open my mind to other options. The E28 message boards are constantly alight with M535i vs. M5 arguments, and today’s eBay find takes each side to the next level.

Recently sandblasted and painted underneath with the E34 M5’s S38B38 underneath, this white-on-black wheels M535 has the juice to back up the Euro-only body kit. It’s located in Sweden, but a car this well-done and rare is an intriguing find anywhere in the world.

1987 BMW M535i for sale on eBay

A concise description of how this beast came about:

M535i with E34 M5 drivetrain (S38B38) producing 384bhp at the rear wheels. New MOT and road tax. Clear title.

Newly renovated front and rear undercarrige. Most things have been sandblasted and painted. rear sub frame mounts have been reinforced. New wheelberings, stainless steel brakehoses, abs units, blue racing brakefluid, EBC Red stuff brakepads, Powerflex bushings front and rear. New K&N coneshaped airfilter. Newly renovated steeringsystem=no play. Removable towhook.

Considerable amount of work has been done by changing and modifying things in respect and in mind of achieving a reliable, communicative and enjoyable car to drive.

Alpina 17″ rims (even the spare) with Michelin Pilot sport tyres. Stainless steel 2.5″ double exhaustsystem with two mufflers gives a nice sound but not too loud.

Blue M-interior which is in excellent condition, like new. Sunroof electricly operated. Complete toolkit. External paintjob is in very good condition. Recently polished. Only three places where very small spots of rust exist which has not yet been taken care of. No other rust to be found.

Car is located in southern Sweden and can be viewed daily during office hours. International buyers welcome.

A gorgeous and uniquely Swedish take on German engineering, this car is well-done inside and out, with its $19k starting bid and $21k B-I-N accordingly dear. For the true M5 aficionado who likes it a little strange, this is a one-of-a-kind find that would cost even more to replicate.


1987 BMW L6

The E24 BMW 6 series is one of those classic BMWs that make me yearn for the days when the Ultimate Driving Machine was indeed the Ultimate Driving Machine. No i-Drive, no electronic power steering, no stability or traction control interference. Just pure, unadulterated driving pleasure. At the end of its production run, for one year only, BMW produced a limited run luxury version, called the L6. Essentially a 635CSi, this special model had almost every interior surface covered in leather, including the dashboard, console and headliner. As a result, it was an absolute upkeep nightmare and examples that come up for sale often have interiors looking way past their prime.

Here is a rather well preserved example for sale in Philadelphia.

1987 BMW L6 on eBay

L6 Package and All Leather Package. The all-leather option means that knee panel beneath the dashboard, glove compartment, driver stowage box, door trims, rear side panels, sun visors, roof lining, A and B pillars, grab handles, even the instrument panel is covered by the same top-quality leather as the seats have.! LOADED with Premium Sound! Power everything. Power Seats, Heated seats, Memory seats with Lumbar support! A real luxury sedan the ultimate BMW driving machine! The most rare and sought after color combination!

+The car has been inspected by our mechanic and was found in excellent condition!

You are looking at an exceptionally well kept, great looking sport inline 6 cylinder luxury automobile, one of the finest series that BMW makes. This car says a lot about its owner, and has been renowned in the world as a symbol of prestige and class, as well as having great performance. It’s been very well kept and serviced; in fact it runs almost like a new car. It’s a great Classic color for this model and combined with the gray leather interior adds lot of luxury appeal to it. It also has the Premium Sound & comfort packages.

Judging by the miles and the condition of the car, it has been mostly used on the highway and it has also been garage kept. A never-smoked-in beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is an exceptional inline 6, one of the most powerful in the segment. Runs strong and smooth provides the power you have come to expect from a BMW. The transmission has the BMW mark on it as well and shifts like on a new car, no skips or slips on shifts. The engine compartment is clean, and free of any leaks.

No electrical problems were found! AC blows ice-cold and the heater is hot. As you can judge yourself from the pictures, the interior is clean. The seats are 16 way adjustable including lumbar support for both driver and passenger. Extra comfort comes from heated seats on both front seats, and extensive lumbar support for the drivers and passengers seat. The power locks, windows, seats and moon roof (and all the other electrical features) all work and are in excellent condition, and it is also one of the first models that came with projector lights, that are still missing from most modern cars.

The vehicle comes with the original BMW set of tools is intact, 12 speaker sound system. Not many of those 635 model BMWs were made for the US, this is your chance to own a truly unique sport luxurious sedan painted in a classic gray that stands out.

While this is certainly a nice example of an L6, almost $16,000 for a non-M6 E24 is a bit over the top. The high retail over at NADA.com is about $9,000, and I would wager to say anything a shade over $10,000 would be a good sum for a car in this condition and mileage. Still, it is nice to see an L6 out there that hasn’t been beat into the ground and it’s interior looking like a team of felines have had at it for a few years.


1987 Porsche 944 Turbo with 25k miles

The Porsche 944 is no stranger to GCFSB, with its superb balanced chassis mixed with everyday practicality. The turbocharged version is an entirely different proposition altogether, offering 911 levels of performance for much less cost nowadays. Here is a clean, low mileage example for sale that has been modified a bit to give it a performance edge, but all the original parts are included.

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo with 25k miles on eBay

I have built an enthusiast website, www.vintageandsportscar.com and I’ve built a comprehensive page for this car in the portfolio section, as well as a few others that I have. Also there is a youtube video that you can link to.
The turbocharged version of the Porsche 944 was introduced to the press in January 1985 at St. Paul de Vence in the South of France. It was immediately hailed as one of the best cars Porsche had ever produced. It offered the same performance as the classic 911 Carrera, but with greater efficiency, comfort and less noise. It was also far more balanced and could achieve faster lap times as the handling was so predictable. In period road tests professional drivers were able to lap up to 2 sec faster in a 944 Turbo than in the 930 Turbo. With less experienced drivers the gap would be greater as the 930 was much more of a handful than the well balanced and predictable 944 Turbo

Porsche did their usual thorough job testing the 944 Turbo on the race track with several very popular one-make racing series in North America and Europe. Unique to the Porsche commitment to motorsport as development tool, they raced the 944 Turbo for a full year before introducing the model to the public.

Race testing at the 24 hour “Longest Day” of Nelson Ledges in Ohio led to new Aluminium rear suspension arms and a modification to the cylinder block casing which was made 1mm thicker, and a revised sump with more fins for air cooling.

To transform the normally aspirated 150hp 944 engine to achieve 220hp, Porsche used a new KKK turbo running maximum boost of 10.7psi, controlled digitally with Bosch Motronic engine management with anti-knock sensors. The turbo was mounted on the left side of the engine just below the intake manifold to reduce the problems of turbo bearings overheating. An oil supply of 6 litres per minute was fed to the Turbo bearings as well as water cooling from a separate reservoir after the engine was turned off, keeping bearing temperatures below 170 deg C. An intercooler was added that dropped the temperature of the intake charge 50 deg C at 140mph.

The clutch increased in diameter and the brakes were also upgraded with Brembo-souced aluminium 4 piston callipers with thicker and larger rotors. Road and Track went as far as to say that a new standard of “exceptional” needed to be added to their road test report to describe the 944 Turbo’s braking performance, as it “established a new standard which other cars will be measured”.

Total production came to 23,319 units, almost double the number of the 924 Turbo.

The 944 Turbo is one of today great buys, with sub 6 sec 0-60mph acceleration and a top speed of near 160mph, for roughly half what a 911 costs today, despite being priced higher when new.

Dry Weight 2,924lbs
Power 220hp @ 5,800 rpm
Torque 243 lb/ft @ 3,500 rpm
0-100 km/hr 5.9sec
1-160 km/hr 14.2 sec
Standing Kilometer 25.8 sec
Maximum Speed 157 mph
Fuel Economy 15.2 mpg
About this 944 Turbo: This car has had one enthusiastic and fastidious owner for the last 16 years. The car was properly driven, maintained by Porsche specialists, and carefully stored. It has a clean Carfax. The car was purchased with 11,000miles on it, and now has covered just less than 25,000miles. It is in extraordinary condition, and unbelievably retains all of the original manuals, cards, stickers etc. from delivery. The white gloves Porsche thoughtfully supplied as part of the tire-change kit are still in the wrapper. It is still on its original Pirelli P7 tires. Quite simply, this 944 Turbo is one of the best extant today, and offers tremendous value, and even upside potential since very few of these cars remain in pristine condition.

At approximatley 10,000 miles the car was treated to some performance modifications to bring it up to “Turbo S” Spec. These modifications include:
-Turbo S struts, coil over shocks, torsion bars
-Weltmeister adjustable sway bars
-Weltmeister performance chip
-1 bar wastegate spring
-K&N cold air intake
-Performance brake pads
A dyno run was done on the car showing peak torque at 300 lb/ft and 248 hp at the wheel.

Apart from the performance modifications, the car drives as new. The engine shows no drivability issues, and starts up, idles and revs as new. The car doesn’t smoke upon start up or any other time. The car uses no measureable amount of oil. There are no leaks from the drivetrain, and the underside of the car is dry. The turbocharger and wastegate function correctly and will register up to 1 bar of boost before bleeding off excess pressure. The transmission and clutch operate correctly and there no balking changing gear. The car brakes straight. It does not pull to one side.

While the car has less than 1000 miles since its last service, it was in 2009, so the next owner should probably replace the oil, coolant and brake fluid. The A/C on the car was removed but it included with the sale, as are the original suspension, exhaust and air intake. The plastic underbody fairings have been removed to help keep the engine by cooler, and are included. The cars ride height has been set to its lowest level on the adjustable coil overs. The car will scrape easily. There is a minor draw on the battery, and after approximately 10 days the battery will discharge. The car has aggressive brake pads fitted and they squeel at low speeds. The timing belt was replaced about 5 years ago, with only a few thousand miles less than the current mileage. Both the sunroof switch and the power mirror switch operate intermittently.

The next owner could very well opt to put the vehicle back to stock, and would have no trouble as all the original parts are included. Alternatively the drivetrain modifications could be left in place, but the suspension height adjusted for more ground clearance and the A/C re-installed to make the car a fast and comfortable grand tourer. In its current configuration the car offers the maximum performance and handling.

The asking price of $15,000 is strong money for such an example, even considering the low mileage. With one day left and no bids, I’m guessing the seller may have to lower expectations a little to keep in line with the market. Even as good as these cars are, they will most likely not command 911 money anywhere in the near future.


Gorgeous M50-swapped BMW 325is for sale

There seem to be an increasing amount of E30s with later I6 swaps circulating these days. Engine swaps are quick to elicit suspicion, but it’s just about as easy to find a nice 325is with a swap as one with the original M20. Today’s takes cleanliness to a new level, most notably the Cinnabarot illustrating why these cars were so desirable brand new. A little eurotuner flair with slammed coilovers and blocky Keskin wheels, this may be the greatest 325 I’ve ever seen.

1987 BMW 325is with M50 swap for sale on eBay

From the seller:

Exterior: One professional repaint approximately 5 years ago to its original Cinnabar Red color. Repaint was done by one of the few authorized BMW certified painters in Michigan, exceptional quality, all exterior trim was replaced with new at the same time (notice in the pics the exceptional fit of the rubber bumper guards and miscellaneous trim, none of the typical warping and misalignment you typically see on these old e30s). Other exterior improvements include: DDM HID / projector headlights, shadow-line style trim blackout, rare euro grill. Also has red-out treatment to factory tail lenses (covers the factory amber portion) looks much cleaner. Vehicle has a very nice stance thanks to new JOM coilovers with approximately 2.5″ lower ride height. Sits nicely on Keskin 16×7 et20 wheels wrapped in new performance radials. Overall exterior appearance is exceptional, and turns heads everywhere it goes.

Interior: Factory black Recaro sport interior, M-tech sport wheel, high-end Alpine head unit with ipod adapter, subwoofer, and amp hookups in trunk, new Sony Xplod speakers mounted in rear package tray. Factory gauge cluster was replaced with a custom unit with aluminum rings and high-contrast needles (please note that the mileage on that is not correct, actual mileage on car is appx 157000). Overall interior condition is extremely nice.

Mechanical: Original motor professionally swapped out in favor of the desirable M50TUB25, nicely increases HP and performance all around (Output should be around 220hp now, quite an increase compared to the stock 325iS M20). While the chassis of the car has approximately 157000, the motor has around 100,000 miles. Car also has a fresh water pump, timing belt, thermostat, bavauto coil pack, performance chip, custom intake, and performance header. Also replaced the fuel regulator and filter, opted to delete power steering (still very manageable but provides a more connected feel) Car was originally an air-conditioned car, components were not reinstalled at the time of engine swap. In addition the suspension improvements, control arms were also installed.

It doesn’t hurt that the ad’s photos look alternately like a magazine spread or BMW brochure. From the recently redone exterior to the clean black leather and amazing engine bay, I’d feel dirty touching this car. Then I’d get over it and drive it like I stole it. Many of the swapped E30s I’ve seen are looking for high single-digit thousands. I’m actually surprised this is only at $7500 with less than two days left. I love it.


1987 Porsche 959

The Porsche 959 was one of the most legendary vehicles from the 1980s, if not the past century. Born out of the homologation rules of Group B rallying, the 959 enjoyed a four year production run and paved the way for future all wheel drive 911 models. The 959 was also steeped in controversy, as many folks tried, unsuccessfully to import them to the U.S., including Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Canepa Design eventually developed a modification package that included a reworked turbo, engine management system and exhaust, allowing the 959 to be road legal.

There is no telling whether this particular 959 is one of those U.S. legal examples, but these come up for sale too seldom, making it worth the feature.

The seller states:

1987 Porsche 959 supercar.

This is a rare one owner collectible, imported directly from Germany 1988 and kept in a private collection till now.

All service up to 5600 miles done by Stuttgurt Porsche factory, and it has only 7,800 miles. The paint still looks new and the interior is like a new car condition, a beatiful black leather.

This car comes with all books and tools from factory. Once it was over $1 million and it could go back sometime ……..it certainly a rare jewelry for a real Porsche enthusiast to own.

In total, there were 337 959s ever built, and prices reflect their rarity, accordingly. They are still relatively young in terms of a classic car and values seem to be all over the map. Originally costing $225,000 when new, Bonhams sold one for $204,000 back in 2004, and reports have it that Jerry Seinfeld had bought one for $700,000. The asking price of $375,000 seems to be right around the midpoint of the few I spotted for sale online recently.

In case you missed it, Top Gear recently featured the 959 alongside its contemporary, the Ferrari F40, in their last season:


Original Owner, 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300E With 58k Miles

The W124 is one of those revered Mercedes-Benzes that has enthusiasts pine for the days of this German manufacturer’s engineering feats. Introduced in 1985 as a replacement for the equally legendary W123 lineup, the 300E was the bread and butter mid sized sedan for Mercedes and came equipped with the ubiquitous 3.0 liter straight six, producing 178 horsepower. Here we have an exceptionally well cared for, one owner early version of the 300E for sale in Maryland.

1987 Mercedes-Benz 300E on Hemmings

The seller states:

I am the original owner of this, garage kept, covered, hand washed, pretty day toy. Never driven in inclement weather. Not a mark, ding or dent on this car. Original factory spare, tools still in factor wrapper. New tires about 10,000 miles ago. Car has 58,000 miles. Dealer 60,000 mile service done within the last 2 months at a cost of $1,500. Automatic, cruise control, A/C, AM/FM Cassette player, electric adjustable seats with memory, sun roof, 6 cylinder 3.0 liter gas engine.

Getting ready to retire, and I currently have too many cars and am selling this one and an original owner 230SLK in the the same condition. This is a car that is known for longevity. I see them often with 200,000 plus miles on them. For the price of a used Honda you can have a virtually new Mercedes that has a lot of useful life left.
$14,000 negotiable.

Like the 230E I featured a few months back, I believe this 300E represents the qualities that Mercedes-Benz built it’s reputation on: restrained luxury, timeless design and excellence in engineering. With less than 60,000 miles on the clock, this car has a lot of life left and even though $14,000 seems steep for a 24 year old sedan, the owner is willing to negotiate and honestly, I don’t think you could buy a more durable car for the price.

Even though I sold my 2007 C Class Mercedes this week, I must say I miss my father’s 190E and 400E and believe that the 1980s and 1990s produced some of the best that Mercedes had to offer. I’m certain that someday, I’ll own another Benz from this era. They are truly usable classics.

The following is a video (in German) from the Mercedes-Benz Faszination series highlighting the W124 series:


1987 930 Turbo w/ 2002 993 Body & 2006 engine

An interesting combo here that looks pretty good. The price isn’t cheap, but this machine clearly was built up to a fine standard.

A Protomotive tuned 2006 twin turbo 3.8 is dropped into the 1987 930 chassis and then draped in a 993 look widebody kit.

The seller is claiming 850 horsepower and 0-60 in under 3 seconds with a 210 MPH top speed. I’m sure this thing is fast, but I don’t know about 200 MPH fast.

The transmission has thankfully been uprated to handle the power.

Monster 19″x 14″ rear wheels with  355/20/19 rubber fill out the wheel arches.

$75,000 ask price. Despite all the work that has gone into this car I suspect that this price won’t be reached, you Porsche guys might have a better sense on the value of such a “hybrid.” Questionable vanity license plate not included.


Restomod BMW 1987 E30 325iS to M3

We’ve been talking behind the scenes here at GFCSB about the value of E30 M3s. One indication of a valuable vehicle is when folks start making clones of that model. What we have here is an extensive restoration and high end clone job. The folks that went to all the work on this BMW clearly understand that there is potential to get some of that investment back in the E30 Mr market.

The project started as a stripped rolling chassis and they went from there.  As the owner states, this isn’t one for the purists or concours divas.

It is a US spec, 1987 E30 325iS fully converted to E30 M3 body using all original metal OEM E30 M3 body parts, E36 M3 5 lug suspension, Porsche Brembo brakes, custom interior. Top quality work, all body/paint/engine/suspension/brakes are in excellent condition, everything is like new, everything work, there is no rust, no damage, no scratches, no blemishes, no leaks, no problems !!


M20 motor was rebuilt using 2.7L block and 2.5L iS head, new gaskets, hoses, new timing belt, water pump, full tune-up (filters, plugs, etc..) DINAN chip. This motor pulls really hard, the car is very very quick with a nice power torque curve, it has a lot of power in low and high RPMs with nice mid range ooohmpp. There are no hick-ups, no dead zone in low RPMs (like the s14 motor), this car is fully capable of being a daily driver as well as canyon rocket, it can handle any kind of task you throw at it, this motor is surprisingly capable and is really fun. Motor has about 81k miles on it, no leaks, doesn’t burn any oil, no problems !


Full E36 5 Lug conversion, Front M3 Koni Adjustable Shocks, Vogtland Lowering Springs, Z3 Rear Suspension, Bilstien Sport Shocks, Porsche Turbo Brembo Front Brakes Cross Drilled Rotors, new pads, new engine mounts, new bushings, swaybar links, etc…
This car nadles like a dream and stops amazingly, everything works and everything is in excellent condition!


Custom Top Quality Paint Job – Custom Red, only the best materials were used, the car was completely disassembled and stripped. There is no rust anywhere, no paint chips, no scratches, no dings ! OEM M3 Fenders, Quarter panels, Roof, trunk, side skirts, front and rear bumpers with Carbon Fiber Bumper Tape, M3 antenna
Hella Euro Smoked Smileys with HID conversion, Smoked Tails Lights, smoked front turn lenses, Euro tow hook covers, Euro Brake vents, Carbon Fiber front splitter, Evolution hood seals, Carbon Fiber AC Schnitzer mirrors, New BMW roundels, DTM Evo III rear spoiler with Carbon Fiber adjustable Gurney [sic] flap, rear Euro plate holder. Single Wiper conversion Kit. INTERIOR:

Full custom interior featuring Recaro style front seats, e30 m3 rear seat and side panels, everything is custom wrapped in black leather and suede with red stitching, everything in excellent condition, there is no wear or tear on these seats, they are like new! Carpet is in excellent condition ! Momo Steering Wheel, BMW OEM ZHP Shift Knob, Carbon Fiber Cluster Insert, Leather Shift Boot & E-Brake Boot w. M Colors, AC Schnitzer Pedals, Footrest & E-Brake Handle


Blaupunct removable Head Unit, All Speakers Upgraded, new wiring, 10 Inch Subs in trunk, the sound is amazing, this is a really nice sound system !


Keskin KT 1’s 8 1/2 Front 10 Rear new rims, New Falcon Tires, mounted and balanced, everything is like NEW !

This is a top notch conversion job that is going to bring good money. The 81,000 miles on the car doesn’t mean much when it has been gone through so carefully. Bidding is up near $15,000 with the reserve not met.  You could find a genuine E30 M3 for less than what you will pay here, but it won’t be nearly as nice or as sorted.


Time Capsule 1987 BMW M6 for sale

I mentioned the other day that I was more interested in writing about reachable German iron than “relative-creampuffs,” but there’s nothing relative about today’s M6 and I just couldn’t pass it up. With just 18k miles on the clock and near-perfect inside and out, this is a collector’s piece and is priced as such. The buy-it-now is $25k, about $10-15k more than a normal, decent M6.

From the seller:

Here we have a 1987 BMW M6 with 17805 original miles. The car has a clean white leather interior, and a solid black exterior. The has been garage kept since it was new. The car has been well taken care of, and adult driven. The vehicle has not been smoked in. The M6 drives like a new car and handles awesome. The car needs a new home for someone that can appreciate it. The only known flaw to my attention is that the a/c is not blowing as cold as it should, possibly needs a service done. The car has a BMW radar detector installed in the dash. There is one small door ding on the passenger rear quarter and a small scratch on the passenger front fender. The vehicles tires are in good condition and there is a new matching tire in the trunk.

There aren’t too many used M-cars out there with under 20k miles, let alone ones of 80s vintage, including the ultimate shark E24 M6. This is a great opportunity out there for someone with a big garage and a penchant for unsoiled M.