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1961 Porsche 356B Super 90 Coupe

Vintage cars will never appeal to everyone, but for those who yearn for the styling or the relatively minimalist nature of a vintage automobile there can be no substitute. For Porsche enthusiasts that almost always means finding a 356. One of the aspects I appreciate most about the 356 is the way in which it provides such a clear lineage to the 911 that we see today. The basic shape and underlying architecture of the 911 can be seen even in these cars produced more than 50 years ago and that is a rare trait amongst vintage cars. For the most thorough display of those design elements prospective buyers need look no further than a 356 Coupe like the one seen here. A fully-restored 1961 Porsche 356B Super 90 Coupe located in California.

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Year: 1961
Model: 356B Super 90 Coupe
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 31,326 mi
Price: Buy It Now $110,000

Up for auction is a restored, 1961 Super 90, Porsche coupe.

I’m the second owner of my Porsche and I’ve had it since 1965.

I want to find a good owner who will take good care of the Porsche. I’m not interested in selling this Porsche to any dealer for a resale only to a private party.

The Porsche body is completely restored and the body has been painted in its original color of Porsche Silver.

The feisty engine and transmission have been completely rebuilt and they have 4,200 easy miles logged on the odometer. The Super 90 cylinders and pistons are 1715 CC. The crankshaft and bearings has standard super 90 specs. The engine has a Super 90 high left, cam. It’s a feisty engine you will enjoy driving.

Both, duel shafts Solex, carburetors, have been completely restored.

The electrical system has been change to a twelve volt system. Benefits are: brighter lights for road safety and a quicker engine start.

New brakes, new slave cylinders, drums restored, new master cylinder.

New floor pan. The suspension is firm and solid.

Entire under body has been under sealed.

All exterior light fixtures have been restored to their original state. All exterior chrome has been triple coated for show. Front fog lights, yellow interior reflectors with white lens.

Rubber components on the Porsche have been replaced.

The entire car interior has been restored: The front and back seats, side door panels and rear side panels, dash and rear panel are covered with Italian made, camel color leather. Seats have been completely restored. Seat rails have been completely restored. All of the panel instruments have been completely stored to their original state. New head liner and sun visors. Installed in 1967, is a blaupunkt am-fm radio and it plays nicely.

The steering wheel is an original Nardi and it came with the car.

Front window is new, rear window is not new but very good condition, it has a three short and minor scratches done by my cat but doesn’t distract from its total appearance or safety. All side windows are original; however, the original driver door window have an shallow line, a few inches long. close to its edge. I kept it because it is an original window and the line don’t distract from its safety and appearance.

Front compartment under the hood has been completely restored, and the gas tank has been restored.

An entire sound proof kit has been installed inside and under the Porsche.

All door and hood gaps are evenly and consistently spaced through out.

The luggage rack without belts shown will be included with the Porsche.

Installed are new tires with chrome wheels and chrome Porsche hub caps.


That the current owner of this car has had it since 1965 is a definite plus for any interested buyer of this 356B and would certainly add value. There is rarely a better way to determine the provenance of a vintage car than by speaking with the owner. While not the most eye-catching 356 we’ve come across it looks like exactly what it is: a vintage Porsche coupe. The luggage rack, the chrome wheels, the spartan interior with wood steering wheel, it all fits together in a way that makes this unmistakably a well cared for example of the marque’s origins. 356 coupes do not tend to fetch nearly the prices of the 356 Cabriolet, even when it’s a Super 90, so as such the price here is probably too high. But given the ownership history prospective buyers should at least feel certain about what their money is paying for.