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1966 Mercedes-Benz 230 Universal

With the explosion of SUVs in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, we tend to forget there was a time when the mainstay utilitarian vehicle in the product lineup was the T-model, more commonly known on these shores as the wagon. While the first factory wagons from Mercedes-Benz were the W123s in the late 1970s, there were a few coachbuilt examples that appeared before that. One of these was the Universal model based on the W110 chassis. This example for sale in California gives the five-door fan a rare chance at combining classic Mercedes looks with the utility of an estate.

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Year: 1966
Model: 230 Universal
Engine: 2.3 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 63,617 mi
Price: Reserve auction

This is a 1966 MB 230 Automatic Universal station wagon. At one time this was one of my most favorite W110 Mercedes because of it’s non-restored condition and that I bought it from one of the original owners. Since then I have collected more W111 Universals and with the building of my new garage to house only a few MBs, I am sadly selling this one. I have been very fond of Mercedes ever since I was a little kid. For decades I’ve collected quite a few Mercedes. (mostly fintails)

I bought this MB with it’s original 230 motor, rebuilt in the 80’s and ready to be assembled and put in the car. I’ve never been fond of two Solex carburetors and with the excitement of wanting to drive this car, I professionally installed a healthy running 250 motor with the two Zeniths that came out of a 1967 250S. I still have the original motor from the MB (pictured) complete with rebuilt Solex carbs that come with the sell of the car. If you look at the valve cover there is a stamp of where the motor was rebuilt (“E.I.S ENGINES PROUDLY MADE IN….”) That’s all I can read but maybe you recognize the stamp and know where it was rebuilt, I do not. There are yellow markings on all of the bolts, the motor has not been run or taken apart since the rebuilt.

Let’s talk about taking this MB out for a drive:
First of all, The Motor: Whenever you get in this MB and turn the key it starts and there is zero smoke. The carburetors are tuned perfectly and the automatic transmission shifts just as it should. Even after four years of not driving this MB, last July/2014 I primed the carburetors and it started up with four-year-old gas in the tank. No smoke from the exhaust whatsoever. The motor is healthy.

Since July I’ve been driving this MB around and added 15 gals of fuel and it still drives great. Some of the issues that it does have: When you drive in a straight line there is play in the steering wheel. I believe it is the center link or a tie rod but when driving over bumps it still feels solid. Talking about the brakes: well they work but like any old MB the brake lines are swollen and sticky and they need replacing. The power steering has a slight leak, I haven’t investigated enough to know what it is but it’s not terrible. The rest of the MB, Motor and Transmission do not leak a drop. All of the lights and blinkers work perfectly.

Let’s talk about the body: You can barely see but the front fenders and hood have been painted probably back in the 70s. The rest of the MB is the original paint from the factory. There is no unibody frame damage on the front end. The lower radiator support (pictured) and bumper bracket/unibody are all in perfect condition. If you look closely at the pictures of the body you will see other flaws in the paint/body. One of the taillights was cracked, you cannot see it in the pictures.

Random points:

-The pictures of the car have been taken on September 4th, 2014.

-It has the original 15 inch wheels.

-The oil in the trunk of the MB came with it, I am passing it on.

-It still has the original California license plate # registered to the car in my name of course.

-Five years ago I drove it to Palo Alto “show and shine” event, if you’re a local you should remember seeing it.

-Around 6203 under-carriages left the Mercedes factories for special body work conversions, this is one of the 639 built in the a two year period but not all became Special body passenger wagons

My goal is to sell this Mercedes with a reasonable end-of-auction-bid. The reserve is set at what I consider a reasonable price.

Good luck on your bidding.

We featured a 1967 200D Universal back in June that sold for over $41,000. That figure took me a bit by surprise, given the car’s condition. Taking that into consideration, I’d expect this petrol version to at least pull in the mid $30,000 range, as the condition is in very good, original condition. These Universals are much more rare than their sedan counterparts, as you can see from the numbers the seller shared with us with regards to the amount of chassis that left the factory to be re-bodied. That being said, it’s important to find one as complete as possible to avoid restoration headaches.