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1988 BMW M5

When it comes to fan favorites, few cars tick the right boxes like the original M5. It has a mystique about it that really sets it apart from even its M siblings, as if it were somehow made from a different mold than the M3 and M6. Coupling a great shape, excellent driving characteristics and one of the most dynamic inline-6s ever made, the M5 was the stuff of legend right from launch. That’s why it’s particularly puzzling that it has not gained the star power of the M3 or M6; true, the M3 had a much more substantial racing history – but it’s quite hard to say that it would put a bigger smile on your face than the M5 would. Every one-ramp and exit ramp becomes an opportunity to get that rear end to step out just a bit; it’s so easy to catch, it almost feels like it was designed to drive at a 10% slip angle. I remember the first time I climbed behind the wheel of my father’s M5 – I felt like I was on top of the world. There was a ferocity to the way the needle climbed the tachometer coupled with a raw scream from the S38 that few cars I’ve driven since have been able to match – it was worthy of instant goosebumps. I’ve driven faster cars – much faster cars – but the M5 feels special in ways they just don’t:


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Tuner Tuesday M-Tech Edition: Tuner Accessories Roundup

There are some days that I really wish I had a BMW rather than an Audi, and a large part of that comes down to some of the cool items that you can easily get. Granted, I don’t like having what everyone else does – but that’s what’s nice about the mix and match OEM M-Tech pieces; you can customize your vehicle easily and without breaking the bank. Here’s a selection of M-Tech pieces I found this week on EBay:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: E30 M-Tech Doorsills on eBay

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1988 BMW 535is

$_57 (3)

The 535is provides a lot of E28 bang for your bucks, with the spoilers and much of the handling improvements of the M5 along with a lot more color choices and lower maintenance costs. The M30 is a beast that can go for Mercedes-diesel-type miles, and all the while you’re cruising in one of my personal-favorite car designs. Today’s is a well-used example that has been cared for enough to still be a good buy. The 80s-BMW price bug may hit these some day, but for now they’re one of the best bargains out there as the M-cars and the E30 “is” models become coveted and values are driven up.

Click for details: 1988 BMW 535is on eBay

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1988 BMW M5


I passed on a decent, local M5 that was in very similar spec to the one I ended up buying due to some pragmatic reasons – lower mileage, lower price, newer rebuild – as well some reasons that were more intangible but made traveling across the country to drive it back seem worth it. The big “gut feeling” reason was finding a seller who loved the car and could talk to me about every piece of the car. You’ve got to go into buying one of these knowing that you’re in for some work, and I’d rather know that the previous owner had acute knowledge of what was happening instead of “uh, yeah, the mechanic did something up there because something was broken.” Today’s E28 M5 looks very clean, with a nicely maintained interior and exterior, but the details aren’t exactly flowing, leaving enough question marks to keep the bidding lower than most 80s M-cars these days.

Click for details: 1988 BMW M5 on eBay

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1987 BMW 535is

I keep finding E28s, and the price for a decent one remains far too low. While there are endless amounts of crap-can E30s that represent the failure of their millennial owners to either show self-restraint or follow-through, finding an E28 with the big six and 5-speed isn’t quite as easy. Fortunately, many of the ones I do see are in decent shape, owned by enthusiasts and needing nothing more than the typical maintenance spots a car of this vintage requires. The 535is, in addition to the larger motor, has so many cool features – the MTech rear wing, the lower front air dam, sport seats, and usually the larger and more desirable factory tool kit. This car has been on the market for a little while, and I’m surprised it hasn’t moved by now. The OEM glass moonroof is a neat feature, and modifications appear to have been kept to a minimum. Someone buy it so I can stop thinking about it!

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1987 BMW 535is on Atlanta’s Craigslist

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