1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet

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The Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet still exists abroad, but for drop top VW fans in the US, the two choices offered are the Beetle Cabriolet and the soon to be extinct Eos. For years, the Mk1 Golf/Rabbit Cabriolet carried the torch in this market niche, bringing the charm of the old Beetle Cabriolet into the front-engined, water-cooled era. While they carry the stigma of being a car for the fairer sex, these Cabriolets offer a lot of fun for not much money. This 1990 Cabriolet for sale in Missouri was brought to our attention from our reader Albert, and has yet to break 50,000 miles.

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1990 Porsche 944S2 Cabriolet

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In light of the bidding frenzy on the extremely low mileage Porsche 944 Turbo we featured earlier in the week, I had the urge to seek out another 944 to feature, although this time a little less common of a model. The 944 Cabriolet was sold for two years in the US, with less than 2,500 sold here. It came late in the lifecycle of the 944, equipped in this market solely with the 2.5 liter 16-valve engine. This has been a model relegated to relative obscurity, even amongst P-car fanatics. The weather outside might suggest differently for some of us, but it’s a great time to start thinking about that drop top and get a jump on your summer motoring plans. This 944 Cabriolet for sale in Florida has covered almost 100,000 miles but appears in good shape.

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1986 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

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It’s rather amazing that the Porsche 911 went almost a full 20 years without a full on convertible option, relying on the Targa variant to address the wants and desires of those seeking al fresco motoring. In 1983, the 911SC Cabriolet debuted, quickly replaced in 1984 with the introduction of the Carrera 3.2 range. While most hardcore enthusiasts prefer the rigidity of the coupe variant, there is something about the Cabriolet that conjures up images of carefree jaunts by the seaside, enjoying the raspy tune from the flat-6 mill swung aft of the rear axle line. This 1986 911 Cabriolet is painted in an uncommon shade of Perlmuttweiss Mica over black leather with white piping.

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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

If the Speedster from earlier today was a bit out of your price range, or perhaps you’re more interested in owning a 911 to *gasp* drive it, then the car featured here could make for a nice opportunity. Here we have a Black 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, located in Rhode Island, with the always lovely contrast of a Burgundy leather interior. Sadly, we get very few pictures of that interior, but what we can see looks in very good shape. Driver-quality 3.2 Carreras aren’t the excellent values they used to be, but are still attainable for somewhat reasonable sums and an example like this, with fewer than 100K miles, should still have a very long motoring life ahead of it.

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Coupe or Cabriolet? 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300CE vs. 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300CE Cabriolet

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When the W124 debuted in the mid 1980s, it was pretty much business as usual for Mercedes-Benz. First, the sedan made its debut, followed by an estate variant and a pretty pillarless coupe. Then, in the early 1990s, Mercedes revived an old idea and brought back the four place cabriolet. We would get our hands on this drop top W124 in 1993. It didn’t come cheap, at the cost of around $80,000. Then again, compared to an SL, two extra people could come along for the ride and enjoy open air Mercedes motoring.

We’ll take a look at a pair of two-door W124s today, starting off with this 1993 300CE Cabriolet for sale in Virginia.

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1991 BMW 318i Convertible

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The 318i Convertible may not be the quintessential E30 choice for the power hungry out there. In Brilliantrot and equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox such as we see here with this 1991 example for sale in Florida, I can suddenly see myself enjoying miles of carefree motoring along a coastline somewhere. By 1991, the E30 Convertible would be on its last legs, but not before it had made itself an icon of the upwardly mobile of the 1980s. Looking over the pictures of this car with a mere 55,000 miles on the clock, it reminds me of what made me fall for the E30 3 series in the first place, many years ago.

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Odd timing or choice? Audi Cabriolet Roundup

Why am I doing an Audi Cabriolet post on Christmas Eve? Well, mostly because it’s a model that we generally ignore. I’m not even sure why – the B4 Audi may not be the most attractive Audi model ever, but I’ve always found the Cabriolet to be the best looking of the bunch that came to the U.S. The sleek lines of the 3/4 view are especially pleasing. With refined good looks and a relatively bullet-proof drivetrain, they should be a common choice for those looking for a cabriolet. Couple that with typical ’90s low residual value for nearly all of the Audi lineup, and you’d think everyone looking for a occasional drop-top would be snapping these up. But they’re not. Perhaps it’s worry about unreliability of older Audis or perhaps it’s the lack of sport offered by the package, but the result is that if you like these 2-door drop top Audis, you can get a pretty good deal on one today:

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2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

I imagine at some point people will wake up to the enormous performance value of the 996TT, but it seems we are not there yet. From its inception, the 911 Turbo always has been a diabolical car, difficult in its dynamics and threatening to send inattentive drivers into snap oversteer. As time wore on and the power produced from the 911’s turbocharged flat-six increased Porsche introduced twin-turbochargers, which helped reduce lag, and fitted the Turbo with an all-wheel drive system to help deliver power in a more controlled manner. Still, there remained sufficient power to overwhelm some and excite many. With more than 400 hp the 996 Turbo continued along the trajectory established by its predecessors, but now, because of its water-cooled engine and redesigned body, the love from many enthusiasts has been held at bay, leaving us with a performance bargain. The example seen here is a Black 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, located in Georgia, with only 15,345 miles on it. The Turbo S was available only in 2005 as basically a 996 Turbo fitted with the X50 Power Package and ceramic brakes. For a performance value these are near impossible to beat.

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1963 Porsche 356B Super 90 Cabriolet

The Porsche 356 is one of those cars to which I always enjoy returning. Whether it simply be to return to a vintage automobile whose lines I always enjoy or to gain a fuller appreciation for the elements of design, shape, and performance that went into these early Porsches. The ethos of the company is built into these cars and even today, more than 60 years since the first model was introduced, we still can see the evolutionary nature of the marque and the relationship not only of design but also performance. With the 356 Porsche had already begun offering their cars in varying levels of performance and here we have the highest available of those utilizing the 1.6 flat-4 engine, the Super 90. While 90 hp doesn’t seem like a lot, tasked with propelling a car that weighed less than 1000 kg these offered brisk performance for their time all while retaining the lightness and directness of feel possessed by many vintage machines. The particular example we have here is a restored Ivory over Tan 1963 Porsche 356B T6 Super 90 Cabriolet, located in Miami, and on auction with no reserve.

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