1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

The red Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet. Short of the Corvette in some circles, is there any car out there that embodies the mid-life crisis dream? Or, for that matter, a dream for just about any age group? I have a 1:18 scale model of this exact 1988 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet sitting on my desk, right down to the same color. I use it as a daily reminder that someday, as a result of all this toil, I will achieve the 911 dream. This 911 Cabriolet comes to us from our reader that brought the Ruf Slantnose Cabriolet to our attention. In Guards Red, it is just about how I’d order up my classic 911.


Year: 1988
Model: 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Engine: 3.2 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 90,100 miles
Price: $29,500 Buy It Now

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This Porsche will exceed your expectations. Loads of service history, stamps in book up to 51,000 miles, log documents that show from 51,000 miles to 90,000 every time the previous owner filled the car up and serviced it he put dates, miles and what he did. Rear wind deflector, rear shelf mat, floor mats, new wheels and tires including new lugs and center caps, (I have a nice set of black center fuchs if you prefer the back) newer top, exceptionally clean in and out, 2-owner, all service history, all manuals with pouch, tools jack and most importantly all original paint! (see photos for paint meter readings) 4.0mm-5.3mm. SUPER NICE! $29,500.

Looking over these pictures, it’s hard to believe this car is closing in on 100,000 miles. This is one mint 3.2 Carrera. Normally a late model 3.2 Cabriolet with this kind of mileage would bring a few thousand dollars less, but with two previous owners and a comprehensive service history, I’d say this one is priced rather realistic. As we’ve seen, the market for the 3.2 Carrera is not going down. Most of us don’t get into the car hobby for investment reasons, but a classic 911 is a great way to spend your money on something you can enjoy everyday. Consider it a different kind of investment “vehicle.”


1984 Mercedes-Benz 280GE

From 1993 to 1997, Land Rover sold the Defender in the US market, but the truck was eventually done in by ever increasing safety standards. Replaced by the smaller but less rugged Freelander, the Defender has become sort of a cult car for those who have serious off-roading to do or for those who live in the urban jungle and sport Patagonia apparel. Now prices for these SUVs have gone through the roof, with exceptional examples bringing north of $50,000. Luckily, there is a less expensive, German option. The Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen.

It took guts for Mercedes to introduce this off-roader into the US market over twenty years since it first debuted, but it has become an icon here. While few will dare scratch the surface on what this off-roader can tackle, those who have pushed the boundaries with these vehicles know they are worth their weight in gold. Earlier G-Wagens, such as this 1984 280GE are a good choice for those wanting to experience the G-class magic but who might not need all the modern frills.


Year: 1984
Model: 280GE Cabriolet
Engine: 2.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 58,550 miles
Price: Reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 280GE Cabriolet on eBay


This Rare Mercedes 280GE (G-WAGEN) is in EXCELLENT mechanical and cosmetic condition; all signs of a loving owner! This vehicle was a special order grey market truck. The 280GE G-Wagen combines classic styling, safety, comfort, performance, all terrain capability and unmatched build quality. Many have considered the G-Class to be the ultimate All Terrain Vehicle on the market.

These G-Wagens were the first of there kind. In 1984, when this car was built, there was no such thing as an SUV. These trucks were built originally designed for the military, years before Hummers or SUVs were even thought of! The 280GE “G-Wagen” offers a rare opportunity to own unique vehicle with all of the modern conveniences. She sports a leather trimmed interior, an abundance of comfort and convenience options and the performance of the venerable 2.8 Liter, inline 6-cylinder engine. This motor offers great economy and value. The quality and craftsmanship of the build is exceptional. It carries on the tradition of Mercedes-Benz quality, elegance and safety, that has been the envy of all other car manufacturers.

The exterior is finished in smooth gloss black paint, complemented with a soft and supple tan leather interior. The paint is in excellent condition with very light signs of use. The interior is also in excellent condition with very light signs of use she is clean and fresh. The sharp, classic lines, and timeless styling of this vehicle are unique and unmatched. There are many pre-owned luxury SUVs out there but if you are looking for a unique and beautiful SUV, this is the one!

The engine has just been rebuilt, and is the smooth and responsive 2.8-liter, fuel injected, inline 6-cylinder engine mated to a smooth shifting 4-speed automatic transmission. This G-Wagen is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. She has been owned and maintained by a collector, has had frequent services and shows only 58,524 carfaxed miles. The soft top is new! This is a rare truck and one of the nicest on the market. Enjoy the G-Wagen experience for a fraction of the new truck price!


· Body: Excellent condition

· Engine: Rebuilt! Less than 100 miles

· Paint: Excellent condition with very light signs of use, great shine and luster

· Bumpers & Fender Flares: Excellent condition

· Interior: Excellent condition with very light signs of use

· Soft Top: New!

· Mats: Excellent condition

· Windshield & Glass: Excellent condition; clear with no cracks or chips

· Tires: New matching set of BF Goodrich all-terrain tires

Wheels: Excellent condition. Rear wheel painted black to match the truck. Please feel free to email at Steven@classiccargallery.com or call at 203 256 9800 if we can answer any questions.


The 1979 230G we featured last month sold for just over $12,000. That particular G-Wagen was down two cylinders, had a manual transmission and while well-kept, wasn’t as nicely presented. As of writing this post, this 280GE has hit over $20,000 with almost 30 bids, but hasn’t met the reserve. On the seller’s website, they have the vehicle advertised at $46,900. This G-Wagen is a nice truck, but it may be tough getting that kind of scratch when the first officially imported G500 four-doors are almost 20 years newer and fetching less on the used market. But, for the person wanting


1999 BMW M3 Convertible

I’ve never quite wrapped my head around the idea of the M3 convertible. Sure, there are people who like to go fast with the top down, but usually when it comes to doing that, a roadster will fit the bill. People who buy convertibles with a back seat aren’t normally looking for warp speed. Or are they? Apparently BMW thought so with the introduction of the E36 M3 convertible. This wasn’t the first M3 convertible, but it was the first one to be officially imported to the US. Carrying the same 240 horsepower inline six under the bonnet, this car had to cope with a bit more extra weight and body flex than its hard top counterparts. More often than not, these drop top M3s are equipped with an automatic gearbox, making hardcore drivers cringe even more.

This M3 convertible for sale in Maryland is thankfully a 5-speed manual and has a curious combination of a white hardtop to go along with its red paintwork.


Year: 1999
Model: M3 Convertible
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 79,000 miles
Price: $15,850 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1999 BMW M3 Convertible on eBay

Up for sale is a pristine 1999 BMW M3 E36 Convertible with only 79k pampered miles, Hellrot Red on black, excellent condition, this is about as good as it gets. Everything is 100% original. 100% original PAINT. There are absolutely no stories with this M3. You will be very hard pressed to find a scratch or ding anywhere. You may find a few stone chips if your standing 6 inches away from the car. You can view many more pictures at the following link:


Feel free to contact me with any questions. 202-258-2428

Cooling system refreshed with new thermostat, water pump and coolant flush. This a preventative maintenance required on all S52 motors. All fluids have been flushed.

• 79k original miles
• Garaged entire life; adult/enthusiast owned
• No accidents or paintwork whatsoever; all VIN stickers present
• PERFECT original finish.
• Fresh oil change with Lubro Moly Synthetic
• Interior in excellent condition; like-new dash, carpets, leather
• Leather is soft and in new condition; seat bolsters show very minimal wear
• Undercarriage is clean and virtually spotless

Comes with OEM Alpine White hardtop. If hardtop is not wanted I will adjust the price of the car accordingly.

I’m strangely drawn in by this M3 for some reason, perhaps due to the contrasting colors. This particular example has just enough miles to signify that it was neither abused nor a museum piece. This M3 is priced at the high end of the market, as these M3s have yet to take off in the manner of the original E30 variety. I’d suspect somewhere in the $12,000 to $14,000 range would be a bit more realistic, as the closer to $20,000 you get will move you into E46 territory. Then again, some people do prefer the E36 for its chiseled looks and simpler character.


1998 BMW 323Ci

Vehicle nomenclature got a bit weird in the 1990s. It used to be that a lot of cars could have their engine size deciphered from their name, for example, a 560SL came equipped with a 5.6 liter V8 and a BMW 535i had a 3.5 liter inline six. BMW dropped the 1.8 liter four cylinder engine from its duty in base model 3 series sedans, coupes and convertibles in 1998. In its place, they supplanted a 2.5 liter inline six. But was it called a 325i? No. This new entry level model was known as the 323i, as a possible way of spacing the numbers out from the top dog 328i.

The E36 series have pretty much depreciated their way down to the realm of affordable daily drivers, so to come across a clean one that isn’t an M car is rare. This 323i Convertible for sale in New Jersey is nice in that it is a 5-speed manual. A lot of these open roofed 3 series convertibles were of the two pedal variety. Also, with just a hair over 20,000 miles on the clock, this one is pretty much showroom fresh.


Year: 1998
Model: 323Ci
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 20,420 miles
Price: $12,500 Buy It Now

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1998 BMW 323Ci on eBay

I’m selling my summer toy – extremely fun, low-mileage E36 convertible. Why? Well, I bought it from my colleague when his son turned 17 and got his driver license. Now I’m in the same boat. The car has to go 🙁 With manual transmission, lightweight body (3,296 lbs.) and silky-smooth inline 6, the car is as much fun as a Miata, but way more practical and luxurious. It also feels refreshingly solid – none of that plasticky feel of recent BMWs with their thin doors, electrical steering and throttle by wire, riding on hard-as-brick run-flats.

The car’s condition is pristine (at 20K miles it has to be). This BMW has always been a garage queen, being driven only 3-4 months a year and spending the rest of year under protective cover (the cover is included, you can see it on one of the pictures). I doubt this car has seen any rain at all – at least in my hands it didn’t – engine and underbody are all shining.

I have all the original books and the window sticker ($38,670 in 1998, $55,250 in today’s money). I’ve installed a Pioneer MP3/USB player, the original tape player will be included. There is also a CD-changer in the trunk. The car has a 100 Club of Connecticut shield attached (hundredclubofct.org) – it is my advice to keep it where it is.

After I bought the car in 2010, I’ve also bought:
Wind deflector (designed by Paul Klee)
New set of tires (driven about 6,000 miles on them)
New battery (still on warranty)
Dinan front tower brace (sharper turn-ins)
New engine and cabin air filters.
Oil has been changed every 12 months (every 2K miles), changed intake and return hoses for power steering. Local BMW dealer found everything else in perfect shape.
Exhaustive list of “issues” – making sure I list every imperfection, however minor:
remote key doesn’t work (dead key fob battery/code erased when replaced car’s battery?) – never bothered to check – top is mostly open anyway and the car is driven in a safe neighborhood
scratch/ding on plastic rear bumper (left rear corner – can see on pictures). About 1.5×1 inch.
leather on seats looks/feels brand new, save for small hairline scratch on driver seat – depicted below
THAT IS ALL!!! HAPPY BIDDING! …. OR you can buy it for $12,500 right away (and get practically new car for almost 80% off its cost when new)
The car is also selling locally, so I reserve a right to cancel the auction if any of my neighbors knock on my door holding a $12.5K check.

I’m also willing to ship worldwide (a bit of a hassle, but that’s okay). Buyer pays shipping charges, of course. I’m still riding my BMW while I can, will drive to upstate NY this weekend, so expect a few hundred more miles on the odometer. I’ll try my best answering any questions you might have. Thank you for checking my auction.

I’m not really a convertible person. I’ve never owned one and they are not really on my radar, but every now and then during the warm months I find myself longing for a little bit of open air motoring. I’m not sure if it’s enough of a desire to want to live with a convertible for the rest of the year, but one of these days I’ll probably get around to procuring one just to check it off the bucket list. These late model E36 convertibles aren’t lighting the charts on fire when it comes to values. A good one like this with low mileage will run you somewhere between $9,000 and $12,000. The fact that most people want an automatic and this one is a manual might hold it back a bit, but for me, it would be a bonus.


1994 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet

The W124 was Mercedes-Benz’s bread and butter car for a decade, offering a variety of bodystyles and engines to suit just about every need. Aside from the 500E/E500 über sedan, the Cabriolet is one of the most highly prized of the lot. Introduced late into the production cycle, these were the first four seat convertibles in twenty years from Mercedes. Pricey when new, these open roofed tourers command strong money today. They aren’t the flashiest, quickest or most exciting of the four-seat convertible genre, but they offer legendary build quality, smooth power delivery from the inline six and timeless looks that emits an air of old money. This silver E320 Cabriolet comes to us from our reader Allen and is on offer at his dealership, Encore Motors in Macon, Georgia.


Year: 1994
Model: E320 Cabriolet
Engine: 3.2 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 120,000 miles
Price: $10,900

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1994 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet at Encore Motors

This is becoming a rare bird. This is a 1994 E320 4 place convertible in Brilliant Silver with black leather and a black soft top with a glass window. There were only a few thousand of these cars imported to the US during 1992 and 1995. They are fast appreciating, and great fun to drive with that huge open interior. These are based on the reliable E320 sedans, but with nicer trim, and of course, that fabulous convertlble top. This car is mostly original, the paint has been color sanded and buffed by our best local shop, and the interior is great in black leather. The only major change from 1994 is a contemporary Pioneer single slot CD radio with a changer in the trunk. I do have the original radio as well. It’s just turned 120k miles. It has a newish convertible top, which looks new (careful, these are VERY expensive, so don’t think you can cheap out on a beater….), and the top hydraulics, over the last three or four years, have all been dealt with by the same shop (again–check this on others!). No issues with that or the AC, which is ice cold, and in the right direction. It has just been inspected by our best indie shop and given his blessing. I also put on a new set of Michelins about 400 miles ago, I have all the books and pouch, two master keys, and some good records over the last 10 years or so. Cars like this are so much fun, and make so much economic sense.

Junkers that are rough and need everything are still $6-7,500, and the absolute garage queens (which you can’t drive and enjoy) are now $18-22,000, so this car is quite reasonably priced. Call me and you’ll soon enjoy those early mornings and nights cruising with the top down! I would challenge you to find a nicer, more unique, and fun convertible in this price range. A very desirable and classy car, for very little money.

Even though it has over 100,000 miles, these are stout machines that can survive for much longer if taken care of properly. I concur with the seller that this example is reasonably priced. I’ve seen a few tired W124 Cabriolets with six figure mileage advertised for less money, but which haven’t been presented as well. As they say, buy the best that you can afford. To fix one of these won’t be cheap and buying a well sorted one like this from a reputable seller is always a wise decision. Those interested in this classic open roofed Benz can contact the seller, Allen at (478) 743-7322 or via email at allenman@earthlink.net. Good luck with the sale, Allen!


1990 RUF BTR 3 Slantnose Cabriolet

The 1980s were a grand time for automotive outlandishness. Cars like the Lamborghini LM002 and Ferrari Testarossa visually thrilled while technologies such as turbocharging and fuel-injection became en vogue. Through it all, there was one constant: the Porsche 911. This perennial sports car evolved into its own in the 1980s, culminating with some wild variations towards the end of the decade. One variation came by way of Option Code M505, more commonly known as the “Flachbau,” or Slantnose in English.

During this era, tuning firms were working their magic with all sorts of vehicles. One of the most famous and widely respected tuning firms to turn a wrench on a Porsche is Ruf Automobil GmbH. What began from a small garage in the 1940s turned into a manufacturer of high performance Porsches beginning in the late 1970s. Alois Ruf Jr. began by servicing and restoring cars out of his father’s garage and would go on to create his first tuned Porsche, a 930 with an enlarged motor. In the late 1980s, Ruf cemented his company’s reputation with the CTR, affectionately known as the Yellowbird. This was a wicked 911 with 469 horsepower on tap, capable of reaching 60mph from a standstill in well under four seconds and do the standing quarter mile in 11.9 seconds at 126 mph. It comes as no surprise, then, that this beast held a track record at the Nurburgring for several years.

This RUF Slantnose Cabriolet is a bit more tame than the CTR but nevertheless an important vehicle in this tuner’s history. It comes with a slew of upgrades over the standard 930 Turbo, such as the 6-speed manual gearbox. With only 1,400 original miles, it is pretty much a time machine back to the era of air-cooled performance.


Year: 1990
Model: RUF BTR 3 Slantnose Cabriolet
Engine: 3.4 liter turbocharged flat six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 1,400 miles
Price: $299,000

EMAIL FOR DETAILS: euauex@icloud.com

This a RUF FACTORY BUILT 1990 Slantnose RUF BTR 3 cabriolet. Only 1,400 miles on it. Original factory window sticker price in 1990 was $249,000. It is the only one ever built like this, highly collectable and VERY RARE. $299,000 USD

RUF BTR lll 3.4L Engine
RUF 4 Pipe Exhaust System,
RUF Short Shift, Limited Slip Differential 40%, 17″
RUF Centers painted to match body color Wheels with original Dunlop tires and RUF centre caps,
RUF Logo LARGE Brembo calipers.
RUF, Two piece Rotors
RUF Stabilizer,
RUF Comfort Suspension,
RUF Front Spoiler with Oil Cooler,
RUF Instrumentation,
Ruf exterior badges,
RUF Sport mirrors,
RUF adjustable booster ,
RUF 6-Speed hydraulic operated clutch system,
RUF Leather steering wheel with raised
hub, Full Leather Interior,
RUF Inspired Recaro Electric Seats and
Electric Power Top.

Motronic System $10,000 Upgrade

RUF BTR lll start with the engine, which had the original partially finned cylinder barrels replaced by ones with air-cooling fins around their complete diameter. The bore was increased giving a new displacement of 3.4 L from the original 3.3 L. Ruf added unique Mahle Pistons and connecting rods and 935 type camshafts.

The turbo was replaced by a larger KKK K27 unit, and a larger free flowing intercooler was added. boost and 425hp with 1 bar. RUF added an adjustable boost control in the cockpit. The intake manifold was replaced, as was the exhaust. The first BTR engines used Bosch K Jetronic (CIS), but later engines called BTR III, used Bosch Motronic, and had 408hp up from the 374hp of the CIS engines. The Ruf Motronic system was the first digital engine management system to be available on a street Porsche 911 Turbo and had a dual injectors per cylinder, custom injector blocks and fuel rails derived from the 962 race car. Motronic was a $10,000 option on a BTR, but standard on the CTR.

A larger oil cooler was installed in a RUF front spoiler, moving it from the inside passenger fender. RUF modified Porsche G50 transmissions to take the increased demands of the BTR’s prodigious torque lowered and the suspension was stiffened. RUF single piece forged rims sized 9×17 and 10×17 ran on Dunlop Denloc tires. RUF offered a complete set of gauges including a 350km/hr speedometer, 1.5bar boost gauge, and Tachometer with the red line turned to near vertical.

Top speed was 300km/hr for the narrow body car and 280km/hr for the Turbo body. Acceleration to 60mph was in less than 5 seconds; by reaching 62mph in 4.6 seconds a 3.4 Liter Turbo-Ruf became the fastest accelerating production car ever tested by Auto Motor und Sport. It reached 100mph in only 9.5 seconds. RUF had matched, or even bettered, the performance figures for Porsche’s own Group B Le Mans car!

It’s easy to go out and drop $300,000 on any number of new supercars these days, but to do it on a vintage tuned Porsche is not the most common way of going about it. These RUF Porsches are more than your average tuner vehicle. These cars are about taking a 911 and making it better; turning it up to 11 in order to lay the smackdown on anything that might challenge it. For anyone interested in this impressive Porsche, they can contact the seller directly at euauex@icloud.com


1979 Mercedes-Benz 230G Cabriolet

It took a few years for Mercedes-Benz to finally pull the trigger and officially import the Geländewagen, or G-Wagen to the US. But when they did, it was a shot in the arm for the venerable old truck, as thousands of new customers discovered the amazing capabilities of this vehicle. This is a truck that is close to being with us for 40 years, yet still puts modern machines to shame. When they began importing them, Mercedes brought us solely the four-door variant, powered by a 5.0 liter V8, with AMG versions and a larger 5.5 liter V8 to follow. This two door convertible variant for sale in Florida is one of the very first to be manufactured with an interesting story to tell.


Year: 1979
Model: 230G Cabriolet
Engine: 2.3 liter inline four
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 92,202 miles
Price: No reserve auction

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1979 Mercedes-Benz 230G Cabriolet on eBay


Rare California CARB Certified 230G Mercedes Geländewagen Cabriolet, Imported by AMG USA.

This G actually has an interesting history. This is one of the first G-Wagens ever made. It is number 127. The G is in fact so early that it is part of the original batch made for the Shah of Iran, but never delivered. The Shah was the reason for the G, he owned most of Mercedes at the time, the largest shareholder. He demanded a car be built to rival the Land Rovers. He placed the first order to pay upfront for development costs. The Shah ordered over 700 to be built and start a hand-assembled production line. This was #127 in that fleet. He was deposed in 1979 and never got all his G-Wagens. They were then locked up in a warehouse in Austria and sold years later through authorized and friendly to Mercedes “channels’….this one being brought over to the states with a few others by AMG.

It has some oddities that no production G has. Differences in trim like mb-tex wrapped console and 1 piece gauge cluster, metal window sashes, heavy duty frame and chassis, modified rear cross tubes, air intake baffle, etc. 92,200 miles with all records since imported in mid 1980s. Was imported into California and Certified correctly with DOT, EPA, CARB by AMG. Car includes all original AMG paperwork that documents the miles and conversion to US specs.

Nice driving car, little to no vibrations as found on many old Gwagens, good smooth drivetrain, nice clutch, etc. 4wd works as it should. Low Range Transfer case with shift on the fly 2:1 reduction works well. Axle Differential Lockers in both front and rear diffs (need servicing). Lockers have not been used in a long time, likely need new brake fluid flushed thru locker system. Brakes need servicing.

Nice condition tires, all terrain type, on original steel wheels

Spare tire on swing out carrier

Rear Seat Bench folds down and forward, and is also completely removable with just two bolts

Soft Top with Safari Frame and mounting rails and cords

Center console in great shape with no cracking

Dash pads are nice, see one photo showing small portion towards the driver side that has some adhesive missing

Alpine CD Stereo with removable face

Rear Mudflaps

Front Mud Aprons

MB Tex original seats in good condition in the front, rear bench has tear in bottom

This G was originally furnished new with a Stromburg Carb 175 which has been upgraded to a Weber. Please note that the rear right bumper corner is broken, and is taped together. Note that in most photos the car is missing one front bumper corner, but that has been replaced since the photos were taken. Please note that the soft top works well, but that the rear roll up window has a small tear in the bottom and its zippers only work so-so. The rest of the top works very well, and that roll-up rear window is likely all needing repair. Car has not been used in foul weather in many years. Top was just put back on the car for the first time in over 8 years.

Thank you for your interest. It is an interesting rare Geländewagen. It comes with the original GFG build tag and is stamped 127 which matches the frame stamping. If you’re a Mercedes G follower on Ebay, you may notice this car has been relisted because the first auction did not meet reserve and the second deal fell through. The car has not been used and is in the same condition stated in previous auctions.


These early G-Wagens are more affordable than the modern day, more luxurious versions. Given the early build number and ties to the Shah of Iran, this 230G should garner a decent amount of interest. It’s hard to put a value on these, as we don’t come across a lot for sale stateside. Given the earlier G-Wagens we’ve seen here at GCFSB and the fact that we have a no reserve auction, I’d suspect bidding may finish somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000.


Convertible Week: 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet

While the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia might be a bit obscure when it comes to Volkswagen convertibles, the Cabriolet based on the Mk1 Golf/Rabbit is anything but. For years, this affordable drop top runabout brought open air German motoring to the masses, as one would expect of the People’s Car. Nearly 400,000 were built from 1979 all the way up to 1993, when the MkIII Golf debuted. Many of these Cabriolets were used as daily drivers, leaving a relatively small amount of mint condition examples out there. However, this car for sale in Pennsylvania has covered under 100,000 miles, a complete history and looks sharp with its white over red color combination.

Year: 1988
Model: Cabriolet
Engine: 1.6 liter inline four
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 97,000 mi
Price: Reserve auction

1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet on eBay

You are bidding on a 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet. 4 cylinder, fuel injected, 5-speed manual, air condition, cruise control, am-fm cd radio. My wife’s pleasure car for the last 12 years. We have never driven this car in the winter. Just a summer time, top down car on the weekends. 97,000 miles. Complete owner history. Original window sticker & lots of paper work. Mostly original paint but does show touch ups, scratches & dings. No rust ever. Nice original interior that does show some fading. Runs, drives, handles, stops very well. No issue car with an exception of non working AC which we have never looked into as top was always down. Overall a nice driver. Sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied. Preferred payment is cash in person or wire transfer & any check will need cleared before pickup. If you would like to schedule an appointment to see car in person please call Kurt at 717-490-1604. I am located in East Earl, PA 17519

The Cabriolet is probably one of the last open roofed vehicles I’d consider buying, but once I saw that car, I was hooked. Yeah, it’s a bit of a chicks car, but it’s one of those cheap and cheerful cars you can’t help but love. While the seller has a reserve, a Cabriolet in this kind of condition will probably fetch somewhere between $5,000 and $7,000.


Convertible Week: 1995 Porsche 993 C4 Cabriolet

Timeless doesn’t begin to describe the looks of the 911 no matter the generation and this 993 is certainly no exception. In the Porsche lineup, the 993 is the sweet spot as far as I’m concerned. The 993 is the highest evolution of the air-cooled cars and the 3.6 liter boxer six pushed the C4 to 60 in 5.7 seconds (5.2 for the C2) and topped out at 168 mph. Not too bad for a six cylinder. The 993 was the last car before the “ugly years” as I like to call them, when Porsche gave the 911 one of the worst face lifts it had ever had. Which ever generation you prefer, this low mileage 993 C4 for sale in Springfield, Missouri is a cool nice weather cruiser.

Year: 1995
Model: 993 C4 Cabriolet
Engine: 3.6 liter flat six
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 33,000 mi
Price: $56,900 Buy It Now

1995 Porsche 993 C4 Cabriolet on eBay

 1995 993 “C4″ Cabriolet. Raven black with Porsche black leather. Awesome hand picked example with some super trick options! Only 33K sunny day miles. Shines like black marble. Equipment includes:

3.6 liter 270 bhp motor with hydraulic self adjusting valve lifters
Dual knock sensors
Resonant induction system
Dual exahaust
Vented disc brakes with ABS
Limited slip differential with ABD front and rear stabilizer bars
18” Technology alloy wheels
Power top and headlight washers
Power steering
Filtered A/C system
Central locking
Alarm system
Full power drivers seat with partial power passenger seat
Metal door sill with crest
Aluminum shifter and brake handle with carbon fiber inlays
Head restraint with Porsche crest
AM/FM CD with Hi Fi sound system speakers
European lowering springs
Gemballa Turbo S aero kit with front integrated spoiler
Vented side skirts and rear spoiler with integrated third brake light and chrome exhaust tips

Wow, what a cool looking car! Corners and looks like a slot car! So much fun it ought to be against the law! Just serviced and passed a 100 point PPI inspection. Just in time for the sun to come out. Buy it! You’ll love it. Money isn’t worth anything unless you spend it. Will trade.

This is a beautiful low mileage car with great mods. Gemballa is one of my favorite Porsche tuners, even though their stuff tends to be on the wild side. That said, I’m not sure where the $56K price tag is coming from. With a top dollar retail value of $45K, I don’t see where the other $10K is coming from. The modifications could add about $5K, but all in all I feel this is a $47,000 car all day long. With less than two days left on the auction, I’ll be curious to see if anyone bites.


Convertible Week: 2008 BMW 650i 6-speed manual

After a long hiatus, the BMW 6 series coupe returned in 2004 to mixed reviews. While it was generally regarded as a decent drivers car, the looks received mixed reactions. Some liked it, while others lamented it strayed too much from the much loved E24 6 series and aped a lot of the quirky traits of the recently introduced 7 series. Shortly after the coupe was launched, a convertible followed, with a canvas roof with an interesting flying buttress design at the rear window.

This 650i for sale in Michigan is another prime example of steep depreciation in the luxury car arena. However, for those wanting a big more of an edge, this one has the rather uncommon 6-speed manual gearbox.

Year: 2008
Model: 650i
Engine: 4.8 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 39,442 mi
Price: $37,995

2008 BMW 650i on eBay

This sale is for the 2008 BMW shown in the photos below, The car is in good shape and working condition, the car has had all of the factory maintenance completed to date. The 650I is a great auto, fantastic German engineering and handling. The tires were replaced last June with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/45/zr18xl tires. This one will be missed. There are plenty of photos below for your search. The car was inspected by an independent inspector when I purchased the BMW in January of 2012 with no accidents or mechanical issue.

This is a buy it now sale with no waiting for an auction. There is a $500.00 non refundable deposit due at time of purchase. This car is a local pickup, we do not ship autos. This sale is open to the continental United States only, we do not sell outside of this area (please don’t ask). If you have any other questions please feel free to email me. Thanks and good luck.

I like the recently introduced F12/F13 6 series a bit better than this E63/E64 6 series, but that’s not saying much. I won’t go as far to say that Chris Bangle is a bad automotive designer, rather, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. However, I do think a lot of enthusiasts were disappointed simply because BMW was at the peak of their game in the 1980s and 1990s in terms of vehicle styling. For a lower mileage 650i of this vintage, expect to pay anywhere between $30,000 to $40,000 depending on the options, of course. This car will probably appeal to a select few, given the three pedals, so I’d suspect the price isn’t doing it any favors. If this car could be had for under $35,000, it would be well bought.