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1974 Volkswagen Brasilia

The two-door estate, or shooting brake, as it is sometimes referred to, is a bit of a dying breed in the automotive realm. MINI revived the concept a bit with the Clubman based on their second generation platform. Technically, this was a five-door vehicle, but it was essentially a two-door vehicle with a third door for rear egress and two dutch doors for the tailgate. Volkswagen has dabbled in this breed as well, most recently with the Fox, a variant of the Brazilian market Gol brought to the US in the late 1980s. It wasn’t a huge seller, being pulled from the market after a few short years and two years before the Fox disappeared altogether. You could almost consider the car you see here, the Brasilia, as that car’s ancestor.

The Brasilia was developed by Volkswagen do Brasil as a larger, more luxurious alternative to the Beetle, with some being built in Mexico, like the car we see here for sale in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. This car was never sold new in the United States, but a few have appeared in enthusiast circles north of the Mexican border, serving as a curious and slightly more up to date version of the Type 3 Squareback.

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Back Again: 1978 Volkswagen Scirocco

Is it April 1st yet? I thought it might be based upon the number of vehicles I’ve previously written up that are back up for sale this week. Sure enough, this is a Scirocco we’ve seen before more than once; last time back in early February as a revisit. Though it looked nice, that time around this Scirocco sported some BMW wheels and some not-hugely flattering photos. It sold for a touch over $6,100. Well, if you wanted it that time, the joke is on you – the car is back with some more fitting Rial wheels, a new set of photos, and a healthy price bump:

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1962 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

The original Volkswagen Beetle is one of those curious cars that leads two lives. Devised as bare bones transportation and used by some as such, the car has also been the base for some impressive restorations. Some people like to take the route and modify with various Porsche bits while others prefer the dune buggy approach. And some like to go for the Cal look, popular ever since Beetle production was in full swing. This restored 1962 Cabriolet for sale in Pennsylvania in Gulf Blue looks sharp sitting on wider tires with deep dish wheels and is on offer just in time for the warmer weather about to hit on the East Coast.

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1987 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro Wagon

The B2 Quantum has always been an interesting car to me. As my first car was an Audi 4000CS quattro, there were aspects of its Volkswagen sibling that I really liked. First, while I wouldn’t say that the Quantum was more handsome than the 4000, it was certainly more distinctive looking. There are some downright odd angles on the Quantum, but somehow the design pulls it off. It’s also more rare to see them, or at least it felt so when I was driving around in the 4000. Then there were more practical things; for example, unlike Audi who ran the odd 4×108 pattern for slightly larger brakes, the Quantum stuck to smaller stock and retained 4×100 mm wheels. That made upgrades a bit easier and gave the Quantum a signature look with the GTi-sourced snowflake wheels. You could also get the 5-cylinder in front drive sedan configuration with the GL5; it was something Audi offered early on but had dropped, instead having only the Coupe GT be the front drive 5-cylinder. But the real trump card for the Quantum was undoubtedly the Syncro Wagon, as there was no Audi B2 wagon available in any configuration:

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1980 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

$_57 (1)

Many of my current escapist daydreams involve Vanagons, and while it’s fun to imagine going huge and having a low-mileage Syncro Westy, we all know those are some of the most expensive 80s Germans out there. In the face of that extreme investment, I’m ok bringing my expectations back down to earth and just looking for a decent, inexpensive van that can serve as a home away from home for a while. In that case, finding a lower-mileage example that has good bones but could use some love seems like the pragmatic starting point. Despite some cosmetic blemishes, everything on this aircooled Westy works and it’s only covered 92k miles. Sounds like a lot of fun for well under ten grand!

Click for details: 1980 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia on eBay

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