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1986 BMW 535i

There’s so much to like about this E28 5 Series that it’s hard to know where to start. The car itself is an absolute gem, the manner in which the seller has photographed boarders on editorial quality and the bidding sits at at very reasonable $5,200 (though we don’t know the reserve is) with 4 days left to go. However, as with so many things in life, there’s a catch. This bronze Bavarian beauty only has two pedals, which for many people is a deal breaker but not for me. Would I rather have a 5 spd manual in this car? Absolutely but given the pristine condition this vehicle appears to be in, I don’t think I could pass up a chance to be its caretaker for a little while, even though it suffers from PRND syndrome.

The E28 is considered by many to be the original Q-Ship and for those of you out there that would harp on the automatic transmission found on this example, let me remind you what a Q-Ship is all about, stealth. Now I know it would be more fun to row your own in this car but what better way to fly under the radar when having fun than to have an automatic transmission keeping you in check. I honestly believe that just taking away the option to quickly downshift and take off around a corner completely changes the personality of the 535. Where most folks would envision themselves tearing up windy roads in this car I see myself cruising around town with friends or road tripping around the Pacific Northwest. That may seem oddly specific but I’ll attribute it to the Bronze Metallic over Nutria leather color-way and the car being from Vancouver.

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Double Take: 150k-mile E28 M5s

$_57 (3)

E28 M5 values are continuing to climb, and examples that are good but flawed are now going for amounts that, until recently, were reserved for nearly perfect, low-mileage beauties. Many enthusiasts and publications have seen this coming for a while, but this past year has seen the largest jump yet. Today, we have two M5s that have covered a little over 150k miles – certainly not spring chickens. We’ve seen well-traveled M5s go for over $30k, but exceptional care and appearance seemed to rationalize such a high price. Both of today’s cars have their flaws, signifying that the 80s ///M appreciation is spreading far and wide.

Click for details: 1988 BMW M5 on eBay

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1986 BMW 535i

$_4 (1)

Clean, low-mileage E28s are always a treat, and there have been some nicely preserved examples of the 535i here on GCFSB before. This one has the standard fog-lighted 535i bumper with an “is” rear spoiler, looking pretty sharp on Style 5s but more cruiser than the M5/is package. You can’t get much more 80s than baby blue over blue leather – I love it. 82k miles with no real defects means this is could be a special daily driver or fun entry into the E28 world for an enthusiast.

Click for details: 1986 BMW 535i on Craigslist Los Angeles

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2003 BMW M5

RA_800 (1)

While I may have given the E38 some style points over the E39 this morning thanks to a slightly sharper design theme, there’s no questioning that the E39 M5 is among the most – if not the most – desirable sports sedans ever made. Great handling, monster power, and business-class aggression all come together for a Liam Neeson-type action star: “Is the plot different? Who cares. I’ll watch this brand of grown-up ass-kicking all day.” Today’s well cared for model comes up for sale with just under 50k miles on the clock – a number I’m sure the seller was well aware of. That’s near the top of the market and almost twice what some examples will cost, but low mileage makes champions in this arena. Dark grey on black is a dapper combo for this vengeful father – all the better to hide the blood.

Click for details: 2003 BMW M5 on eBay

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1986 BMW 528e

$_57 (5)

The ’80s “eta” engine from BMW eschew top-end screaming power for low-end torque and efficiency and make for great commuters. Today’s 528e is a gem, having covered less than 40,000 miles and looking outstanding in Burgundy over the like-new Natur comfort interior. It needs a few points of attention to be perfect, but I’m not sure perfection is the way to go with this car. As the number of clean E28s still alive dwindles, this is a great candidate to be a fun and reliable DD that stands out from the rest of the bubbles rolling down the highways.

Click for details: 1986 BMW 528e on eBay

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