1991 VW GTI 16v for sale

Historically, I haven’t given the MkII GTI enough credit. My dreams have always gravitated towards the ur-GTI and been soiled by the fattyfat later models (though VW is doing an admirable job of rekindling the fire). Today’s 1991 16v, in a perfect red/black paint scheme, has me sold on the newer-but-not-too-new MkII style. They’re ripe for great engine swaps and all that, but I think a clean one with the classic 16v engine would be a great place to start. The owner appears to put plenty of time and effort into making this a very clean GTI, so even with 160k miles it looks fantastic.

1991 VW GTI 16v for sale on eBay

From the detail-oriented seller:

Up for sale is my 1991 VW GTI with the 2.0L 16v engine. I have owned this car since the summer of 1999. I bought it with 89,204 miles. It now has 160,702 miles. This has been a revolving project car since purchase. I have never driven this car in the snow or salt under my ownership. It has been garaged every winter in a heated garage under a car cover. I believe this is one of the nicest original Mk2’s you’ll find in the northeast. I have put hundreds and hundreds of hours and I have no idea how much money into this car over the years. I don’t even want to tally it up, even if I could. If a part was questionable on the car it was replaced. Many parts were replaced simply to make everything look like new. Everything from engine gaskets, hoses and inlets/outlets, brakes, calipers, driveshafts, wheel bearings front and rear, radiator, water pump, fuel filter…the list goes on and on. In fact I really wish I did keep a list now trying to think back what I have done over the years.

1983 Golf GTI RHD

On this side of the pond, when you first hear 1983 VW GTI, you think big square lights, even bigger bumpers and all sorts of lights in order to meet US regulations. More often than not a VW enthusiast, or even just someone that likes sleek and classic looks will convert a US spec car to the cleaner euro spec.

This car represents a rare opportunity for fans of the cleaner simple looks of the euro spec GTI. Imported in 2009 from the UK, this euro-spec GTI for sale in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA is a US VW enthusiasts dream come true.

1983 Golf GTI RHD on craigslist.com

This Golf GTI has been my daily driver since I moved here three years ago.  I transferred to Atlanta with my job in 2009, I was able to import it and bring the GTI with me but sadly it now has to go as I’m relocating back to England.
The car has never really wanted for anything and it’s a standard UK right hand drive spec car.  I’ve even left the original British license plates on the car which drawes a lot of attention…
I’ve changed the clutch, fuel pump, alternator, ignition coil in the last 3 years, the head gasket was done approximately 3 years ago and timing belt changed again since then when we put clutch in approximately 2 years ago.
The car recently had a brand new webasto electric sunroof. It was supplied and fitted by main dealer and is far superior to original sunroofs supplied on these cars.
Car requires a couple of bits to finish off – window winder mechanisms and one of central dials and require connecting.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thanks for looking.

Unlike most, I’m a huge fan of both the US and Euro looks on the GTI, I may even be more partial to the totally 80’s US look, but then again, I have strange tastes in cars.

1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Several of us here at GCFSB have owned MkI Volkswagen GTIs, but I’m not one of them. I had MkIII and MkIV GTIs, but nothing quite captures the hot hatch magic like the original. This ’83 MkI has the desirable Pirelli option with the 14″ P slot wheels and looks sharp in an uncommon shade of metallic brown. It has a low 15,000 original miles and is located about ten miles north of Cologne, Germany.

1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI on Mobile.de

Unique, rare 100% original Golf GTI Pirelli with 1.8 liter engine, original 24,788 km, no accidents, original paint, absolutely new condition. The vehicle was driven only in nice weather, all wear parts are still original with the exception of the timing belt that was changed. Collector’s vehicle.

There’s a lot to like about this car, but the price isn’t one of them. I consulted with Brian, one of our other contributors here at GCFSB, as he owns a 1984 GTI and is an expert on all things MkI. His thoughts were about right on par with mine. Maybe the best MkI GTI, barring some ridiculous provenance, might bring, at the most, $15,000. Your more typical MkI in good, unmolested condition may bring somewhere in the $8,000 to $12,000 range. Brian was in agreement that the Pirelli option is rather rare, but at €30,000 (~ $37,000 USD), this car will never sell, barring a millionaire showing up with a briefcase full of euros and no conception of market values.


1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Introduced in 1984 as a successor to what many consider the original hot hatchback, the Mark I Volkswagen GTI, the next generation brought a bit more size to the party and featured the same 1.8 liter, fuel injected 110 horsepower 8 valve four cylinder engine as late model Mk I GTIs packed. Further down the line, there were more variations on the theme, including the Golf GTI 16v, the GT and homologation special, all-wheel drive Rallye Golf.

Every now and then we take a look at vehicles across the pond, and I was impressed by this impeccable 1987 Golf GTI 8v for sale in Worcestershire, England. Jade Green is an uncommon color for this generation GTI, but looks sharp and compliments the teardrop alloy wheels quite nicely. This car had one owner for 16 years and comes with a full service history.

1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI on eBay UK

I have sympathetically overseen the refurbishment of this special GTI over the past year and the results are most gratifying! Only one previous keeper from new. A well-heeled lady bought this GTI brand new from Whyke Motors of Chichester in 1987 and continued to have it serviced at the supplying main dealer for her entire 16 year tenure, not many GTIs were kept within the VAG main dealer network for that duration, so needless to say it was maintained absolutely regardless of cost.

In 2003 it then passed to its current owner who only used it for four years before falling ill. It was serviced up to that point by a local garage near Solihull before being squirrelled away in his garage. I purchased the car from his nephew in April 2011 and have been bringing, what was already a wonderfully honest and original GTI, back to its former glory. The car has a fully stamped up service history and is HPI clear with certificate.

1975 VW Rabbit “swallowtail”

What is rarer than a clean low mileage MK1?  A clean low mileage “swallowtail.” The term “swallowtail” is a term for early Volkswagen Rabbits built with a unique body line in between the taillights. They are extremely rare, as they were only made for model year 1975.  All model year 1975s and some early model year 1976 Rabbits had “swallowtails.”

Viewed as one of the most desirable MK1s, this beautiful 62,034 mile Lofoten Green swallowtail for sale in New Jersey is an early VW lovers dream.

1975 VW Rabbit on vwvortex.com

1975 Lofoten Green Swallowtail Rabbit. Its a survivor in great condition! It is a perfect project for someone to finish up. I am the second registered owner with 62034 miles. It is a carbureted 1.6L engine that runs strong. The carb does need to be adjusted. Has a 4 speed manual transmission. It has a 100% original stock interior! In a 90% perfect condition. There is a rip in the drivers seat and the dash is cracked. But considering it’s age it is very clean and all together! Has immaculate headliner, carpet and door cards!

I started the body restoration. The rear lower corner rust has been fixed and sealed. I have before and after pictures of that area if you are interested. The rear under body and wheel arch have been cleaned and sealed. The gas tank has been POR 15ed. Thanks to Paintscratch for sending the mismatched touch-up paint as seen in the pictures but that is an easy fix. There are a few other places of rust I was planing on fixing but never got around to. I have tried to picture those areas. This is a very solid car though. Clean floors and strut towers.

The brakes, suspension and tires are original to the car! The brakes need to be replaced – they work but not very strongly – and the tires are dry rot – 2 of them don’t hold air.

Coming to America: 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country

I have often wondered why dealers, specifically those that export vehicles do not go out of their way to bring more interesting cars to our shores.  Case in point, this 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country that is currently in en route to the states from Japan.

1991 Volkswagen Golf Country:

From the seller –

“For sale is a 1991 Golf Country Syncro

Price: $11,500

First of all about this sale: The car is in the process of being imported, however is currently still in Japan. I, as the seller, assume all responsibility for importing the car and making it legal. This will be up to me, and whoever buys the car will be buying a street legal, licensed car in America. I work for a dealer in Japan who imports cars from America to Japan. Recently we have been talking about trying to start going the other direction. At my suggestion we got this Golf Country, and are sending it over as a “test car” to gauge feasibility etc. I am not some tourist over here for a brief stay claiming to bring a rare car back to make internet friends.

That being said lets get to the details

1991 Golf Coutry
I bought the car from a long time customer of ours who was the second owner. He bought it from a nother dealer who had accepted it as a trade in from the origial owner.

1.8l 8v with 131,459 km/ 81,684 original miles

OEM 5-speed syncro with ~1,000km / 621 miles on it. before I bought it we had put in a brand new transmission. We were lucky enough to be able to source one for $7,000 from Germany as there were none in Japan, and we were told there was only 1 at the dealer we bought it from in Germany.

1990 Volkswagen Golf owned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Ever since the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza buys the Chrysler Lebaron purportedly owned by Jon Voight, the whole celebrity car idea has been a running joke in my social circles. Well here’s an interesting celebrity ride. A MkII Golf owned by the current German Chancellor that has been restored to like new condition. While this is a sparsely equipped model, one must imagine this was light years ahead of the de rigueur Trabants of the era.

1990 Volkswagen Golf owned by Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel on eBay Germany

The fact that Angela Merkel likes Golfs has long been known. Previously, even during GDR times, she ordered as many of their compatriots a Trabant, but was never delivered because of the incredible wait times. According to the weekly magazine, she told SPIEGEL in a 2006 event that a Golf was her first car after the reunification, purchased from your earnings as a deputy government spokeswoman in the coalition government under Lothar de Maiziere. And it was the brand and model of the faithful. Anyway, in 2006, they still drove a Golf, but something newer and better equipped. Unfortunately we do not know whether today, six years later, it is still so. Mrs. Merkel comments on private matters very cautiously.

One thing we now know is that Angela Merkel became the proud owner of the brand new Golf 2 on 12 September 1990. That in the days when it was determined by their constituency Stralsund, Rügen-ache as a candidate for the first all-German Bundestag elected 2/12/90. The initial authorization is documented in the ownership documents with DDR stamp of approval office in Berlin. Also noted in the vehicle registration: Merkel’s move and eventually taking over in 1995 by her husband Joachim Sauer. A year later the car went as normal cars on the (now on eBay for publication in the vehicle registration blackened) on follow-owners.

1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf

One of my favorite periods in car history was the 1980s, specifically, the creations that hit the street as a result of rally homologation. The Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi Ur Quattro, Ford Escort Cosworth and Porsche 959 are some great examples of competition vehicles that transformed the world of performance cars. Some cars, like the Volkswagen Rallye Golf, had a more limited racing career than others, as this car competed for just one year in Group A WRC, in 1990. The Rallye Golf featured Syncro four-wheel drive, the 1.8 G60 engine with the G-lader supercharger, anti-lock brakes, flared fenders and Recaro front seats, among other features. A little over 5,000 examples were built at Volkswagen’s plant in Belgium, but none came to North America. A few are starting to trickle over to our shores, such as this one that is for sale in Ontario, Canada.

1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf on eBay

1989 Volkswagen Rallye Golf. 1 of 5.000 limited production factory homologation cars built at their factory in Belgium. 103,854 km, OEM condition. Syncro AWD, G60 supercharger, widebody fenders, rally suspension/brakes (all factory). Power mirrors, locks, Factory split leather Recaro seats. leather door cards, sunroof.Outside of Blaupunkt CD, there have been no modifications done to the car. 2nd owner. 1st owner from Zurich, SUI. Car purchaced from Rothbee Autohaus in Nurburg Germany. All service records. Garage stored by both owners. Car has some minor flaws as to be expected from an untouched 23 year old car, but is in solid shape, undercarriage is remarkably clean. Original paint. 4 time 1st place in class show winner, 1 second place, and one best interior in show. Car has been driven once in the last two years, and has some issues related to lack of use. Window regulators are lazy (common problem – standard Corrado parts).

1985 Volkswagen Golf VR6

When Volkswagen debuted the VR6 motor in 1991, it was initially available in the Passat and Corrado. With the introduction of the MkIII Golf in 1993, this new narrow angle six cylinder found its way into one of the world’s most popular hatchback. Almost overnight, a legend was born. With exception of the forgotten Mazda MX-3 and its 1.8 liter V6, few small cars could match the refinement and power offered up by the Golf and its VR6 powerplant. The motoring press began to hail it as a cut price BMW. Over 20 years later, enthusiasts have shown the versatility of this motor via applications in earlier chassis. One of the most popular transplant projects is to take a MkII GTI and mate it to this motor. My cousin embarked on this very project with a 1992 GTI and has had many miles of endless fun. This MKII is the more pedestrian, earlier square headlight four door Golf. It comes to us from a reader in Nebraska and while it has a few cosmetic issues and suffered an accident, but the all-important VR6 engine swap is in effect.

1985 Volkswagen Golf VR6 on VW Vortex

1985 Volkswagen Golf 4 door, 5-speed, OBS2 VR6 engine swap. Functioning heat and air conditioning. Cruise control components are there, but it not working. Only thing left to replace is speed sensor.

Car: 1985 VW Golf 4 door built right here in America. The car has been in one small wreck in it’s life. The rear must have been hit because the rear paint is a little darker. The hatch has the worst paint but NO rust or damage. The rest of the car is original paint.

Engine: 1998 Mk3 Jetta VR6 full OBD2. Yes you can scan it with VCDS. Odometer says 79,000, take that for what it worth.

1990 Volkswagen Golf Country

Following on to the success of the Mk1, the MkII Volkswagen Golf saw an ever expanding range of body styles and engine options to carry this popular model through to the 1990s. One variant to emerge from the MkII range, which incidentally was never sold in the United States, was the Golf Country. Designed as a light off-roader, it had a raised suspension, Syncro four-wheel drive and other off-road accoutrements such as a skid plate and brush bars. Finishing off the appearance was an externally mounted spare tire. All Golf Countrys were equipped with the stalwart 1.8 liter 8 valve four cylinder, producing 114 horsepower. In total, fewer than 8,000 Countrys were manufactured, with a handful having found their way across the pond. Here’s one of those examples for sale in California.

1990 Volkswagen Golf Country on eBay

Selling my ’90 Golf Syncro Country. This was my car last time I was in Germany and I legally brought it back with me last year. Located in Sacramento, CA and currently registered in Maine because Cali just wants too much money! Nice driver, clean car, everything works. 135k miles. 5 speed transmission. Sunroof. All original except the wheels. Brand new mud & snow tires with less than 1,000 miles. Runs well, but could use a complete service including timing belt. It looks old and I do not have any maintenance history. There’s a muffler rattle at idle. Interior is in excellent condition. Headliner is brand new. Body is very solid. No rust execept a small spot on the windshield and a spot on the rear deck where someone had a sticker that went bad. Some scratches on the hood and a light scrape on the passenger-side, rear door. Please see the pics. Asking $12,500.

I’m a big fan of these Golf Countrys.…